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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, skitzorat said:

Have you actually been looking? I have.

Every day I'm finding reports of death and injury, not personally, but I know its happening and I feel it.

Here's a one I just saw before. She's exactly 9 months 1 day younger than me 😰

 She was furiously against it too, but gave in to the monsters.






You seen the 'official' ourworldourdata graphs and how the spikes in deaths in countries all over the world coincidently correlate with the amount of jabs administered?


Heard all those carehome workers as soon as it was rolled out in December and January? Watched their testimonies as they were crying?


Heard all those nurses/medical staff now speaking out in public because they've been booted from their jobs and their lives are probably in complete economic ruin anyway so they;ve got nothing to lose?


Or do you just come here to make comments like this to antagonize us who feel the pain of humanity being genocided and the hurt 100s of thousands of families are going through?


It's pretty insidious to be saying such things to be honest. -

Are you implying ALL these people are lying and/or bots?






Have a read.







Bear in mind it's barely begun. 

They already got a significant portion of the elderly, wait until they start on the kiddies - no Myocarditis  for them - their little hearts will just go pop.


All the real experts were screaming at the top of their censored lungs before the first shot was administered it will most likely be 2-3-5 years depending on the persons physical constitution and how many jabs etc. As the continuously generating spike protein slowly eats away at the internal organs and the micro clots in the blood stream does its work or the cancers emerge. (already begun).


When winter comes in the northern hemisphere and the bodies overly primed immune system starts to have massive cytokine storms as it encounters the hundreds of common coronavirus colds and influenzas - like the original mRNA animals trials where all the ferrets and cats dropped dead  - that's when I think we're going to see the real mass death. The authorities are already planning for it, Scotland, Norway, England putting out tenders for body storage facilities, Fedex in the US has warehouses FULL of cadaver bags being shipped all over North America as we speak.


There's plenty of evidence the beast system is priming the public consciousness for it too - through it's usual channels - talking of 'new flu pandemic in the next 6 months worse than Covid could kill 30M' 'heart attacks on the rise' - you should have learnt by now how to really read the enemy. 



The Vaccine Death Report reveals a horrifying reality: millions of innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, after being injected with the experimental covid injections. The Vaccine Death Report shows all the evidence for this, with hundreds of references that allow for further investigation.



Most powerful post I've read on the subject. 

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14 hours ago, Macnamara said:

they are doing the same thing here by trying to break up the UK


As per the clinical psychologist's interview vid from the other day, we need to stay together, we need to stay connected.

Separating us is 1 out of 4 tactics to carry on this scam.

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8 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

'COVID-19 vaccination will be a prerequisite for attending any economic, commercial, cultural, entertainment, sports or tourism activity in Saudi Arabia starting Sunday, Oct. 10, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported quoting an official Ministry of Interior source.'

Do executions qualify as a cultural activity? They're quite the spectacle in Saudi and they attract large crowds of people.

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5 hours ago, Macnamara said:


i think people ARE dying


i hear more and more stories about people i know and my family know who are developing problems of all kinds and some of them are dying or being operated on in hospital or receiving medical treatment of some kind


the latest is someone who is now being checked out for neurological problems and my guess is that they have prion disease from the jabs


I don't think the idea of a bioweapon would necessarily be to cause people to instantly drop dead. I think the idea would be over successive jabs to degrade the health of the masses causing a nationwide collapse in health over time. For example i read somewhere that prion disease tends to kill the person in a 5-15 year timeframe


This basically weakens your enemy and leaves them vulnerable to state controls


Agree! We merely have to observe the massive censorship programmes in action to recognise the alarming bias's.

Fertility rate it seems is going to be the big reveal, along with conflation of previously unknown diseased conditions.

Bank roll for the organised criminal network under who's thrall the majority stand.

Death roll for the majority of believers in the pipeline!

Furlough bribery has also ended and no doubt far more information is on the way with regard to the state of the nation!




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5 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



Protestors Serve DR HILARY Notice Of Liability At His House / Hugo Talks #lockdown

The guy on the megaphone is the dude that has done a couple of 'inspirational' videos recently ,normally filmed in a gym,i don't know his name

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1 hour ago, DaleP said:


Australia should have their branch of Peace Officers too. All recruits will be fully educated in the Common Law.

There two peace officers in the UK. It's a start. 😄

Out of reactions!

Agree - imho there is remedy in common law. Our right if we en-masse choose it.

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3 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Like sending a doctor in to sort out the army.



The two 'professions' - doctoring and soldiering - do have something in common though, in that they are both able to kill people and get away with it...

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39 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Dunno, but Dominic Perrottet, some Opus Dei guy, he seems to be their favourite at the moment. It's discussed on page 3319.


Interestingly, when they were first coming to political prominence in the 50s and 60s, Opus Dei were often regarded as 'Catholic Masons'.

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4 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Her replacement is more sinister than she was,she was just accepting bungs,he's got the dark side of the church backing him


Depends if she followed the supremacist and world domination side of her religion.


Who do you think has subverted and infiltrated the catholic church too? Hello!

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