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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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5 hours ago, jack121 said:


My friend works for yorkshire water and they put a lot more than just fluoride into the water, they dump in loads of industrial waste containing mercury cadmium arsneic etc. The fluoride is from industrial waste, not pure fluoride powder as some people imagine, it is the waste from industrial processes that costs money to safely dispose of, so the government buys it from their mates and gets rid of it by pouring it into our water supply. The government types all have distillation boilers in their homes to purify the water, very expensive to run, but these people are all funded by the tax payer

This made me want to buy water filter... Thx for the info... I had Brita filter but it was covered with some mould after few weeks... ANy advice about good cup filter? It's not my house so I don't want to install anything. 🙄

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23 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

ofcourse it is but it could still be challenged legally ,even here in Australia -so far- its still possible to challenge the impositions in court .

Take advantage whilst you still can

You can liken what we are going through witj maos china stalins russia and polpots cambodia

Were there operating courts in those days?

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19 hours ago, Roscommon said:
Worth a watch.

Podcast featuring professor Mattias Desmet, discussing why so many people around us seem to have been put under some kind of hypnotic spell, while other have not.


Out of Likes.

Just watched only about 11 mins but the prof. mentioned the follow points.


1. lack of social connection
2. lack of sense meaning
3. free flowing anxiety which you cannot do anything because you don't know what it is.
4. free flowing agression which you cannot resolve.


I can see where this is being used elsewhere as well. Fuck!

WE/the forum got No.1 & 2 covered though we are physically distant, still communicating and there is a meaning to revealing truth. As for No.3, we know somebody, a myth buster comes along to burst the bubble of their tricks.

For No.4, yeah there are plenty of frustration but we seems to be channelling anger and all that into good use e.g. protesting, leafleting, taking action in some other ways.


The key point is to awake them to give other options of the future because even we don't want to go back to the old way.... right?


I don't know where you found him Dan but you've got a professional voice and nicely presented in your podcast. Well done.



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42 minutes ago, Jikwan said:

Tremendous 4-minute video from a doctor/scientist. She reveals what the first and second V shot was designed to do. BUT THE BOOSTER SHOTS (Yes SHOTS--four boosters are already planned to roll out) are THE KILL SHOTS. I highly encourage each of you to take a moment to watch this video but for others here is a brief summation.

*The purpose of the first V is to DESTROY your white blood cells which protects you from all kinds of infections. Destroys as much as 75%.

*The purpose of the second V is to DESTROY the remaining white blood cells.

*The first booster will inject 81 strands of foreign material into your now TOTALLY UNPROTECTED body. These are renegade cells NEVER seen before by your body.

*The second booster will inject 8 strands of HIV into your totally unprotected body AND will shut off your immune system.

*The next TWO boosters will provide more foreign material until you body is overwhelmed by poison and dies.

*20-30% are anticipated to die after each booster.

*Yet in a strange way, those remaining will become dependent on the later boosters in order to survive.

*In 2-3 years most V recipients will be dead.

IMPORTANT**If you or your family has been jabbed with the first two doses, you have done damage to your body. But this is NOTHING compared to what you will do if you take ANY of these boosters. THE BOOSTERS ARE THE KILL SHOT!



I smell BS 💩 I thought they meant to die this winter... ;)

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10 minutes ago, Human10 said:

I smell BS 💩 I thought they meant to die this winter... ;)

I was taken by it. But i might have a slight problem with some doom videos

Theres so many doom videos its hard to detect bs they are all very well produced

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45 minutes ago, Human10 said:

This made me want to buy water filter... Thx for the info... I had Brita filter but it was covered with some mould after few weeks... ANy advice about good cup filter? It's not my house so I don't want to install anything. 🙄


How about simply buying a water distiller? Shouldn't be all that expensive if you know where to look.

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Pro-Jab Professor’s ‘Quick Death’ After COVID ‘Booster’ Shot

Published on September 28, 2021

Written by John O'Sullivan



Zealous COVID vaccine promoting professor who attacked anti-vaxxers as “selfish” dies after getting her third jab. In what is fast becoming a pattern of quick deaths after the so-called “booster” shots, Mrs Karen Croake Heisler was notorious for using her Twitter account to attack anti-vaxxers.

The former Notre Dame scholar had been a passionate campaigner for endless mask wearing and social distancing. She insisted those who refuse to take the experimental COVID19 gene therapy should be locked in their homes “till they see sense.”

Her demise caught the attention of social media followers who suffered her ire. As Jim Crenshaw writes:

“This bitch needed to go. Her middle name was “Croake”…she did. Some things just work out. Blamed the unvaccinated for her illness. As I have said, it is not about intelligence level. It is about environment. A college professor. Really. This is what is killing doctors and health care professionals. They are so deeply sold on their own abilities and bullshit they cannot see the truth no matter what. She killed herself and does not know it. Her family I am sure blames the unvaccinated for her death. There is a war brewing with these people.”

Video source: www.bitchute.com



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1 hour ago, JackJohnson said:


I'm afraid I didn't fully catch that. Surely you can get magnesium, copper, zinc and such from right foods?

was agreeing 


- sometimes I dont see the preceding post at the time of sending 

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