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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Old news


Carrie Johnson urges pregnant women to have vaccine despite known risk to babies health and mothers health. 








Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons




Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester


In the Leaked EMA documents it clearly outlines the risks to pregnant women. 

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1 hour ago, jack121 said:


Fully agree. It is all based on hitler's work from the 40's when he found people fed fluoride became docile and refused to challenge authority figures such as government types, police, political decisions etc The people were easier to control and accepted anything they were told, hence the modern day dilemma of sheep and their worship of government types, msm, holly and phil etc

The fluoride is being increased as the areas which show the most vaccine hesitancy are the non-fluoridated areas.

There must be something external that makes people be fucked up the ass repeatedly walked all over and kicked when theyre down and all they do is moan and complain

Its got to.be flouride in processed food. I think you could get higher concentrations in that way

I ve never seen a study measuring amounts in processed foods beer etc

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3 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

no i want to see a superhuman mutant emerge

I'll try and paint a picture,imagine it has a sheeps head two spindly arms with collapsed veins ,a chest with 3 teats each with two nipples with a robust covering of chest hair,it has an ass like a kardashian on steroids and two sets of genitalia,non of which work in the proscribed manner it has spindly legs that look barely capable of supporting it and cloven hooves and can only communicate with grunts and farts and has a penchant for eating live children

It has also asked to be included in the lbtq alphabet

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9 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

and if you have could you explain to me why its suddenly a big deal ?

Well for everyone here on this website i dont see it as being a big shock, ive known about this for a long time even back when i was in public school. I would tell the dentist i didnt want fluoride tooth paste when i would go in for a appointment in grade 7 lol.

I 100% agree though that the damage has already been done more money in dental plus the chance it calcifies the penal gland and or causes cancer. Win, Win in the globalists book.

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Apologies if this is already posted.  Yes I know it's the Daily Mail, but this report from

the criminal gang in the Bank of England is probably on the right track.


'When is the plague of locusts due?': Bank of England chief warns over string of economic shocks for the country and 'truly hard yards' ahead as country's recovery from pandemic stalls



I said to friends and family in March 2020 you cannot lockdown countries and place them

under house arrest (here in Spain, which the Supreme Court has since declared unlawful) without  dire financial

effects, let alone the mental health of populations. The cost of furlough for 18 months, the cost of all

the free bogus testing, the cost of all the vaccines etc will lead imo to a Great Depression. I have now fallen

out with my son and my only sibling, my brother over this. It breaks my heart.


My mother was 6 years old in 1939 when WW2 started and twelve years old in 1945 when it ended. She said 

in March 2020, although there was rationing during WW2, our freedoms weren't restricted like they

are during this alleged pandemic.


Bravo Mum. xx  If you can see it, then why can't others?


My Mum atm is in a care home because she fractured her pelvis and even though I replied to their email saying I do not consent to a third vaccine (she hasn't had any) and although four days later they rang me asking to authorise it and again I said no, my MOTHER DOESN'T WANT A VACCINE, they still took her down to be vaccinated in the care home last week. Thank God my mother still has enough cognitive abilities to say "no I don't want this vaccine" 


I got on the phone and said what the hell are you playing at, to the care home and they said the "big doctor"

from the hospital had a list of people and your mother would not have been vaccinated because she was not on the list.




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14 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

I think you might be right,the campaign is having some effect or they wouldn't feel the need to put out blatant fear mongering shit like they did


Parents,keep sending those letters


Just leave a throwaway comment to parents "Why would any parents allow children to get parasites injected in them?"


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42 minutes ago, epsom said:






They threatened it in Pakistan to get people to get vaxxed and it looks like it worked...




Queues for inoculations stretched more than a kilometre in some locations this week, in response to measures designed to help slow a Delta variant-fuelled surge in infections that has put pressure on Pakistan's poor health infrastructure.


In a country that has a long anti-vaccination history, health workers said many in line were more afraid of the restrictions - some started Aug. 1 while others kick in on Aug. 30 - than the health threat of COVID-19. That perception was supported by people queuing who spoke to Reuters.


"I'm personally not scared of corona," said banker Abdul Rauf as he stood in a queue at a vaccination centre in southern Karachi, with his mask down to chin.


"Our salaries will be stopped, our SIMs will be blocked, so all these things are out there, so that's why I got my second dose done."

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