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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, skitzorat said:

while wearing her "vaxxed" necklace. its a CULT



No one becomes NY governor without total and utter obediance to the nwo, they will never allow anyone into a position of power or influence unless that person is totally under their control. Look at the corbyn's, Jeremy was vying for PM, he could never have become labour leader and placed into a position of power without years of paedophilia and devil worshipping. And time has proven what a piece of shit both of those boys are.

So NY governor, you only govern because you drop to your knees and blow satan's cock after going ass to mouth on him. Enjoy your brief moment of power you cold heartless bitch because it won't last long, then you can burn in hell for all eternity with your fellow cock suckers. You are loving it now but life is very short and you are very old.

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On 9/25/2021 at 9:33 PM, elongated1 said:


There is something really wrong with these women. I can't put a finger on it to describe it though.

I mean, just put some clown pictures beside it and let them hold a rainbow candy floss and we are there.



The weird thing is it has a wedding ring on its finger. Who on earth would shag these things - satan

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2 hours ago, zArk said:

He's allowed to wake up in the middle of the plandemic.

A good chance he's being advised to say things. The fear pron being ramped up will be partly his own panic and partly someone in his ear


Of course he is; that was in reply to why he was on the bbc or whatever a while ago; he still believed all the msm crap.


I don’t know; maybe it’s just a huge overload for him all at once; the realising of what he’s discovered while doing his job, and then finding out all the rest.


The main thing is that he has reached a huge number of people with his experience; that’s got to have opened some eyes.

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6 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Not only a hit piece on ro (whatever that may be ) systems but any form of water not provided by a government or corporation

I drank nothing but potable water obtained by reverse osmosis for years,admittedly when i got home i drank flouridated water .(theyve been adding it here for years) but suffered no ill effects from the water i drank on ships and rigs,i have no teeth except false ones so that totally fucks their 'good for the teeth' argument


I also don't quite get what the sudden uproar is about flouridating the water,theyve been doing it for years in the UK and the vast majority of people where its been happening haven't got a clue its in it already


Check here to se if you've been flouridated already and if you have could you explain to me why its suddenly a big deal ? the damage has been done long ago (note i have absolutely no connection to the company nor do i have any of their products its just a handy link to show exactly what and where its happening)


Looking at the list it seems its basically the Scots and the Welsh thats getting it,us English are fucked long ago (sorry NI didn't see you mentioned)




The national pure water association hasn't updated its site since 2012 when they ran anti flouridation campaigns which is where the postcode listing came from originally.would have thought they would have risen like a phoenix from the ashes on this topic but nothng




My friend works for yorkshire water and they put a lot more than just fluoride into the water, they dump in loads of industrial waste containing mercury cadmium arsneic etc. The fluoride is from industrial waste, not pure fluoride powder as some people imagine, it is the waste from industrial processes that costs money to safely dispose of, so the government buys it from their mates and gets rid of it by pouring it into our water supply. The government types all have distillation boilers in their homes to purify the water, very expensive to run, but these people are all funded by the tax payer

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6 hours ago, zarkov said:

fluoride passes the blood brain barrier - attracts aluminium to the brain. Possibly enhances transport of GO in the vax  !?

additionally - biologically destructive and induces apathy, lowers IQ, brittle bones, Alzheimer's, dementure, calcifies the pineal, carcinogen, induces hypothyroidism.


The fluoridated counties may have demonstrated greater conformity or deaths in the past 18 months ?



Fully agree. It is all based on hitler's work from the 40's when he found people fed fluoride became docile and refused to challenge authority figures such as government types, police, political decisions etc The people were easier to control and accepted anything they were told, hence the modern day dilemma of sheep and their worship of government types, msm, holly and phil etc

The fluoride is being increased as the areas which show the most vaccine hesitancy are the non-fluoridated areas.

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Cant publish all of this report until Thursday but this week' Fulford is pretty positive imo


tember 27, 2021

“Biden” controllers sue for peace after secret East/West agreement


The controllers of the fake regime of “Joe Biden” are suing for peace, according to P3 freemason sources. They are asking for a conference in Lichtenstein “soon.” The reason for this is because a secret East/West agreement was reached in principle last week to pull the plug on the “Biden” regime, according to sources involved in the negotiations.


The controlled implosion of this horrific regime would be followed by a massive East/West multi-trillion-dollar project to improve the planet, the sources said.


Here is a message from an Asian secret society that Chinese President Xi Jinping belongs to: “We will hurry up our discussions to meet the September 30th deadline [to cut off the Biden regime] but the timing is sudden so, -while nothing may happen that will be visible to ordinary society- under the surface big moves will surely take place.”



More details on the WDS negotiations and the agreement with the Asians will be posted further down in the story.


However, it is interesting to note Canadian banks will be shutting down on September 30th for “national truth and reconciliation day.” Our sources say it is to prevent them from being looted by Biden’s controllers as they desperately try to meet their payments deadlines.


In any case, this agreement in principle follows all sorts of international subterfuge and real-life spy stories that will surely provide fodder for movies for decades to come.


Let us start by taking another look at what was behind the so-called Australian submarine deal that has so mysteriously infuriated Beijing.


US, Australian, and UK authorities took action in Australia after it turned out all sorts of politicians had been blackmailed and/or bribed to hand the country over to China by a combination of Chinese Communist and Rothschild/Rockefeller intrigue. This was part of a deal they had made to hand Australia over to China in exchange for the continued support of the “Biden” regime.


Here is a concrete example: Premier Daniel Andrews of the State of Victoria signed up to China’s Belt and Road Infrastructure initiative behind the back of the federal government. Also, after suffering a “back injury from falling down the stairs” he put his state under the longest and harshest “Covid” restrictions in the world.






This is the true story as revealed by Australian intelligence sources:


“Daniel Andrews has a Chinese mafia business partner in the background. Multiple millions have been funneled to Andrews for green-lighting numerous projects in Victoria (Funds from his Chinese handlers).


Andrews was caught in a hotel room with the young daughter of his Chinese boss. (could it have been a setup?) He was beaten close to death. His head was badly bruised resulting in a fractured skull. His vertebrae and several ribs were fractured.


He was almost paralyzed. He was told that from that day onward he was their boy and must do everything they told him. (His wife knows the truth of what happened).


Failure to abide by orders from his CCP handlers means certain elimination for him and his family. As Andrews was told, ‘accidents happen every day’. 


Now you understand the reason for shutting down the construction industry for 2 weeks in all of Victoria. Look at the riots that are taking place. Watch carefully what group comes back to work. Andrews must push the Vax on all Victorians. These are his marching orders”




Now you know why such unreported (in the propaganda media) scenes like this are taking place every day in Australia.




The sudden flurry of shallow earthquakes in Australia is also related. Pentagon sources say the earthquakes are all related to the destruction of underground bases there. An Australian agency source explains “Australia contains the major underground facilities in the world, which are built like underground hotels where the Global Elite planned to take shelter after they implemented their original global extermination plan and then only come out once the dust settles.” No more.


Australia isn’t the only country that is not being handed over to China as promised by the Rockefeller/Rothschild mafia and their “Biden” avatar.


For example, there is a lot going on under the surface in Japan too. To illustrate, here is a photo of a US Navy prison ship that has arrived at the US base in Yokosuka..."








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9 hours ago, Mr H said:

In New York...........




A mandate is not law. You cannot fire someone for refusing to take an untested experimantal drug that has no safety data whatsover, in fact all the data shows these vaccines are dangerous, also the undisputed fact that the vaccines have killed all the lab animals they were tested on.

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Old news


Carrie Johnson urges pregnant women to have vaccine despite known risk to babies health and mothers health. 








Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons




Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester


In the Leaked EMA documents it clearly outlines the risks to pregnant women. 

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1 hour ago, jack121 said:


Fully agree. It is all based on hitler's work from the 40's when he found people fed fluoride became docile and refused to challenge authority figures such as government types, police, political decisions etc The people were easier to control and accepted anything they were told, hence the modern day dilemma of sheep and their worship of government types, msm, holly and phil etc

The fluoride is being increased as the areas which show the most vaccine hesitancy are the non-fluoridated areas.

There must be something external that makes people be fucked up the ass repeatedly walked all over and kicked when theyre down and all they do is moan and complain

Its got to.be flouride in processed food. I think you could get higher concentrations in that way

I ve never seen a study measuring amounts in processed foods beer etc

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