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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 minutes ago, Niknik said:

Just as David appearing on the Alex Jones show doesn't fully validate the host,but it is important to reach an audience and initiate their curiosity.


David's been appearing on Alex Jones for years and why wouldn't he? Alex is literally a fellow truth seeker. 

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4 hours ago, jack121 said:


Fasting is the best way of cleaning yourself out. If you don't eat the body can devote all its resources to its cleansing operations, rather than having to spend all its time on digesting food.

Digesting food is a very energy intensive process, most people do  not realise how difficult and tiring it is on the body to digest food. That's why old people always fall asleep after eating a meal, because as you get older your energy levels, testosterone levels, growth hormone levels etc etc drop slightly. With lowered energy levels the body can't do two things at once, it can't maintain all the bodily processes and digest food at the same time, so the processes are shut down by falling asleep, and all the energy is used on digesting food. That's how energy intensive the digestive process is. Very very energy intensive.

Exercise increases the levels mentioned above, not weight training, cardio based exercises like long walks, jogging etc






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38 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Sacking ? i think perhaps you are being far too lenient,look what happened to t bliar here in the uk,he got sacked and he still keeps crawling out from under his rock and the press give him the time of day,best fit them all with concrete boots and make an artificial reef out of them and be very VERY careful with what they are replaced with

How about we package em up on a refugee dinghy and send em your way so they can lunch with her Maj and the other reptiles in the motherland😅

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GLOBAL CITIZEN, a star-studded non-governmental organisation, has organised a music festival to urge international governments to deliver one billion vaccines to the poorest countries and introduce measures to tackle climate change.


In other words, they are pressuring the world to accept Agenda21 on behalf of their Illuminati paymasters.

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1 hour ago, Niknik said:


I agree Ward is a dubious source,however DI had an interview with him a few months ago too.


Just as David appearing on the Alex Jones show doesn't fully validate the host,but it is important to reach an audience and initiate their curiosity.


But O'loony troubles me in that he vaguely resembles Piers Morgan and that is unfortunate!

it was interesting, ward was going i got sources and icke was going piss off lol

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1 hour ago, skitzorat said:


12K comments and counting... going to be hard to put this gene back in the bottle; if she deletes the post it looks bad, if she deletes the comments it looks bad.... hit a bees nest with that one and people are sharing it far and wide! hahahahahaaaa stupid bitch. Good to see though...

Apparently there was another post by a talkback radio that had thousands of replies too before they deleted the whole thing but someones captured the whole thing lolz

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4 hours ago, jack121 said:

Exercise with long walks,  or better still do one hundred press ups every day + one hundered squats + one hundred sit ups. Do this three times a day and you will be the size of arnold schwarzzengger.

Good advice but for those not used to exercise, start gradually and do what you can, adding a few each day as you get stronger. Even a little exercise helps. Willpower and discipline are what you need too.

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13 hours ago, blowonthepie said:


Really excellent vid Tucker Carlson tonight with the absolute truth with the ‘vaccine’ and full hospital narrative.


Still crapping on how convid is real though - manufactured in a lab in Wuhan 🙄 - and his guest, someone called Clay Travis saying how convid is here to stay; fuckwit.




Tucker Carlson?

Controlled opposition.

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Pandemic Babies?

Now that 9 months have passed since the vaccination campaign began in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, some alarming videos have begun to go viral showing babies with a different appearance and who appear to be on a lower cognitive spectrum than average.



Sorry this vid is in Spanish with English sub-titles





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5 hours ago, Sensiblejoe said:

I live in Wales in the UK and there is definitely a virus going around, all friends, family and work colleagues are reporting huge numbers of positive cases and that this virus is nothing like they have experienced before. 


Myself and my partner are really ill at the moment and both been tested positive. I had to take my partner to A & E to get checked out because she was struggling to breathe. Fortunately all tests were clear, but while I was there was loads of people walking up to A & E coughing like zombies. My partner now wants to get vaccinated because its put the frightners on her. I told her you will have natural immunity.


So if it is like this pre winter, I can imagine middle of winter is going to be fun. I would not get complacent, there is definitely something out there whether the vaccines are causing it is another question. 





There's nothing out there.

Just the things that were always there.....colds and flu.

Now rebranded.

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