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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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2 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

I encountered one yesterday. I was waiting to pick up a prescription. The pharmacy was giving flu shots and covid shots; flu to the right, covid to the left. I overheard an elderly woman telling the girl at the counter that she was there for a flu shot and she wanted to know if it would interfere with her covid shots. She then told the girl she'd had a bad reaction to the second jab.

Those people (imbeciles) are making all of this much harder for us to fight. If anyone dooms us all, it would be those special kind of people (imbeciles) 🤦‍♂️

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3 hours ago, SimonTV said:



Boris's wife encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated, when they knew it was unsafe all a long. 

Why are they reissuing the manipulated data from that study?


U know the 0-20 week miscarriage % hidden in the 827 pregnoids

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3 minutes ago, alexa said:


That's strange, I just watched a video from Peeky who claims it may have been all staged. :classic_unsure:






A he or a she :classic_unsure:


 Not heard from peekay since he was kicked off youtube. I remember his magnificent white tent of Boston haha so funny guy. To be fair he thinks everything is staged. 

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Found out my 10 year old nephew is spending his school week outside. Lessons have been ditched for building dens, treasure hunts, sports...anything team building or activity related basically.


Apparently the kids haven't just fallen miles behind where they'd be expected to be at this age, their focus & ability to learn has slipped significantly & they're not showing any signs of snapping out of it...& it's been noted they're not socialising properly either.


Not sure if this kind of thing is happening elsewhere. Think it's a roll of the dice by the school tbh.


We'll never be able to measure the real damage this shit storm has caused.

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1 minute ago, ar55 said:

Is this not all pointless?


The UK Government has openly stated the parents have no say, so I can’t see how this would stand up in court.




It is meant to give them a notice of liability, so that if a child dies, they can't claim that they didn't know the risks. With everyone having complete immunity from liability due to health damage from the vaccines thanks to the government, it is still to be determined whether a notice of liability will in fact make them liable. 


One thing is quite funny, if you want to commit a murder, inject someone with too much covid vaccine and you have complete immunity from prosecution. hahahaha

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