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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, vinny79 said:

There we go
Whitty confirms that kids over 12 can consent.


fucking cunt


Too right! There's a special place in Hell for this ugly pig and his ilk.


These people should be made LIABLE for the decisions they make. This experimental shit should no longer be exempt from liability.




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Another typo. I use the Biblical Method of typing.
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8 minutes ago, TerryH said:

I dont know but I suspect that all the rules for child vaccines are pro vax

That is if the parents say no the child can say yes and the childs choice is accepted

If the parents say yes and the child says no the parents choice is accepted


Little Johnny: 'But Miss, I don't understand what myopericarditis means?'


Miss Informed: 'Don't worry Johnny, we'll be learning those big words next year. Now, let's roll up that sleeve, shall we?'




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Not sure how any child can legitimately be deemed 'Gillick competent' to consent to any experimental 'vaccine' when the majority of adults don't meet the criteria;


Assessing Gillick competence

There is no set of defined questions to assess Gillick competency. Professionals need to consider several things when assessing a child's capacity to consent, including:

  • the child's age, maturity and mental capacity
  • their understanding of the issue and what it involves - including advantages, disadvantages and potential long-term impact
  • their understanding of the risks, implications and consequences that may arise from their decision
  • how well they understand any advice or information they have been given
  • their understanding of any alternative options, if available
  • their ability to explain a rationale around their reasoning and decision making.



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