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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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16 hours ago, Macnamara said:


what are you asking me here? what are you saying is '1 in 10,000'?


are you asking me to divide 445,000,000 by 10,000?


If they are saying 1 in 10,000 people could get GBS, if 445 million people in Europe take the jab, that would be how many possible cases of GBS?

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14 minutes ago, DarianF said:


I guess it's safe and effective then. lol.

44,500 requiring various levels of treatment within each persons own healthcare system

Reminds me of

It's better not to kill the enemy outright but wound him,kill him outright and he's done,wound him and it takes 2 more out of the battle to assist him


And thats just for one condition,of which there are several dozen others probably equally as debilitating


This is a war of attrition

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15 hours ago, Velma said:

Biden also said he's focussed on his pandemic preparedness plan because he doesn't want America hamstrung when a new pandemic hits "and it will" he said, with certainty.


This reminds me of grandpa bush's speech about NWO being a success.

They must all have their crystal balls at the ready 😄

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15 hours ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

Actually although I have been very disillusioned with the Royals over the last couple of years I always liked Harry . I can understand why he'd want to get away from "the Firm " and go to America ,but he  seems to have gone over the top with his views on the jab and fake new.Pity he and his wife got so vilified  in the media .And he did actually serve in Afghanistan .. Personally I think William looks very much like Diana and Harry despite the rumours of Charles not being his dad  is starting to look more like Charles as he gets older .Anyway as this is off topic Ill finish .Sad to say i once admired the Queen and thought her a constant in the lives of the people . They are all complicit in the current situation and no doubt many other things as well :(


But don't you think the reason that arry jumped ship is because the gravy train is done being milked.

The queen has lost her throne, the nwo has stated they don't need royals in this new world they are trying to create, so this duo consisting of parasites and scroungers have legged it to america to find more impressionable suckers to feed off.

I mean the first thing they did was hook up with that paedo winfrey and talk a load of crap, then thay had the podcast that no one was interested in, then arry started talking about his alleged mental problems, stating that royal life was too much for him, sipping champagne and eating caviar living in mansions and palaces having butlers and servants wiping his arse all day disappearing off on luxurious expensive holidays whenever he feels like spending billions of pounds of taxpayers money, it was all too much for this poor fragile soul.

I haven't tuned in much to what the two paedo and satanists are doing, last i heard they purchased a house costing £60 millions pounds for archie, paid for by the taxpayer, of course. And they were going to be refurbish it at a further cost of £60 million to the taxpayer. £120 million spent, next time you pay your ever increasing council tax you know who to blame.

But i still don't think little willie looks like diana, looks like a young version of that paedo phil, who dropped dead recently. I know it is against freemasonic law to shag your own wife, just look at wacko jacko, he never shagged any women and the closest he came was bashing the bishop into a test tube and shoving it up debbie's hairy burger.

With so much overwhelming evidence i don't think charlie, or cheryl which is his weekend name, ever strapped a saddle onto diana and rode that whore all night, daddy dearest must have stepped forward after watching some milfs on pornhub and buggered that bitch. Although i have heard persisting rumours charlie did actually go ass to mouth on diana to earn his brown star. So much of royal life is a mystery, we may never know who DP'ed diana, and where exactly did horse face camilla come from, must be some serious beastiality business going on there.

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16 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Tesco is like 50/50 maskists now even in air strip clownworld central where I live. Im wondering whats changed with the virus. Does it only come out when its raining, as they seem to wear them more often then. I seriously doubt these people have wised up atall so not kidding myself.


In Italy, with the increased level of terror pumped out by the TV news, people have chosen to put their dirty, cheapo masks back on, for example, in open air markets, even though they are jabbered up. 

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49 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


She's gonna have to turn up for work every morning. Be refused entry, wait and then go home.

Of course when she doesn't get paid she has to notice the company , give 3 days, notice again etc etc

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Went on the tube for the first time since the nonsense began. Was disheartened to see a full platform of nappy-wearers on an outside platform but when I got on the train it was surprisingly about 50-50.

What struck me was the atmosphere, very odd and a distinct vibe coming from some of the nappy wearers towards the rest of us fresh air breathers. 

On the way home, I sat opposite a very large nappy wearer who proceeded to give me evil looks throughout the journey and then started to pull her mask up and down and cough loudly beneath the mask (very bizarre) - I had turned away to ignore her and just kept on talking with my masked friend which was obviously frustrating her more. She ended up pulling it down and leaning over to me and coughing and spitting over me 🤨. She then got off so had obviously saved this demonstration of disdain to the end of her journey (coward). My double jabbed masked friend turned around said "I dont understand why she took her mask off to cough ..very odd" I don't know what I was more surprised about - the coughing or the fact that my friend was completely oblivious to the maliciousness of the event. 🥴But shows you the mentality of the masked.

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16 hours ago, Beaujangles said:


When I worked with AIDS patients in 80's and 90's there was clearly a destruction of their immune systems happening. Gates and people like him in the past have been pushing all kinds of drugs and vaccines on people...especially in Africa. Maybe it is no coincidence they say AIDS came from Africa. Kary Mullis seemed to despise Fauci and all he stood for...also those working alongside him. He mentioned "they have an agenda" I think Kary Mullis knew what it was...and was unable to break through to stop them. I also find it odd that AIDS was linked primarily to homosexuals...they were also a target of the Nazis in WW2. Drug users were also targeted re AIDS. I worked with hemophiliacs with AIDS too... so definitely blood borne.  Totally systemic and yet supposedly from one green monkey. Covid, claimed to be from a bat...yet supposedly cured by an injection involving tissue from the green monkey. What are we missing?  

I was suspicious of hiv/aids when I read years ago that a disease of apes in Africa was suddenly affecting gay men in new york discos.



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18 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


I'm quite shocked re masks at the moment.

Where I live it's genuinely around 90% unmasked, both in shops and on the streets.

It was probably the other way around a year ago.


Yup, all the vaxxed now maskless shedding their spiky proteins all over the unvaxxed faces. 

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We’ve had some great weather here (Melbourne) the last few days, people out and about everywhere, many maskless even though we’re in mandated restrictions. Roads are just as busy as normal times so it appears many people are working, must be causing little Danny to short his circuits😀. I noticed Sydney had beach weather today and it looked crowded… locked up people were like this dog😂




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On 9/10/2021 at 1:20 AM, Outsider said:


Watching a recent You Tube video of Javid being interviewed by Kay Burley and one of the comments claimed that it was a deep fake. Prompted me to look back at the first lockdown announcement from March 2020. The more I watch it the more convinced I am that it is a deep fake creation. His head is out of proportion to his body, his chin is parallel with his collarbone and his ears are in line with his shoulders. He also has no visible neck.  





Thank you! I call it fake too. 

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