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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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20 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free...


Sydney Mother begs Police to remove handcuffs from dying son as RIOT SQUAD disperse family members!



really not gonna take much more before people attack the police

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1 hour ago, zarkov said:

Agree somewhat.

But it also seems that all authoritarian resources can be inundated.

If they are inundated then authoritarian efficiency plummets exhausting their resources.


All avenues for that reason are valid.

Maximum disruption, identify limiting factors!


We've not done this before, so the learning curve is going to be hard & steep.


Continuing as we are works best, in my opinion.


Panicked letters to bodies controlled by the elite just looks weak and desperate.


Come October 1, medical procedures are more or less enforced in the UK. We’re well past the point of wallowing about human rights.

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29 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


China has been making some big changes recently. They are now more nationalist than western governments, which is upsetting globalist and anti-democratic anti-nationalist Soros. 




I wish. They're not upsetting globalists. They're just playing their part in the Belt and Road Eurasianist future.





Reminder that this is the planned decline of the West. As I have always said, they have milked the West dry and will let it blow away like dust. Their new golden calf is in the East.

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16 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


I wish. They're not upsetting globalists. They're just playing their part in the Belt and Road Eurasianist future.





Reminder that this is the planned decline of the West. As I have always said, they have milked the West dry and will let it blow away like dust. Their new golden calf is in the East.


But muh "based" China. 🙄





Who has been giving China our tech? Wakey, wakey!




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9 hours ago, BruiseL said:

Care worker update. 


Manager asked me yesterday if I'd heard anymore from HR, I told her no and said I've heard nothing about a grievance meeting yet. Manager told me that HR aren't having grievance meetings about the vaccine as the grievance is against the government for implementing it. She said the only meeting for us to have now is about my end date. I asked when that was and she told me the 11th of Nov. I said I thought I had to have first vaccine by the 16th Sept? She said well I know you're not going to have it so you can work until the 11th of Nov which would be the cut off date anyway. I asked for all this in writing which she said she'd send, still waiting. I said I'd be sending another union letter (regarding vaccine, PCR, masks, lateral flow test). On my way out I was asked by Admin to do the PCR, I said no thank you. She said it's mandatory, I said no thank you and maybe the manager would show you my Union letter. 


Couple of hours later manager rang me to check I was refusing testing because I will be suspended without pay, I said I was refusing (no point me pissing about now, I'm all in with this shit). She said she'd have to tell HR, I said OK, whatever is said I need a copy in writing please. 


An hour after she rang back to say I'm suspended without pay, I asked again for this to be put in writing and she said a pack would be sent out to me. No idea what this pack is. 


Sent an email to union about all of it and they're ringing me today, will update post when I know more. 

It's what I've been expecting, so no shock. 



To back up your post. The union will make a call to my manager asking which legislation they're following to suspend me without pay. They said they're writing up a clinical certificate for me to hand in, it could be anxiety etc. I'm to say as little as possible as its my medical records. If they want to ask the union they'll get the same response, it's private info. They asked me to keep a daily diary of anything said that could be harassment, intimidation, coersive etc relating to jab and if I can remember anything of the likes to write it down. To print off all correspondence between me and the care home. If they don't accept the clinical cert they'll put all grievances together for one hearing. To try and contact the staff member that walked out because of jab and the staff that went on the sick. 


Hope this helps someone. 

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Here in Canada we are being told that these vaccine passports are only temporary measures, to last for a few months, or possibly into next year. Oh, is that why the Canadian PM has ordered something like 37 million vaccines to last all the way into 2024? And are these pre-ordered vaccines for the original covid or for the invisible variants to come? (Never-mind that this latest Delta 'variant' is in all likelihood caused by the very covid vaccines themselves.)


In a world where you have governments legalizing marijuana and contemplating doing the same for harder drugs, via injection dispensaries and so forth, and where these very same politicians do nothing to help pass laws that prevent babies and infants from receiving dozens of jabs before these poor innocents have even developed an immune system for god's sake, it's quite comical to hear some of these transparent rhetoricians in recent weeks saying they're all for vaccine passports in order to 'protect children' (the using of children to promote your cause, a tactic which began with the Nazis and which also can be seen in the eco-anxiety movement). How about protecting children from a possibly damaging rushed-to-market quasi-vaccine? Meanwhile, it wouldn't surprise me if these same politicians were privately wary of the shots, enough to maybe inject themselves and their own kids with nothing more than saltwater placebos.


Incidentally, as more and more people are being (coerced into getting) jabbed, it'll be interesting to see what the reaction will be among various religionists, and especially those within Christendom. One may remember it was only a few churches that had tried to freely assemble during the lockdowns. Now all the ones that have remained under virtual arrest all this time are likely preparing to reopen their places of worship, what with vaccine passports now likely being their ticket to do so. In fact, it's been quite interesting to learn that one particular religious movement has been totally pro-vaccine from the very beginning, and of late has instructed its members how they ought only to associate in person with those who have been vaccinated, in true totalitarian fashion. This, coming from a religion that appeals to their charter-protected right to individual conscience when in the face of state-mandated blood transfusions (as portrayed in the excellent film, The Children Act). There seems to be a double-standard here: treating those who have not been vaxxed as a separate (under)class to be segregated, all for their abiding by the same constitution they themselves fall back on in defense of their right to reject blood transfusions. Yes, but refusing blood transfusions does not risk putting the health of others in jeopardy, they'd most likely respond. Yet, say for the sake of argument that it did. Do you think that would stop them? I think that, in such a hypothetical scenario, these ones would continue to obey their god-given consciences, which is what the entire point is here.

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