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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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50 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


Listening to this now. GREAT FIND.


I urge everyone to listen to this undertaker who was inundated with deaths in care homes last year (March and April) and knows the care homes were giving Midazolam without proper consent.  He believes mass murder took place.


Continuing to listen now.


Please share






@Grumpy Owl

@Basket Case



Wow, the undertaker has spoken..good interview & reaffirms a lot people have been saying, like the article last year from Off Guardian on death certificates.



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1 hour ago, webtrekker said:

Just another thought going through my mind ...


For around 100 years the whole financial system has been propped up with Fiat currency, ie. money printed and distributed with no backed up gold reserves. Money from 'thin air,' so to speak.


However, with so many elderly people living way beyond their 'three score and ten' we're now at the point that there's nothing to back up the huge demand on pensions and the whole house of cards is about to collapse. Hence the need to .......................




This would allow them some breathing space, but eventually the whole system has to collapse anyway.






Same goes for the 12-15 year olds. They are also a burden on the state finances. KILL OFF ALL THE EARLY TEENS ??

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1 hour ago, sarbloh said:



In my head I see the shot as agent Smith. I'm not making out like ' I'm the one' ..because we all are 'the one' (which is why they try so hard to make us not discover our real selves).  That power is within each of us. This to me is a multidimensional spiritual truth war (I use the word 'war' loosely btw as there is no other in the conscious oneness).


But, I've always said I'll take the shot because I want to die to folks who ask me about it. It's the diametric opposite of why the 'normals' are taking it (the lie they believe). Its a different frequency and intention, to put into the system. 


Isn't that a 'trojan horse' into the system? I'm not really bothered about this 'experience'...I'm waiting for clear coercion and a line of accountability and then most probably I'll take the shot. I (not in an egoic sense)  want to put a karma nuke into those behind this, ( coercian etc are major karma no no's ) if that means this experience ends..big deal ..the next one will start. 


What are other ways to Trojan horse this clown show?




You might want to hold off on that shot until you've seen matrix 4



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We all knew the bastard's would be planning another lockdown in October, a Firecracker ? Wtf 🙄

October, time to say the cases are too high and time to as they would say ' Roll out the Booster jabs ' . 



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26 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



They call vaccine deaths in young children "infant death syndrome" ridiculous. 

Infant death syndrom has somtimes been called shaken baby syndrome,expect parents to be jailed for infant jab deaths under spurious claims from social services ,police etc involvement

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ITALY - Josh Sigurdson Reports: "FORCING JAB/MANDATORY - IMMINENT VIOLENCE" (bitchute.com)


Draghi ramping up the pressure in Italy. This guy seems to think he will go ahead with his wish to make jab mandatory. If Italy goes down that path how long before same happens here? A lot of folks on here seem to think they will never make it mandatory as its not the Satanists modus operandi. Still confident guys?

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3 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Wot? no mention of the unified black/white pope nor the jesuits ?


Blame the masons


Apart from that he's spot on

Interesting he says gene therapy vax will be mandatory in Italy in January. 

To be seen but wouldn't surprise me.


(I don't  even like typing 'vaccine' as it isn't, we need a catchy new name for that.)

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Just now, whatthefoxhat said:

Infant death syndrom has somtimes been called shaken baby syndrome,expect parents to be jailed for infant jab deaths under spurious claims from social services ,police etc involvement


If you search for "SIDS and vaccines" you will see the controversy, they claim healthy babies just die randomly and it has nothing to do with the endless amounts of vaccines they give children. Yes they do blame the parents as well and they blame parents saying they should force their child to sleep on their back... bullshit. 

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Is there somewhere to see how many people have died in the UK after having a covid 19 vaccine and have been classed as unvaccinated?


Also how can you see how many are in hospital being classed as unvaccinated when they've actually had at least one dose or are within 2 weeks of having second dose?



The CDC website defines someone as vaccinated only 2 weeks after receiving their second dose.


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2 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

What goes around comes around from fuckers. Let's see how the filth deal with this. @DarianF @Bullion @skitzorat 


I'm more and more inclined to make a gov.uk petition calling for mandatory jabbing of all police employees


They are public facing after all


The petition would have no effect nor gather the requird amount of sigs but it might prick a few ears up

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