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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

I was thinking the same thing about all the police violence clips. I download many before the tweets are memoryholed. I do like the free flowing documentation of our collective descent into global madness in this monster thread though.. I find it comforting for some reason.


You could stick them all on a basic blog, archived one at at time as you find them [ https://bloggingguide.com/what-are-the-best-anonymous-blogging-platforms/ ]. For example, Telegra.ph, Write.as, or TXT.FYI - easy-peasy.

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1 hour ago, shadowmoon said:

"I was reading another thread last night where a poster kept getting negative PCRs for days, despite feeling like shit, and everyone else in the house getting positive results. Eventually she did get a positive PCR result - I guess sometimes you just have to keep on testing 🤷🏻‍♀️"


"Ive had COVID twice (prevaccine). The first time it was by far the worst illness I've ever had (worse than typhoid even). Dh had it at the same time and honestly he's had worse colds."



Worse than typhoid! Why does mumsnet make me want to tear my hair out..


Mumsnet sounds like a horror story.

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Wow! Talk about going viral - this recent BS went omega-variant level of contagion.

Far beyond the fake photo and Rachel Madcow - its Richard Dawkins original meme theory in action... I know we've all seen this kind of shit go mad on social medias, but this one is my pick of the month..


Check the thread... haha. 



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2 hours ago, SimonTV said:

Just two weeks don't worry about it, it is all temporary 




This needs to be held up as evidence as to how duplicitous our 'elected politicians' are, just a bunch of lying wanker puppets.


But on the other hand, just think how much worse things would have been if Labour had somehow managed to win that election in 2019. The Tories seem to be doing their level best to make themselves 'unpopular' again, and perhaps this is why Labour are so visibly 'quiet' in the media of late. I think we're being primed for another general election next year, which Labour will somehow 'win' and if so, it could be the last general election for this country.


But the masses need to understand that voting Labour won't 'fix' things, or make any difference, because the agenda will just continue otherwise, no matter which 'puppet Government' is in place.


1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Dunno, but I don't trust old Edo.




Different country, same messaging. But 'one world government' is just a conspiracy theory?

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36 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Mumsnet sounds like a horror story.

It's pure 77th propaganda, I swear half of them they can't be genuine people saying these things.


'Deaths from typhoid fever are now virtually unheard of in the UK. If typhoid fever isn't treated, it's estimated that up to 1 in 5 people with the condition will die. Some of those who survive will have complications caused by the infection.'




versus 99.9% covid survival rate.

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normie story.

i was talking to a woman about the kids jab.

she said her grandkid will get it as they've been in and out of hospital with heart problems.

i said but the scientists never recommended it due to the jab causing heart inflammation in kids

her reaction

pause, reset, carry on with the conversation.

i tried

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Just now, TwopackShugar said:

these post remind me of something mark passio puts out there, something along the lines of people complaining that the tyrannical oppressors are not going after a certain group hard enough.

When in the end the problem is the tyrannical forces.



I hear you, but I don't think all groups are footsoldiers for the elites.

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