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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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As a token of appreciation I am giving everyone on the forum a print, cut out and keep variant collectors chart:




Once we are out of Greek letters, we can switch to Hebrew:




then Phoenician:




Note you only need to hear the variant mentioned in MSM to tick it off the list, so there is no need to mess around pretending you have isolated a sample.





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2 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

History tells us it was shaming, then shunning ...then rounding up.



Unclean, unclean! Guess they won't be invited to their neighbour's 61st birthday - if (and it's big if) he has one....


Dr Mike Yeadon is right when he said that if you take a long, cool, logical look at the whole 'Covid' and vaccine saga, there is no way that the 'vaccines' are intended for a benign purpose.


Even if they don't kill you, repeated doses are likely to turn you into a a sick pharma cash-cow.

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4 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


It is crazy that one, they assume all unvaccinated are infected and two, that they are magically protected by the vaccine. It is quite the delusion. 

I just say I ‚ m not Jabbed but I do have leprosy !   The Queue  vanishes very quickly!

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1 hour ago, Critilo said:

As one side of the label has printed "particle works" on it I googled for it and found this: 




Sounds a lot like the covid vaccines, what do you think?




 PEG functionalized


This application involves Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) encapsulation or tethering to nano- or microparticles in order to deliver therapeutic molecules to the malignant site.



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23 minutes ago, pete675 said:

Boris and Twitty look very very uneasy here.


It's the sort of look you'd give if you were being followed - just out of camera view - by a giant lizard with a disintegrator cannon 🤣



He's had that faux-concerned look since he returned from pretending he was at death's door with 'covid'. The quote 'politics is showbiz for ugly people' just about sums him - and the rest - up.

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On 9/1/2021 at 12:09 AM, Macnamara said:


it's not capitalism otherwise there wouldn't be bailouts and subsidies and preferential treatments for corporations


what we have is CORPORATE SOCIALISM which is leading us into a technocracy

Edging towards the State Capitalism previously seen in USSR and China. Definitely top down, not bottom up

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