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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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18 hours ago, eddy64 said:



i think the police will just be ordering a shit load of Boston dynamics tech to boost their numbers,  wont be fun trying to outrun a pack of cop robot dogs or some robot parkouring cybercop.


Nah, they wont bother with these toys, they'll be using drones & lots of them. 



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34 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Hollywood and the entertainment industry is an automatic red flag for me now. I'm at the point where celebs need to earn their trust.

Should be no such things as celebs….just people doing a job. Where is Hollywood now anyway, it has gone down a sinkhole

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19 hours ago, DarianF said:


They will never coerce me to take it, or threaten me enough to take it. They will physically have to hold me down and inject me. That's the only way. I'm sure one day it will come to that, but I won't be lying down and taking it easy. I'll make em work for it, that's for sure.


Nah! They'll never do this as Satan needs your consent. The only thing they can do is threaten you with death if you wont take it or the mark.




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52 minutes ago, DarianF said:


I'd prefer genuine opposition, but no one could ever verify it's genuine. It's just a maddening cycle of suspicion and counter-suspicion.

if it was genuine full armed riot squads would be hammering ppl before it got going.

if the police are wearing soft gear, say no more.

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15 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


Covid vaccine not recommended for most 12-15 year olds



Interesting development.. not sure if a victory. Thoughts?



Reckon when they get their fake forced swab test back for going to school, they’ll change their tune. Think it’s a tactic being used to “ reassure” parents that their genuinely concerned for the safety of your children. Then with the “apocalyptic” test results they can reassure parents the vaccine is ultra necessary. Bait and switch imo





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1 hour ago, DarianF said:


This might give some hope. Ambulance Union in VIC is against vaxx mandates. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-03/victorian-ambulance-paramedics-decline-covid19-vaccine/100430280


I hope yours is too.

I've read this morning that Unison are now asking the government to repeal the mandatory jabs. I'm guessing their turnaround is because people will have cancelled their subs to them as I did, after giving them a mouthful on the phone. 

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6 minutes ago, alexa said:

Children 'WILL be jabbed from next week': Government expects Chris Whitty to green light vaccines despite JCVI experts' refusal to back mass immunisation for 12 to 15-year-olds 



Trust the science unless you don’t get the answer you want

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13 hours ago, blowonthepie said:


Its getting a bit much really; a few people here going on about ‘controlled opposition’ - and I’m not meaning you in particular, or having a go.


Hes making a huge amount of good points; as is Tucker Carlson, who I know thinks convid is real, but by god he gets the message out there about the lying pricks, and not just about things convid; and as is that Vernon Coleman - who personally gets my goat; he’s a doctor but thinks convid is real ffs!

I don’t hear anyone calling him controlled opposition.


There are quite a few others that are being called controlled opposition; they are getting the message out there; doesn’t matter how.


If there is genuine proof of these people being that; show it; don’t witter on; way to destroy people’s rep when they’re doing their best to expose this bs.


Should we judge people on whether they think the virus is real or on the basis of what other things they say and how they act ? Even if people do believe its real which they have a right to do ,if they believe that the response of Governments is wrong and disproportionate and that censorship ,loss of freedoms and coercion to be be vaccinated is wrong then thats good enough for me .

Not everyone with a slightly different view to ours is controlled opposition.

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45 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Dunno much about the tank top guy, but no immediate red flags to me.




He's right when he says there's no political solution anyway.


Tank top man brings up the cases of the "prophetic" 6 million numbers on twitter. Lots of coping and seething reactions.

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