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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Airports Begin Testing ‘COVID Passport’ That Will Record Whether Someone Has Been Vaccinated Before Travel


Matt Hancock warns cancer patients will only be guaranteed treatment if Covid-19 stays 'under control' - as he is savaged for 'having no idea how many infected people are walking around' after testing shambles saw 16,000 cases MISSED


As Boris Johnson announces Britain’s ‘great reset’, were the Covid ‘conspiracy theorists’ right all along?


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10 minutes ago, cubby1962 said:

Well done that man


Yes, he did well.

He's one of us.

Will it be as easy though when the fuckers are on the streets armed and forcing people to take tests and eventually vaccines.

If the pushback doesn't start in the near future it will come to that sooner rather than later.

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32 minutes ago, HaveTheEyesToSeeTheLies said:

Auditing Britain had go with Mr purple beard too 



The fact that they did not want to be seen doing whatever it was is VERY SUSPICIOUS - people please share this vid. Surely if what they were doing is in the interests of the health of the public then there would be no problem with sharing what they were doing.


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4 hours ago, Mr H said:

Sharing my latest letter to my MP

I got a labour youngster, parachuted in to cover the labour seat. Shes far up party backside. Another luciana berger. Up up up the party arsehole


You got a tory? 

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3 minutes ago, zArk said:

I got a labour youngster, parachuted in to cover the labour seat. Shes far up party backside. Another luciana berger. Up up up the party arsehole


You got a tory? 


Yeah a real old school one.

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1 minute ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


I can't, I'm 71 with high blood pressure and once I start talking to the sleeping ones it soars and I'd keel over with a stroke or heart attack.

As the guy in Highlander said:


"It's better to burn out than it is to fade away!"


I feel ya bro, your last breath shouldn't be wasted on a woke dick head like him. 👍🏻

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O'Sullivan has done well for himself (anyone who persuades someone to pay them to be a TV critic for ten years deserves a nod of respect), although his best asset is his hair, rather than his views. That said, he strikes me as someone who'll be fair-minded when it comes to this.

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Madrid Court rejects partial lockdown





 Madrid's top regional court on Thursday (Oct 8) rejected a partial lockdown imposed at the weekend on the capital and nine nearby towns to slow the rapid spread of coronavirus infections.

A court statement said it "had denied the ratification (of the measures) on grounds they impacted on the rights and fundamental freedoms" of the 4.5 million residents affected by the closure, which went into force late last Friday night.

Under the restrictions, residents are not allowed to leave the city limits except for work, school or medical reasons as the region battles a soaring infection rate of well over 700 cases per 100,000 people, compared with just 257 per 100,000 in the rest of Spain - in itself the highest rate in the European Union.


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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Mystery virus with unique properties blights the human race!


The deadly virus is only contagious at particular times of the day in certain regions and can travel anything from one to two meters, depending on which location a person is in.


It is spread by touch and breath and can live on plastic, but not on paper, metal or wood. It behaves differently in houses, restaurants, schools and supermarkets.


It will infect spectators at a show, but not crowds leaving the pub, or professional footballers on the field, but it will infect them at parties.


It can only be tramsmitted in cafe's if you drink alcohol or if it's later than 6:00pm. If you are eating food, it cannot be spread, until you have swallowed.


Protestors appear to be immune, since there has been no spike after the alleged incubation period and mass fatalities did not occur.


Students who did not have the virus at home, became 'super-spreaders' in campus, although, no-one was actually ill. School children can catch it in changing rooms, but not classrooms.


Famous peronalities are more prone than any other demographic, with princes, peers, politicians, presidents and TV presenters all contracting the virus, but with 'mild symptoms' or none and making a quick recovery to full health.


The contagion requires that the human race forfeits all human rights and the inalienable liberties which our forefathers fought and died for. Freedom is an anathema to the virus.


It demands that we cease all normal social activities, relationships and interaction, which is not on an online platform. The virus hates visitors!


Animals have become undesirable because the pathogen needs a scapegoat, or bat, bird, pangolin, take your pick, but people are the guinea-pigs and must wear masks, like 'elites' do at their freaky orgies.


It's all part of a Satanic initiation ritual into the New World Order, participate at you peril...

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Can't sleep, so hoping I put what's on my mind into a post helps.


I've been thinking over the last few days about the grand illusion of this whole thing. I know many on here take the view that we're fucked, but the scale of what's being attempted here is staggering. DI talks about the totalitarian tiptoe but they're now risking a jog and may even go into a sprint. It only works for them because nobody really notices its happening, but it's becoming too obvious.


The declaration of these doctors and articles critical of lockdown measures in the front pages of some of the mainstream papers make me think that a lot of groups have reached tipping point and aren't going to play ball any more. It's a trickle now but if it gains a little momentum it will soon become an avalanche.


Organisations like the WHO and World Economic Forum are hugely influential but they require on the cooperation of not just us plebs but many powerful organisations in media, law enforcement etc. All it takes is a few rogues to come out and they will have a problem that is too large. There will be too many people to pay off, discredit or kill, and I think that is the stage they will have to dump this idea and crawl back into their holes to try again some other time, as they did with the swine flus in the 70s and 2000s.


The only problem for them is its too late, they've gone all in on the great reset and they need total cooperation now. As I remember DI saying the people really pushing this you could probably fit in one small room, their numbers are tiny and their power, in reality, completely false. If enough people start saying "hang on" or speaking out when they had been silent, others will follow. The sheep mentality can be used to keep us enslaved but when reversed holds awesome power. Imagine that small room David mentioned being trampled over by 7 billion sheep.


If we reject the great reset it may be a time of incredible turmoil and instability, we have to be ready for that, but we've needed a changing of the guard for centuries and maybe even millenia, and it's never looked more likely than now.

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I like your optimism - like you have trouble sleeping and keep flipping my ideas that think things are moving in a more positive direction, then of course make the mistake of going to the shop and seeing ALL the face nappies.


I am trying to be positive - have a goal as it were, hence why I have now resorted to posting a few leaflets through doors.

It gives me an opportunity to get some exercise at the same time makes me feel as if I am doing something positive/ useful.

One thing I have discovered - a postman's job is not much fun, snappy dogs at the letter box, the "snappy" boxes themselves and the awkward gates / drives etc differing houses have.😬

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