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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

you think you are awake when,

you use an old phone, you dont watch tv, dont read the papers, you use a vpn, you use false gmail accounts

then you go to a controlled opposition peaceful protest to get filmed by police facial recognition

not that awake then.

You know you are awake when the police and government have the following

Your iris scans

Your fingerprints

Your shoe size

Photographs of you

Passport details

National insurance number

Every company youve worked for for the last 40 years

Every address youve lived at for th last 25 years

A list of all scars,tattoos and distinguishing marks on your body

your medical history

your 'interactions' with the police whether it led to a conviction or not

Your family connections (brothers sisters mother father)

You dont carry a phone when you leave the house

You dont use a vpn


And you still don't give a fuck


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10 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

you think you are awake when,

you use an old phone, you dont watch tv, dont read the papers, you use a vpn, you use false gmail accounts

then you go to a controlled opposition peaceful protest to get filmed by police facial recognition

not that awake then.

Go on then I'm all ears. What's the big plan to get us out of this? 

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46 minutes ago, Dazzer said:

Some questions...

What the fuck is that all about?

How many of them does it take to catch the thing?

How did they know it has covid?

And is that really a good use of public money?

What a shit show. 


It's not Covid, it was Bovine tuberculosis. Just seems pretty fitting symbolically with all that is going on, and yeah, not sure why they needed so many of them.

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25 minutes ago, Human10 said:

People don't help. It's sad. They could try to do anything when already been there - hit it with a bottle or sth.🥴


I wouldn't hurt the poor dog. It doesn't know what's going on. It's the handler that needs a good 'tune up'.

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26 minutes ago, zArk said:


I still disagree. The elites may pay for sophisticated campaigns (either news stories, reports or ads) but people can take it or leave it.

The elites do not control western society. They may bribe politicians, they may blackmail others but in no way does the capitalist system have provisions for elites to rule. However, communism does. Communism has clear distinction between citizens and 'important people'.


Elites sit pretty in both systems but their direct influence will be felt in communism whereas in capitalism they are reliant upon an agreeable public to consume, purchase, create


hence why the 'great reset' because western culture aint buying the climate change solution , aint buying the cashless society, aint buying the electric cars and prefer the economic system of money creation as it is.


as trudeau was caught saying  and posted recently he loves communism because it can make changes to the economy that capitalism doesnt allow



But when you say the west isn't buying into the climate, withe forever rises in costs of living and fuel most seem happy enough with switching there only sticking point is fuel charging points once that's done they'll gladly do it, most people have always gone along with the changes implemented, even when people found out there separated rubbish goes back into the same pile at the tip they never refused to do it, 2 weekly collection of food was excepted because they was told to even tho the rat and maggot problem came to there door step. When they stopped cleaning out the storm drains and allowed them to block before flooding people didn't care there taxes was being wasted and now people go I can't believe global warming is making my city flood. In the west it doesn't take much to allow any change they want, just the suggestion and a few stooges saying we must and then it's implemented. Looking across the politicians I don't see any of them that ain't paid up members to the elite. Your right by one does what it wants and one suggests what you need but they both enforce what they want no matter how much someone sugar coats it. I would disagree about the elites don't control the west the politicians, judges cult groups are just there front. However I will respect your views as everyone has there own opinions and this probably should be in a different thread but personally I don't see much they don't control.

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13 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

Or with the school for kids?


I told my kids' school in no uncertain terms that I did not give consent for the swab test and one comes home tonight with a whole bagful of test kits, informing me that they were lined up like sheep and tested.


You have no idea how annoyed i was, actually you probably do.


Anyway it's strengthened my resolve to take them out at the first sniff of death jab teams moving in. 

My daughter kept coming back with tests. I hope she will find strength to refuse it. I will send her with letter. She's 14 so she have to learn to protect herself and fight for her rights... We prepare her for different situations. 

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23 minutes ago, zArk said:


after they got rid of the church there has been a gap in property rights.

for 2000years the church has ruled our bodies claiming the body is Gods property and we are merely using it here on earth.

this is gone


body ownership is with the self


capitalism hasnt been able to over come this

communism is being installed to claim ownership of the body


Yeah might agree with that, but didnt answer my question..also you have recently Tony Blair & Bill Gates blatantly meddling in our governments decisions.


Corporation of the city remembrancer, representing plutocratic tax dodgers sits in the house of commons, keeping an EYE over the pleb selected reps. Gets paid by the tax payer for the privilege.


No tender contracts dished out is Elite control through their Cronus cronies.


Thats how the corpocracy runs in Britain & the states, one party state & the selected house of lords


Never been any democracy.

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1 minute ago, pete675 said:



According to the Deagel prediction for 2025, the population of Romania will only drop by 500,000 - nothing like the 80% drop predicted for Britain.

Which kind of ties in with their rabid push to get every  man woman and child poisoned


Anybody would think they had been given targets to achieve,because sure as eggs is eggs its not about caring for public health

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22 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

AHH the good old remembrancer ,the only unelected member of parliament sent from the city of london corporation to make sure that the corporations finacial interests are never threatened


State within a state the city of London corporation has its fingers knuckle deep in this pie


 Tax dodgey fucks & the queen even ritually bows to the real crown.. as she has no jurisdiction over the square mile.



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46 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:


This is a perfect example showing the police to be absolutely clueless as to their job, their role and who they serve. (Common Purpose reframing in full effect) Credit to these people for stating their case in a calm and respectful way by stating these officers merely have "obligations and roles "under that uniform and that they won't be able to hide behind it.


Would love to have seen their expressions under those bloody masks when they were told the would be held personally liable in a Common Law Court if they didn't bring the Inspector down.


Fantastic stuff.


I agree and disagree.


I agree that each police constable (I prefer that to the imported Americanism, 'police officer') is a civilian in uniform and serves the community rather than the state.  One thing that is overlooked is that, unlike on the Continent and elsewhere, the police in Britain are meant to be independent of the state and, in that regard, are a defence against intrusions on civil liberty by the state.  The culture of British policing traditionally reflected this: the uniforms, the lack of firearms, the friendly but firm approach, the tendency towards deescalating situations, etc.  On the Continent, the culture is the opposite: the police dress as paramilitaries, they often work for the state, they are armed, and they are there to order people around.   


We have moved towards the foreign culture as we have abandoned our liberties.  Chief Constables should be able to disregard directions and instructions that are not law.  Unfortunately, they did not.  That's because they now work for the state.  One thing that the last 24 months has shown very clearly is the politicisation of the police: the end result of which is an actual police state.


On the other hand, telling a police officer that he must stand under his oath, will be personally liable under common law - sorry, Common Law - and he must bring the inspector down or else, is likely to do nothing more than raise a good-natured laugh back at the police station.  I'm sure that in quite a few situations this sort of thing works as a ploy, and best of luck, but if the police seem confused about it, that's because it's nutty.

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30 minutes ago, The Illuminator said:

Most blood thinners are derived from rat poison mate.



theyre trying to phase out warfrin and similar products since they need frequent inr tests and get people to take noacs like dibigitran afaik.



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