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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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20 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:






But muh "based" rUsSiAn OrThOdoX. 🙄


All part of the Perestroika deception stratagem. Make it appear to the West that you have returned to tradition, meanwhile they subvert and infiltrate the West with Marxism to weaken us, then they say it couldn't possibly be us as we have returned to tradition, but even their supposed traditional Orthodoxy is controlled and full of moles pushing poison. When the time is right, when the West is on it's knees, then they will drop their mask.


"When the right moment comes the mask will be dropped and the Russians with Chinese help will seek to impose their system on the West on their own terms."

- Anatoliy Golitsyn



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35 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

There's always a hand in front of the needle in thse pics.

Did you ever notice that. 


No but I can see a fuckin idiot stood in front of it. 


Here's the reaction after she took it.. I'm not sure they would have been more ecstatic if they'd have won an Oscar for their shit tv show. Oh, and have a look at the Ermintrude that did phil in the vid, and you wanna preach about my health....?


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1 hour ago, alexa said:

Am I reading this right ? Why on earth would she urge others to get vaccinated? Three days after taking the jab, she gets blood clots. :classic_unsure:


'This virus is not a joke for young people': Schoolgirl, 17, urges other teenagers to get vaccinated after Covid put her in hospital just THREE DAYS after she had her first jab 

Maisy Evans (left and right in hospital), 17, from Newport, South Wales, was rushed to The Grange University Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 earlier this month. The schoolgirl, who was admitted to hospital just three days after receiving her first jab, was soon diagnosed with a Covid-related blood clot in her lung following numerous blood tests, X-rays and CT scans. She has now urged more young people to 'take this virus seriously' and get vaccinated.





We are living in a freaking Twilight Zone episode. Absolutely beggars belief. 

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5 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Morphine and respiratory infections aint exactly the best combination,side effect of all opiates/opioids is reduced respiratory output,surprised she's not being jagged with midazolam as well for good measure

Yep. Respiratory depression is the biggest danger to any opioid user/abuser.

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15 minutes ago, Xelador said:

Alex Berenson has been permanently banned from Twitter after “repeated violations” of the rules.

This was his latest tweet -



14 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


That article has his Substack to keep track of him.

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11 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

He's a Brit aint he that been in the states a while ? i detect m25 circle in his voice

Yeah, there is something about him I'm not sure about. He's definitely a Brit. Travels a lot apparently. Has 1.9million subscribers on ytube...which always makes me suspicious.  Probably a 'spiritual' gatekeeper like Russell Brand. A lot of bread, but no meat in the sandwiches.  I'm suspicious about everything these days... 

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There will be a lot more of us unvaxxed soon. 🤣🤪🤣  Everything we've all said would happen is happening. We should all start our own business as trends forcasters. Nostradamus had nothing on this forum. 




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It doesn't matter if they both deracinate Brits and push globohomo shit, the DM and the Tories are Far-Right according to some over at r/vaxxhappened. 🙄


Edit: I'm pretty sure most of the dissident Right will say that veteran crap glows, but I guess it doesn't matter what we think.

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1 hour ago, alexa said:


Don't be scared my brothers and sisters. We were all meant for this time and it will be the greatest battle of our lives...it may even take our life but no form of evil is worth your soul.



Imagine the battleground should we survive this - there's the Mark to come yet. Every 'Christian' I know in the flesh (not online) has fallen for the lies. The professing church won't have a prayer (literally) of standing. 


They might 'believe' that they will overcome by the blood of the lamb - by mental ascent after years and decades of being taught by man - but where are their testimonies by Spiritual revelation? 


I see dead people.


I'm no longer interested in fellowshipping with the deceived, with those that say they love truth but don't. My walk has all of a sudden returned to what it was in the very beginning. It is harder but much more simple. 


Seek that which is lost. Highways and byways.


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13 minutes ago, Velma said:

But the benefit of the vaccine, which doesn't stop you getting covid, far outweighs the risk of fatal blood clots, heart attacks and paralysis.

👍 yeah, it’s working just great for the predator class… win win for them

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