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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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9 minutes ago, Firebird said:

Wow, interesting. Perhaps why the number 7 is auspicious.


well....one reason out of a bunch of reasons for example you could speak astrotheologically about 7 summer months and 7 corresponding groups of fixed stars. The seven churches of the bible could then represent, when viewed through this particular filter, the 7 houses of the zodiac through which the sun travels during those 7 months eg Ephesus= Mars = the lamb of God = March but you could go on an on about the number 7so in kabbalistic terms 7 is the number of completion, the consumation of things. It is a completion of a cycle and return into itself. The seventh sephirah is netzach= venus = green = growth. Its also a division of time eg the 7 days of the week and so on and so on and so on: layer upon layer upon layer of meaning

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6 hours ago, Seeker said:

Whose gonna do these trials? They’re untouchable, can bribe, blackmail and kill anyone who stands in their way. Only solution I see is if enough people get their pitchforks out, but it will never happen. Too many brainwashed folks about, the protests are peaceful, and if they weren’t then we would be under a police state even faster than planned... only solution I see for us is to find an island somewhere and somehow survive 


I may try Canvey Island in Essex.

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13 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

I can see your point however the british people have shown they cannot organise a piss up in a brewery never mind a takeover of government ,what i don't see is anything like resistance and when something does appear its the armchair generals who are most vocal against it.


an approach advocated by anarcho-communists who also want to overthrow the current system is what they call 'dual power'


Dual power is the approach of simply withdrawing from their system and instead building your own parallel system so that your parallel system grows whilst theirs shrinks and then withers on the vine = peaceful transition to something new


I have identified, through learning, that the system in its current form is a CORPORATE system and that those corporations are owned by the cabal. I have read about HUGE numbers of CONNECTIONS between cabal members and various corporations


The cabal have essentially created the corporate model in its current form as a legal vehicle behind which they can hide themselves and protect themselves from legal ramifications


This is the model i advocate and far from sitting in an armchair i have actively redesigned (an ongoing process) my life to withdraw from their system. If you think that is easy then give it a go. Believe me going to a march every saturday is far easier

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5 hours ago, alexa said:

Revealed: The secret army of 200 weapons-obsessed anti-vaxx ex-soldiers called 'Veterans 4 Freedom' plotting attacks on vaccine centres and chaos on Britain's streets 


Calling itself Veterans 4 Freedom (V4F) and founded by a former Royal Marine commando, the self-styled paramilitary group is made up of 16 operational 'cells' across Britain, linked to a secret leadership command. Some members appear obsessed with weapons and have discussed violent insurrection, including attacking vaccine centres and targeting employees - what one chillingly termed 'bringing the fight to the people sticking the needle in'. (Pictured right: Meeting on Tuesday, while left: Member Mikey P with and without face mask, bottom left: group's messages while right: One member's air rifle collection)


Some of the worrying messages sent between members of the 'cell' - discussing crossbows, slashing tyres and tracking NHS workers


What an absolute load of made up media  horse shit.

Sadly, so, so many plebs will believe it.

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5 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

BigHeyoka certainly knows what he's talking about.


He is blind to some things, like he will talk about Schwab's ties to Nazis, but I don't think he knows about Schwab's name origins or that he was sitting in a Synagogue having breakfast while watching 9/11. Nobody is ever going to have all the facts though, but he understands the threat we face at least.

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Now lets consider the australian trucker approach


They advocate shutting down the country and its economy by refusing to operate the trucks


The state can do what the bosses always do in trade union situations which is bring in 'scab' labour which could be in the form of military or private contractors being used to drive the trucks until they starve the people out


Also we learn constantly about the dangers of food shortages and there are claims that the cabal are actively trying to bring these about by shutting down meat packing plants or killing livestock (after claiming they are infected by some virus) or by leaving food to rot in warehouses or by stopping transient work forces from being able to travel in order to bring in the harvest eg fruit farms


So isn't there a danger with such a move that we might actually help the cabal to create a crisis? If you think about the necessities of life water and food are the most important along with shelter


Some people are going to lose their shelter as the state withdraws its temporary protections for those that couldn't pay their rents during lockdowns but for most people shelter is not their most pressing concern


So food or rather lack of it can become a crisis out of which the elites can then apply leverage to people eg ''we can provide you with emergency food supplies but you must agree to updated vaccine passports '' etc


this is why a dual power system has in built resilience because people going down the dual power route have been working on producing their own food and therefore cannot be held to ransom by central controllers

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3 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Shame he never put that together before he rolled his arm up for the satan juice......TWICE.

Strikes me that many of the so called 'salabrities' rolled out to be pro jab voices are of a certain age to appeal to certain age demographics,the cynic in me says him and white van morrison could also be the acceptable face of controlled opposition

Ask anyone under 30 who either of them are and watch the blank looks

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16 minutes ago, Velma said:


Here they come.... all nicely photoshopped into one picture.



Whats more interesting is the smart motorways story, ''the continued rollout'' the worst pandemic in the history of humankind and smart motorways are important ?  (tongue firmly in cheek as i typed that)


If theres one thing i have learnt over the last few years its that if anything has smart in its title it is going to either cost you money ,cost you some of your liberty and in some cases cost you your life


Reject anything with smart in its title

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It will be interesting to see what they have planned for us in Ireland. They have now decided to disband NHPET. They confidently predict the case numbers will be well down by mid september and of course they are touting their gradual reopening of everything all to be completed by Xmas. 

They may well have the plan to double back thereby making the demonization of non jabbed even more. They may also introduce stricter testing of everyone, clain the falling numbers are due to their fantastic testing and tracing scheme. Most of the awakened here assumed they would be going for another lockdown by late sept/early october. Im guessing by the way they are acting it might happen later into the winter, however a vastly increased track and trace would ensure a good deal of the population are locked up anyway. 

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