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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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21 minutes ago, bryan said:

"You can go back to the institution that issued the death certificate, the hospital, the physician etc, and you can have your death certificate edited in retrospect, knowing what we know now about Covid. So if your loved one's death certificate does not have Covid listed, you can have it put in." (01:20)



Yes but can you have Covid taken off the certificate if they died of something else ?????

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3 hours ago, blowonthepie said:

Just a bit of encouragement, if you’re inclined that way; no matter if not.


Its why it’s so important to raise your consciousness/vibration whatever you like to call it.

Retaliating in kind to lower/negative vibrations ain’t gonna cut it; jmo.


Icke - and others are saying this as well.


Climbing down off my soapbox now.


We Might Be Close To A Breakthrough Moment





agree so much with what he says about being a reactor and a victim of our reality instead of creating our reality which is what we should be doing .Ive felt a shift in my attitued in the last couple of days .Instead of thinking gloom and doom and that the big plan is something that's inevitable we need to" hold the line" mentally and spirituality .Here in Australia I feel something is about to give .People are rising up and the powers that be are getting desperate .

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6 hours ago, Lamp Of Truth said:


Indeed he was. As was Brexit.


Another saviour/messiah coming to save us all so just sit back, do nothing and let Trump/Brexit/Jesus sort it all out you helpless peasants.


As soon as Trump ordered all those vaccines, I knew it for sure. Before that, I thought maybe it's legit. But after the vaccine support... no fkn way.

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7 hours ago, SoundOfSilence said:

The argument is that the Kung Flu shots are experimental. They have not gone through a rigorous testing process.


The fact that some tyrant may have approved them for use on an uninformed public does not undermine that argument.


I know that, but I'm talking about in the wider community. Once they have full approval, it's harder to make the argument they are not approved. Even though we know it's all bullshit, it makes it harder trying to wake up normies. A lot of normies I know say they are nervous because it's not officially approved. But once it is, they will be more confident. We can argue all we want that it wasn't fully tested, but they will go with what authority says.

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8 hours ago, Claire said:

Well, we are on the same page but that still does not answer why jones keeps rambling on about it being a real virus..


I won't fully dismiss Jones just yet. He's been proven right many times. There seems to be a lot of hard evidence that some shady shit was indeed going on in the Wuhan lab and Fauci was behind it. And we know these elite psychos have always fantasised about releasing bioweapons on us, for real. But on the other hand, there's that massive hanging question of PCR and lack of virus isolation.


I'm 98% with Icke on this one at the moment, but rationally I would keep that 2% of possibility open pending further evidence to the contrary.

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