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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 minute ago, whatthefoxhat said:

It's the non internet folks (mostly those who are still technophobic) who will swallow this BS however i don't think it's taking off as they hoped ,most sane people know it's horsecrap and even those foolish enough to be jabbed but who are internt savvy know it's horseshit as well


They are going to have to try harder


Yeah. I wonder how they will deal with stuff like this:


On 7/29/2021 at 6:31 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


Just like in China, citizens in the West are now inventing codewords to bypass online censorship


'While in the minority, some people are COVID vaccine skeptics, but they are not allowed to have discussions about that on the world’s biggest social media network. Now reports say that in order to fool the censors, users are substituting some keywords with other expressions, thus being able to have a conversation.'


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4 minutes ago, skitzorat said:



Look at the lies! That 80K dead NZers came straight from the esteemed "Professor" pants-down-lock-down Fudgerson.




Since day 1 we've had three govt appointed tv "experts" that they roll out - the only ones ever shown on TV or referenced in the media and he's one of them



With this one...


Siouxsie Wiles MNZN (cropped).jpg


The the pedo-faced Baker (who creeps me the F out for some reason)




She's no stranger to a pie and a pint and he just reminds me of this (Brains from Thunderbirds for those old enough to remember)


Brains Thunderbirds High Resolution Stock Photography and ...

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2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Yeah. I wonder how they will deal with stuff like this:



Swimmers was used extensively in the old blue light drug forums to avoid incrminating oneself swim  =someone who isn't me

I think the arsehole who wrote that just made it all up ,love the two paedo references as well pizza and glitter,he's so out of touch it's excruiatingly painful to read

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Just now, whatthefoxhat said:

Swimmers was used extensively in the old blue light drug forums to avoid incrminating oneself swim  =someone who isn't me

I think the arsehole who wrote that just made it all up ,love the two paedo references as well pizza and glitter,he's so out of touch it's excruiatingly painful to read


I can't say I have heard those terms used in relation to Covid either, but I also know how fast internet culture adapts to censorship, so I dunno.

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26 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Democracy in most western countries was cancelled at the instigation of the emergency powers acts,any 'rebellion' by mp's and civil service will be for show to give the illusion that the democratic process still exists

ALL politicians are compromised as well as governmental employees who are reliant on the goose that lays golden eggs


Shoot the fucking goose i say

if that was 100% correct the UK would not have any recognised exemptions for face coverings


but yes a rebellion by Mps would be to maintain the illusion of democracy.


media, gov, health was hijacked last March due to decades of infiltrating policy 


never-the-less Rebels have been born out of less and politically for less. Regardless of their existing leadership and loyalities politicians , like groups of the past, will be enticed by public support and the golden chalice of power. 


i doubt the Barons at 1215 had thought about their actions a few years previous.


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Is the rebrand being completed? i.e. failing to collect flu data so they can merge "Covid" back into it. Or is this just cover for the vaccines?




Flu jabs could fail this winter due to Covid emergency, experts warn

Fears are growing that vaccine disruption could lead to high excess deaths and overwhelm the NHS

The flu jab may fail to protect people this winter, vaccine makers fear, because global Covid surveillance prevented laboratories gathering sufficient data on the dominant variants.


Health experts were already concerned that coronavirus restrictions had left people with little natural immunity to influenza, but now they fear the vaccine may also be mismatched to the circulating virus.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) made the recommendation about what to put in northern hemisphere jabs in late February, but vaccine makers say that global genetic sequencing of flu had dropped by up to 94 per cent in the months preceding the decision.

The mass cancellation of flights, as countries closed their borders and imposed travel restrictions, has also led to a 62 per cent drop in shipments of influenza surveillance samples, experts warn.

There are fears that a mismatched flu vaccine, coupled with waning immunity, high levels of Covid and the NHS backlog, could quickly lead to the health service being overwhelmed this winter.

Dr Beverly Taylor, Head of Influenza Scientific Affairs and WHO lead, at vaccine maker Seqirus, which provides Britain with seasonal flu jabs, said: “We saw quite a big reduction in the labs supplying the genetic sequence data to WHO, and around September last year, we saw a 94 per cent drop in the genetic sequence data that was reported into the database. So this has had a massive impact in the reporting.

“We could have reduced the opportunity to identify viruses as they emerge. We certainly have reduced the opportunity to look at which viruses would give the best overall protection and the best coverage of all the circulating viruses.

“What we're actually seeing is influenza in geographical pockets, so it’s very difficult for us to tell which one is going to be the winner. We could potentially see a mismatch for at least one of the subtypes. And so that's cause for concern.

“This winter, it’s going to be over 18 months since most of us have seen influenza and there is concern that we'll see a lower level of population immunity.”

Potential surge in respiratory viruses this winter

Global influenza surveillance has been conducted through WHO’s Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System since 1952. But the pandemic meant that many labs have been repurposed to sequence Covid data, raising the risk of a mismatch.

In 2015, a mismatched flu jab contributed to the largest spike in mortality in a generation, when 28,189 excess deaths were recorded, leading to a fall in life expectancy in England and Wales for the first time in two decades.

That year, the jab was found to work in just one in three adults, compared with the 50 to 70 per cent that it usually protects.

The Academy of Medical Sciences said a potential surge in respiratory viruses this winter could push the NHS to breaking point, and warned that between 15,000 and 60,000 people could die of flu this winter.  A recent report from the academy warned that a mismatch could make the situation worse.

“In years with mismatch, (vaccine) effectiveness against both infection and severe disease can be markedly reduced, resulting in more severe epidemics,” the authors wrote.

“Given the global decrease in influenza circulation, there has been much less information available on which to base predictions about which influenza strains will circulate this winter.

“As such, there is an increased likelihood that there will be influenza vaccine mismatch this winter, which could result in more infections and disease.”

Experts said last winter saw the biggest uptake of flu vaccine in Britain ever recorded, which was ‘good news’ but they said they were concerned that ‘vaccine fatigue’ may see fewer people take up the offer this winter.


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Ref the cardboard box tweet: That brought tears to my eyes because when I was in a shop when my kids were little I would eyeball any big cardboard box and ask for it for my them. It would then become a ship, spaceship, castle etc. So it's now normal to say "it can be a bed or double up as a coffin". Horrible!

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1 hour ago, jack121 said:


God bless the ira, such good people. All they did was defend their country against the brit government who took the place over and robbed it. Much the same as the brit government are doing all over africa, asia, middle east wars. Wish i had a tank.

That's cause the Catholic church was the epitome of freedom for centuries.


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On 8/18/2021 at 10:46 AM, elongated1 said:

Surely this is....again discrimination?

This is a clinical trial after all....🤔

Since when it became that only medical experiment participants can only see a GP face to face? Obviously, this is a policy this surgery made up. You see, it's all coming out of the woodwork now. People you thought they were intelligent etc.... actually not. If they say I am loony, fine by me because there is nothing to validate if THEY are the loony ones in the first place. They can say whatever... I am not joining the lunacy circus by arguing.





Do you have any further information on this, such as the Surgery name and a photo/video verifying this is legit? I'm not doubting you in the slightest, it's just that I have a website where these tyrants can be listed, but submissions will only be accepted with some sort of proof.

If anyone would like to submit any businesses like this, you do do so here:


I'm hoping that list will remain very small, the list we really want to start filling up is the one where we're giving free promotion to any non-discriminatory businesses:


Hope it's allowed to post the links on here, the website is completely ad-free and non-profit. It's a new website but once the listings start to fill up a bit, I'll be looking to make an mobile app where people can easily search for local businesses worthy of their custom. The data will be pulled from the bringbacknormal.club website but I've also reached out to other "awake" listing websites to see if they'd like their listings to be added. Fingers crossed we can then have a simple solution for promoting all those brave enough to stand up against this tyranny and start supporting their businesses.

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