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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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7 hours ago, BahrainJon said:

Schools are a nightmare. We need to find a proper alternative. I am struggling myself with young children. Currently schools promote experimental medication and unproven climate change science (for the greater good of elite only). Parents can see the sham, so authorities need to react to the true greater good. Easier said than done!


Just seeing nature flourish and heal during lockdown as a result of footfall proves cc a sham. Leave it alone and it will sort it self out. Problem is they want to make billions pretending big project solve problem. That doesn’t exist.

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20 minutes ago, DarrynB said:



A rugby player has died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match.



Over the course of 18.5 million person-years of observation, 74 sudden cardiac arrests occurred during participation in a sport; of these, 16 occurred during competitive sports and 58 occurred during noncompetitive sports.

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11 minutes ago, Anders said:


So, that's 2 field sports people recently having such an attack whilst playing. Mmmmmmm. Must be COVID !

I haven’t checked if this has already been posted and you’re referring to this .. 

but I think Hugo talks has just posted this 


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7 hours ago, skitzorat said:

I've been holding my breath for MONTHS before NZ was told enough 'freedoms' and the NWO clamp down would be triggered here..




Police harass two mask-expt people at supermarkets - masks are now mandatory even when filling up your car at the petrol station.






Outrageous; they have no right to do that.


I had a photo of the exemption card on my phone when I had to get stores the other day; just flashed it at the stasi on the door; they didn’t like it and I was treated like a leper instore - by all but one ‘normal’ person - just smiled and carried on.




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52 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

Just seeing nature flourish and heal during lockdown as a result of footfall proves cc a sham. Leave it alone and it will sort it self out. Problem is they want to make billions pretending big project solve problem. That doesn’t exist.


Off topic, I know, but I've just calculated the amount of CO2 attributed to anthropogenic (man-made) global warming  - AGW - and compared it to the total surface area of the Earth.


     Percentage of atmosphere comprising greenhouse gases = 2%

     Percentage of greenhouse gases attributable to CO2 = 3.62%

     Percentage of CO2 attributable to AGW = 3.4%


So, given the total surface area of the Earth is 510.1 million km²,  then the calculation for AGW is -


     510,100,000 x (2/100) x (3.62/100) x (3.4/100) = 12,556 km²


That amounts to a surface area about the size of The Falklands, meaning that, if the entire atmosphere was represented by the surface of the Earth, the area attributable to AGW would only be represented by The Falklands!!!








Anyone still believe AGW is anything to be concerned about? 🤣




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Government’s Response to Pandemic is Based on Flawed Assumptions, According to 133 Healthcare Professionals

Covid19 Assembly, an anti-lockdown lobby group, has pulled together a powerful letter signed by 133 doctors, nurses, paramedics and midwives challenging the thinking behind the Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.






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6 hours ago, elongated1 said:


All I saw was a religious like group. Yeah they do rituals and all that but very rigid and I doubt the order teaches them as much as if you were free to gain any information. Do not get hyped up about their assumed 'power'.

I didn't feel a powerful force looking at their room full of old folks. Did they raise your hair or anything out of ordinary?

It's like watching a school morning assembly. 🤣



Never let their feeble posturing have any power!


True power does not require the pathetic rituals and fear mongering they enact.


As Icke and many others say; open your ‘heart’ to love - in the truest sense of the word - raise your consciousness/awareness/vibration; that’ll see you right 👍


In no way show fear.

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5 hours ago, Mr H said:

I don't think that is going to happen any time soon to be honest. I think the only realistic hope of that happening is if the covid fraud gets exposed. Just because it would be so big it would bring into question all these things you mentioned. So still I have a tiny bit of hope somewhere in me.


Take heart;



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4 hours ago, elongated1 said:


We might as well start using a catch phrase "It's all over! You've lost." which is in a way, an affirmation to speed up things.


4 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Many will have to die unfortunately before it comes to fruition and as for speeding things up i don't think we can,there is a battle coming the lkes of which has never been witnessed and i'd like to be around to take part in it however dying trying will suffice if i cant !


Out of reactions; I believe this will be so too, unfortunately.

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