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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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‘Is it anti-vax to be concerned?’: Magazine editor reports changes to period after Covid jab, the latest in over 30,000 UK women

19 Aug, 2021 11:32
At least 30,304 British women have disclosed changes to their menstrual cycle after getting vaccinated against Covid-19. An editor for The Spectator is one of the most recently affected, and says many more are afraid to come out.

Lara Prendergast, an executive editor at London's Spectator magazine, raised some concerning questions in a column on Thursday after reporting that she had been affected since receiving her first Pfizer dose in May.

Noting that it is an “uncomfortable” and sensitive topic to discuss – indicating that the true number of women with period-related vaccine side effects could be far greater than the 30,304 documented – Prendergast revealed that her cycle has not been right since she was vaccinated months ago.


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1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:

how do they ignore peer reviewed evidence and what do they look like if they do

Its all behind closed doors. The buddy system (peer review) is meaningless.

Controversy is easily managed with a fully bought and paid for media.

Its always been the palatable facade for the plebiscite mass.


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2 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

And speaking of bankers they know something is about ot happen,i had reason to get in touch with my bank recently who i have a mortgage with and the thing is i haven't paid any mortgage repayments for over 2 years now so im basically squatting in my own home but something they said when i was on the phone and asked when they were going to issue the section 28 (precursor to the cant pay we're having it away squad coming in) and their reply ''your case isn't even marked as up for review ' .Admittdly they were hampered by the government ban on evictions but they dont seem particulalry bothered at the moment in getting me out and recovering their 'losses' so i'm still in the dark as to whats coming

Seizure of private property has been mentioned as has debt 'forgiveness' (terms and conditions apply which includes your soul) so fork knows but it wasn't normal behaviour for a bank

That sounds scary stuff - is there any scope for 'playing along' and offering to make some payments? (ie when they start to close in on you?) Or is it a matter of playing the long game and seeing what happens? I'm a housing association tenant so don't have those worries. Just wondering if it's something you could 'game' to relieve the stress levels as and when it comes to it (assuming it's stressing you, that is). 


Sorry, bit off topic but your situation piqued my interest. 

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23 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Sure there was loads of interesting stuff in there. I particularly enjoyed about the Russian barbarism and how the Germans were treated after the war


Not only how Germans were treated, but how the Reds treated people in general. People should be asking why we don't hear more about this moustache man:




But as others have already said:



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10 hours ago, Mr H said:

I have been wondering about this. By what time do people who thinks this jab is going to cause mass deaths occur?


From what I've heard David say, he seems to think that it's more to change the genetics rather than kill you.



from what sherri tenpenny and that group of doctors they say when the next flu season comes around so this fall/ winter im assuming is what they mean by that

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"Professor Tim Spector returns from holiday to find COVID cases refusing to fall any further in the UK. Tim looks at the rate of infections in different groups to find breakthrough infections in the fully vaccinated remain stubbornly high. With that in mind, he’s set the team on the task of calculating how vaccine effectiveness is tracking over time, with some interesting results."


COVID stubbornly high as vaccine protection wanes




Who is Tim Spector


"Spector is professor of genetic epidemiology and director of the TwinsUK registry at King's College London.

He is a specialist in twin studies, genetics, epigenetics, and microbiome and diet.


He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2020 Birthday Honours for services to the Covid-19 response." 


Source Wikipedia




So he is a good boy who does the bidding of the crown.




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2 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

You start to see the Satanic deviousness of the plan.

No matter how hard you try and second guess, it's been done and accounted for a thousand times.

No matter how hard you try to think out of the box - they made the box and outside of it too.

We know nothing, about anything, as intended.

We are currently wading in deep doo doo.

But I don't think we're completely f*cked if at the very least we can see our situation.

All you need is love.


We need to be like Cathers. They were burned....and said "We'll be back". So cool.

Die laughing if you can. Now that's got to be a high vibrational death? 😉

I'll be remembering all the meme you have shared in the forum. They are crackers. lol

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1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:

The MSM was saying the Chinese were covering up the plague, ie. the burning of bodies (uncovered by satellite evidence), yet there was plenty of footage of the emergency hospitals built in a week, decontaminating streets with sanitising fogging equipment, those scenes of people toppling over/collapsing and convulsing, for extra dramatic effect, in the street or shopping malls, like they had been hit with nerve gas.  Nowhere else has there been people collapsing in the street like in Wuhan, even several variants on with every new variant worse than the last. 


Again so-called leaked footage of officials locking or welding doors shut to keep people in their appartments were shown.  The sealing up of people in appartments in China was more or less copied in Melbourne last year.  I don't know if there have been any other such appartment block lockdowns? A test run for future lockdowns?



Its the chemicals and emr imo.

How do we know that the chemical sanitising was not a major factor of pathogenic causation?

Chemicals are used ubiquitously without regard and disseminated globally through the US fda gras loop.


Spikey proteins - pure misdirection

Keeps belief in virology ALIVE!

I resonate more with the graphene oxide hypothesis. (pun the pardon)

At best they have deciphered some of the function of exosomes, mapped pathways and function and hijacked that process chemically.

As they have with BPA and hormones!

I would not be at all surprised if the graphene can be partially transmitted - enough to cause physical response which would vary dependant on health status of recipient - or chemical health status! and em status!


They are the parasite class. They model their existence on parasites LOL

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22 minutes ago, zarkov said:


Out of likes.


This is a siege.


I know its all theatre but its still incredible that biden isn't on there being the president. (And i agree he shouldn't be there) Just goes to show he is just a corporate mouthpiece. 



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