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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, zArk said:

betcha didnt.


transmission/spread/infection is a myth

invisible rainbow is a interesting read .. traces the introduction of electricity showing how flu and illness increased at these places

chemical stressors including radiation have become normalised and hidden behind the germ theory


the reason so many vitamins and minerals are required to keep the body healthy is because prior to 1700's the body wasnt under 24/7 assault.

if Germ theory was correct there wouldnt be anyone alive to tell us about Germ theory


betcha you were stressed (chemical, emotionally or physically)

the rest allowed your body to divert focus onto your toxicity

I think I did, how does a cold pass through a house full of people. Someone brings cold in and spreads it around.


I know what you are saying and I've  had it said by others but I'm skeptical of that too..just another theory.

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Was sent this last night...


First 2 paragraphs proving once again that there is absolutely no point in having these injections from a “preventing illness” point of view.


And note this leaflet implies the person receiving this information has already had the jab.


Welcome to Clown World.


And as for paragraph 2, say hello to the “flu” again come September, with possibly massive amounts of people dying ... “overwhelmed” NHS, flu lockdown on the way?


Nothing to see here, nothing to do with the jabs, move along now...



Vaccine Non-Protection.jpg

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5 hours ago, skitzorat said:


despite their 'figures' and [made up] stats it's so obvious Joe Normie isn't lining up to be injected with the Koolaid... despite all the fake news of queues of people... otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with the "measures". Of course even if Joe and Jan had dutifully rolled their sleeve up on day 1 NWO is here to stay and was beta tested last year in Melbs, but the panic-induced diktats scream desperation; just the the low hanging fruit that were there on day 1 and the pushovers on day 3 and begrudgingly a fair few more now, by in large, have been dealt to. Now the vast majority of all stripes who distrust the govt innately will be digging their heels in even deeper, quietly from the prison of the home, still going along to get along, and there's no amount of threats to persuade them, especially because they keep loosing the plot and saying restrictions will continue even if 80+% are jabbo'd - amateurs! you don't say that out loud at this stage in the game! lol


Its really a stalemate now; how long are can the pretend PTB in Aussie take the worlds eyes on them as the populace refuses to comply.. will they make it harder? Like how hard? At this stage after what the poor people of Australia have been through so far the past 18 months they're probably used to it so not going concede now!


Door to door jabbos?


How long will the current fragile state hold?

Inter-state truckies being mandated is dangerous territory for the Cabal to go down so soon, another rookie error, they could collectively just shut the country down and there will be no hiding it by saying "100 anti-vaxers are spreading the delta" that won't wash hahaha people will starve and start to get violent... and it wont be directed at the truckies....maybe they're the Nations hope.. there's a few politictians with a spine too, unlike here in NZ.


Can not talk to your neighbours for eternity!




😂😂😂that’s epic! …. wasn’t he last seen (by the vast majority) hanging on a cross 

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