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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, Beaujangles said:

for example I have pointed out that not everyone is connected to the grid with their phone and not everyone gives their info to authorities... so maybe we should be looking at ways to encourage careful use instead of being or at the least sounding arrogant. I do also see a need for phones to bring people together to protest and show unity re: covid bullshit.


I'm afraid there isn't a safe or careful way to use smart tech. The only safe and careful way is not to use it. I can understand there might be some reflex resistance to this notion, but nobody here who is bringing this to public attention is doing so for nefarious means. We are trying to stop people from being physically harmed by the tech, as well as warning of the implications regarding personal freedom and all that stuff.


And equally, the phones are tracking you, profiling you, triangulating your position. It is not dependant on you giving up the info willingly and at the moments you want to. It is always going on. It is perhaps a natural instinct to believe you can exert a degree of autonomy over your usage and what is being taken from your device, but when it comes to this tech, ultimately all the control is with others.


I really don't see where this arrogance or ego in Mac's posts or attitude is. The personal attacks really aren't warranted or necessary. By all means disagree with what is being said, respectfully, but to just throw all these insults is pretty disappointing to see.

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3 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


Here he is taking the pi$$ out of the police and the cheap, paper masks, making a mockery of the whole thing.



I saw this guy taking the piss out of riot police at a Trafalgar Square Nov 05th gathering about five years back. He actually had them in stitches.

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7 minutes ago, Saved said:

I saw this guy taking the piss out of riot police at a Trafalgar Square Nov 05th gathering about five years back. He actually had them in stitches.

He is a funny guy. I do worry about him sometimes though as the irony is lost on most members of public. I've seen him get punched on video a few times. He went out in London on New year's Eve with all the weirdos and scummy characters and got slapped.


There was some dreg about 2 years ago started chasing after him and blocked him from leaving a park saying he could be nonce because he dared engaged with kids. Everyone in the park was in stitches and this chav couldn't handle it. Brainless twat. Of course nonces go around in parks with megaphones for all to see. 


I'm honestly glad people like this are about challenging the public especially in convid times it is a big part of the British  eccentric/absurdist? Can't think of the word. Just wished he stop the antalatalist  crap or whatever stupid word they use for being against having kids. 


Charlie vietch is probably a shill and is a dodgy character. Complete narcissist needs to grow up. Goes around boasting about how tall he is and craps himself when a 5'5 security guard launches himself at him. 




Not sure if the Irish lady at the start is from the conservative women magazine? I recognise her voice from the Delingpole podcast. Think the irony was lost on her. 😂

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1 hour ago, BossCrow said:




Beautifully done. My stock answer at work when asked if I've had the jab is to say that I'm waiting for the findings and data from the experimental trial period. But to get your opponent to hang himself like that is poetic.


Strangely, the same people that keep asking over and over - beside me giving the same answer - are all heavy smokers and didn't like it when I switched to vaping four years ago. Their main argument against my choice to vape was that I didn't know the long term side effects of vaping. My retort would always be that we DO know the long term side effects of smoking - cancer, emphysema, bad teeth etc etc.


When you do something (or choose not to do something) that convicts others that their choice might be the worst, they don't leave you alone. Until I smoke again or until I walk into work jabbed up to the eyeballs, it's as if my very presence winds them up.


"What if he's bloody right?"

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8 hours ago, Macnamara said:


i'm not necessarily saying that the concept of a small portable computer and communication device is a bad thing per se


I'm simply saying that AT THIS TIME the kind of small portable device being offered BY THE SYSTEM ie a 'smart' device has been created with a specific agenda in mind which is the creation of a smart-grid technocracy which would be a giant concentration camp run by algorithms and artificial intelligence. Much of the tech for that is already being trialled in china


so its not that i'm saying we should return to the stone age it is that i am cautioning people against tech that is built to be part of the beast system

Yeah, I was slightly grumpy late last night/early this morning. I understand certain things make life easier. TBH I wouldn't really begrudge someone using a digital camera.

Smart phones/devices are the real issue. They will be used against us, I have no doubt about that. 

Things have changed on here since the days of Anders, Steppewar and the JS thread, trying to find my feet but its nice to be posting amongst friendly people again.


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14 hours ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

The area I live in ,a 2 hour drive from Sydney is a big tourist destination for both local and overseas tourists .Our local politician has taken it upon herself to put forward our area for a Vaccine Passport trial under the mistaken assumption that vaccination =freedom of movement .I suppose she thinks this will gain her votes from local business people

What is not explained is how this will affect locals ,does this mean no public transport ,going to buy food ,going to cafes and restaurants or places of education  for the unvaxxed ? Who knows ? But I dont think I want to find out


trish doyle vacine passports article virus.PNG

What a disgrace, maybe she’ll be taught a lesson when the passport has the opposite effect and she goes broke. It’s imperative that people stand their ground and forego doing the things they like if it’s conditional on taking the vax, short term pain for long term gain

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The madness that is Australia -holding its citizens hostage till they get the jab  😒 and locking down Canberra because of one positive test -yet managing to convince the public there is a deadly pandemic that needs Police and Military intervention












ACT lockdown virus.PNG

nsw lockdown virus.PNG

top cop nsw virus.PNG

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Thought this was worth sharing 


Frans Kuiper 3 days ago from Spreaker.com
Just taking a stand against government measures such as the lockdowns, the mask mandates and health passports does not make us the good guys. The lockdowns, mask mandates and health passports aren’t the actual problem—they are symptoms of the problem.


The real problem is our belief in authority—the belief that some people have more rights than others. It is the belief that some can rightfully command others. It is the belief that some are rightful masters while others have a moral obligation to obey.


If we are truly being honest with ourselves, the belief in the moral legitimacy of authority is the belief that slavery is morally legitimate. 

This belief is the real virus and this belief is what has morally infected the overwhelmingly vast majority of the human population.

Most people still believe in the authority of government with religious fervour— not only is the belief in the moral legitimacy of government a false religion which is antithetical to true morality, but the belief in authority in general is the textbook definition of a cult.


A cult is formed when adherents to a false belief system become physically dangerous to those who do not adhere to its sick beliefs by conducting and condoning violence and coercion against the non-believers. The belief in government is the belief that some people have the so-called right to engage in violence and coercion against others who have not initiated aggression against others.

The very belief of condoning such an immoral condition makes someone a bad person. Most people today want to end the lockdowns because the lockdowns affect them personally, but if actually given the chance, they would have government coerce others in whatever ways they want if they held its rein. Most people don’t want to dismantle the very apparatus of government—they want to control it. They want to wield it and they wrongly believe they can control such an immoral institution.


Just ask yourself this simple question—was the very concept of kingship in the old world ever morally legitimate? Was it ever morally legitimate for a king to claim that he is the ruler over everyone in the land that constituted his kingdom? That his word was law and that anyone who disobeyed his edicts would be subject to the violence of his order following henchmen? Was that ever morally legitimate? What has really changed in the modern world? Nothing has changed today. Most people do not believe in the authority of kings and queens but we have merely replaced the concept of kingship with the concept of authority vested in government.


Anyone who supports and condones the very belief in government is actually in a cult.

They are cult members and almost all of them don’t even know that they’re members of a cult. Those who believe in and support the continuation of this cult by their own beliefs are supporters of slavery and believe that the condition of slavery should continue. Everyone who adheres to this cult belief system is complicit in what is happening and is bringing even worse conditions down upon themselves and everyone else.



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58 minutes ago, Bullion said:

They’ve just got to address these crazzeee conspiracy theories 😂 before the natives are overwhelmingly restless 


Well he did use the phrase New World Order I ve seen it myself and there are US troops stationed in the Northenr territory -who knows for what real purpose ? And there is definitely a totalitarian Government that now wants to shut down Canberra because one person had  a positive test -oh and not forgetting the 2 men in their 90's who died in NSW "with Covid " .

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