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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Beaujangles said:

All I said about you was - that I feel you can be quite pushy with your views and will say `I am right`


i am right and just after i started to re-warn people about their smart phones recently the following story broke into the mainstream just on cue to prove me right (see my pirate republic thread to see the news BEFORE its the news):

What is Pegasus? A cybersecurity expert explains how the spyware invades phones and what it does when it gets in

  • By Bhanukiran Gurijala
  • Aug 09, 2021

The ConversationEnd-to-end encryption is technology that scrambles messages on your phone and unscrambles them only on the recipients’ phones, which means anyone who intercepts the messages in between can’t read them. Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo are among the companies whose apps and services use end-to-end encryption.

This kind of encryption is good for protecting your privacy, but governments don’t like it because it makes it difficult for them to spy on people, whether tracking criminals and terrorists or, as some governments have been known to do, snooping on dissidents, protesters and journalists. Enter an Israeli technology firm, NSO Group.


The company’s flagship product is Pegasus, spyware that can stealthily enter a smartphone and gain access to everything on it, including its camera and microphone. Pegasus is designed to infiltrate devices running Android, Blackberry, iOS and Symbian operating systems and turn them into surveillance devices. The company says it sells Pegasus only to governments and only for the purposes of tracking criminals and terrorists.

How it works

Earlier version of Pegasus were installed on smartphones through vulnerabilities in commonly used apps or by spear-phishing, which involves tricking a targeted user into clicking a link or opening a document that secretly installs the software. It can also be installed over a wireless transceiver located near a target, or manually if an agent can steal the target’s phone.

Since 2019, Pegasus users have been able to install the software on smartphones with a missed call on WhatsApp, and can even delete the record of the missed call, making it impossible for the the phone’s owner to know anything is amiss. Another way is by simply sending a message to a user’s phone that produces no notification.

This means the latest version of this spyware does not require the smartphone user to do anything. All that is required for a successful spyware attack and installation is having a particular vulnerable app or operating system installed on the device. This is known as a zero-click exploit.

Once installed, Pegasus can theoretically harvest any data from the device and transmit it back to the attacker. It can steal photos and videos, recordings, location records, communications, web searches, passwords, call logs and social media posts. It also has the capability to activate cameras and microphones for real-time surveillance without the permission or knowledge of the user.

Who has been using Pegasus and why

NSO Group says it builds Pegasus solely for governments to use in counterterrorism and law enforcement work. The company markets it as a targeted spying tool to track criminals and terrorists and not for mass surveillance. The company does not disclose its clients.

The earliest reported use of Pegasus was by the Mexican government in 2011 to track notorious drug baron Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. The tool was also reportedly used to track people close to murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It is unclear who or what types of people are being targeted and why. However, much of the recent reporting about Pegasus centers around a list of 50,000 phone numbers. The list has been attributed to NSO Group, but the list’s origins are unclear. A statement from Amnesty International in Israel stated that the list contains phone numbers that were marked as “of interest” to NSO’s various clients, though it’s not known if any of the phones associated with numbers have actually been tracked.

A media consortium, the Pegasus Project, analyzed the phone numbers on the list and identified over 1,000 people in over 50 countries. The findings included people who appear to fall outside of the NSO Group’s restriction to investigations of criminal and terrorist activity. These include politicians, government workers, journalists, human rights activists, business executives and Arab royal family members.


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7 hours ago, Sanityisgone said:

What David Martin said is great, that every conversation about covid is the wrong one to be having, but, even he said it’s not the Rothschild/Rockefeller, it’s the insurance companies running the show. Interesting because doesn't he think that all these companies are run by the elite families? Maybe he’s covering his back (see how even true information can be corrupted by default, you can’t even say what needs to be said)


that is exactly the direction they are taking the internet with the online harms bill and touted digital identities. They want to do what they do with all dissent which is to CONTAIN it into neat easily controlled little corals. They also want to box in what people are saying to prevent them talking about what's really going on, why and who is behind it; trying to talk about the conspiracy in their new world would be like trying to explain what birds are without being able to use the words 'feathers' or 'fly'


7 hours ago, Sanityisgone said:

I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if this forum is riddled with shills, masons and bad actors. I truly believe only 1% are fully awake to it. 


they have always been on the forum for as long as i've been here. I've debated with satanists, freemasons, communists, occultists of various kinds and who knows how many military cyberwarfare deskjockeys from who knows how many countries


7 hours ago, Sanityisgone said:

With regard to 5g, we have been increasing levels of emf quite rapidly in the past century, smart phones, smart meters, from basic internet to 5g, high speed broadband and routers, all these things multiply when you’re around more people or in built up areas.


5G smart phones will work differently and the question i want to know is how harmful would the concentrated beams be?

5G Explained: Beamforming & DSS (in Plain English)


Here, we answer these two questions:

  1. What is Beamforming?
  2. What is Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology?

If you know these terms and their meaning, you’re the minority. Even many tech-savvy folks aren’t familiar with them. You’ll soon be in-the-know after reading this article. 5G is a key player in what our connected lives will look like in the near future.

In the world of 5G, this is the act of focusing a wireless signal in a specific direction. Compared to simply sending a signal across a wide area, beamforming requires more sophisticated antenna technology.

What Does This Mean In Context?

As advanced as cellular technology has become, you and I both know that when you walk into a concrete building or an elevator, your reception will likely plummet or drop completely. Beamforming is designed to fix this issue and provide you with a seamless, uninterrupted cell signal no matter what. Regardless of external conditions (topographical, architectural, geographical, etc.), beamforming aims to eliminate the everyday challenges of service interference.

5G explained 03

3G and 4G LTE signals originate from local cell towers which spread the signal over a wide range. Though we all benefit from this technology on a daily basis, the way these towers disseminate signals makes it hard for them to stay consistent. Beamforming technology, on the other hand, sends a precise and concentrated signal right to your smartphone. It is more deliberate and intentional with its delivery method.

Think of the difference between a floodlight (4G LTE cell towers) and a laser beam (beamforming). That’s a visual image that perfectly describes how it’s different.

This aspect of 5G means faster and more reliable connectivity (especially when the user is in motion) and better overall signal quality. It means almost no interference from other users as well as no wasted signals.

Some Technical Details

Signals can be sent to mobile users via vertical AND horizontal angles because of beamforming tech. This is the main reason why it’s such an integral component of massive MIMO systems (learn more about massive MIMO here).

Now, beamforming is not a brand new technology. In fact, semblances of its modern version have been around since the 1940s. During WWI, some of these techniques were originally rolled out to boost sonar capabilities. But now, this unique tech is integral to the implementation of 5G in large part because of its influence on something called mmWave (millimeter wave spectrum signals). mmWave signals are what primarily make up the cell frequencies we use today. And as you know, they don’t travel through solid objects very well. Even your hand in the right position while holding your phone can obstruct them.

Beamforming makes mmWave signals less vulnerable and more reliable, allowing users to maintain their reception in situations where they’d normally lose it.

Even Though It’s An Incredible Technology, There’s Still Work To Be Done

The implementation of beamforming on a large scale is complicated. It is not without obstacles and challenges. For one, it’s expensive. All the software and hardware necessary for its antenna system is not cheap. It’s also not completely impervious to things like humidity and temperature. Also, signals can be interrupted by physical objects directly surrounding the antenna arrays. All these things are being dealt with in anticipation of a worldwide 5G rollout.



7 hours ago, Sanityisgone said:

This is why there is no safety studies into 5g, this is why JFK couldn’t get jab manufacturers to deliver the last 30 years of safety studies. Safety studies would prove they are weapons the same.


major red flags that the public should be up in arms about if they weren't so distracted and absorbed in their smart phones!

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On 8/7/2021 at 1:00 PM, SimonTV said:



Why has this been deleted?

This was a video about child taken away due to her father's vaccine view.

Is there anyway to contact this person?


Another question, how can I find a solicitor who is not pro-vaxx to fight on the Equality grounds?

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4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

It kicked off down my doctors again today, seems they definitely dont like me down there & woman claimed I swore at her...doctor was meant to call me for a telephone appointment but never. Then they made some bullshit up saying they wanted me to call them at 8:30am.

Why would they want me to call them to arrange a telephone appointment time??


Now my hematoma massive lump ive had for over a year after an accident they claim I have to live with.


If I wanted a sex change they would bend over backwards & suck my knob while I wait for the fanny op.


Buy a bodycam and press rec button when you feel like it's time to activate it. Job done.

Everybody need a bodycam these days. Sad but that's the state of the situation.


So true about sex change.... lol

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2 hours ago, Beaujangles said:



FYI  I dont ignore anything... I make my own determination about it. This is what I mean... you try to force your views and thats not on.  I said before, I do not use a smart phone insofar as it being connected to me. But phones are useful tools although should be used carefully. So please stop with the presumption that everyones phone is linked to them.


I use speakerphone for my calls...so definitely not attached to my ear. ( Used carefully)


 I grasp peoples fears re 5G - I also grasp that there may be a connection to the `covid`vax re nano particles etc.  They only know you have a smart phone if you let them know... as I said before... I managed to enter Canada without the app so say required to trace your arrival etc. This covid agenda is speeding up the situation... and those buying the covid nonsense arent helping.They cannot force (yet) anyone to have one or even tell them they have one. If people volunteer this to authorities thats their stupidity IMO.


I know they are trying to force people to submit to track your own money.... but we arent there yet.  Maybe something will happen to put a spanner in the works...


All I said about you was - that I feel you can be quite pushy with your views and will say `I am right`- you may be right about some things but certainly not everything...for example I have pointed out that not everyone is connected to the grid with their phone and not everyone gives their info to authorities... so maybe we should be looking at ways to encourage careful use instead of being or at the least sounding arrogant. I do also see a need for phones to bring people together to protest and show unity re: covid bullshit.


I do see your point re: the two or three who brought their satanic views here. I had been dealing with some fallout from them for a few weeks. They do attack certain posters...and you and I seem to be on their `list`.... more reason for us to at least understand each others views even if not fully on board.


Theyre still going on about the nasty phones; what happened to a persons right to choose, without being harangued by those who think they know what’s best for everyone else?


Perhaps a Messiah complex...



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8 minutes ago, BossCrow said:

2min vid

If you arrive in a private jet, they will probably let you through without a problem unlike the cattle class. I say this because I watch multi-millionaires holidaying in Europe, S. America basically all over the world and no sign of quaranteen. One week here and next week elsewhere in the world.

This is why you should get as much dough as possible now.

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