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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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There is only one side.

The side of mankind.

The side of life.

Life  =  Volition

Without Volition, Life is not possible.

Slavery is NOT life

Mandate, compulsion, deception and coercion are subsets of slavery regardless of law.



The state apparatus is not on the side of mankind nor on the side of life.

The state removes volition and the notion of self ownership.

Doctors, nurses, police, politicians, lawyers, civil servants, armed forces, media and big industry are working in lockstep with the state.


I put no trust in resistanceGB.

Whether that para is genuine or not remains to be seen. 



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2 minutes ago, Dazzer said:


I just googled her, never heard of her before, first thing came up was one of her songs: 'Traitor'. Seems about right. 

I'd never heard of her before, but I believe she's from the latest MKUltra Disney production line.


Jen Suckie rolled her out in a Presser recently - to appeal to the Latinx kiddies to get the jab.


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29 minutes ago, zarkov said:

Focus is on commonwealth countries.


Christianity is the seat of common law  -  noahide law is totalitarianism tyranny fascism communism.


'In short, the Deagel spreadsheet is a military plan, not a demographic forecast. It
identifies in numeric terms the main targets in an invisible war which the Elite expect
to run its course by 2025.'


'With the exception of Israel and Japan, these countries comprise what might formerly
have been called Christendom.'


http://www.zephaniah.eu/index_htm_files/Satans Work The Planned Collapse of Christendom.pdf


While Japan may not be part of Christendom, they was part of the Axis powers.



Don't get mad at me because of the swastika, I'm just the messenger.


WW 2: The only two Christian cities in Japan BOMBED with Atomic Bombs


'Nagasaki was becoming the gateway and centre for western culture.'


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5 hours ago, oddsnsods said:




#clapforcarers 👏👏👏

I find it worrying how this girl is saying that she would take the jab if it wasn’t in clinical trials. There’s a lot of people saying they would take it if it was passed as a vaccine.


What these people fail to realise is that they are essentially saying they would agree to these draconian measures of forcing people to do things against their own rightful will, purely if the jab wasn’t “experimental”.

This is very dangerous and intended in my opinion, all they need to do now is shut the internet down, pass the next death jab as a genuine vaccine, fix the numbers to make it look like it works and bang, all those stuck on the fence will be lining up for the death jab and the draconian measures.


We are really in a dangerous place now, these half woke people don’t realise they are still protecting the system that enslaves them, they’re fighting for a “proper vaccine” when they don’t realise the real war here;


Covid is a weapon to suppress intelligence, destroy society and the “economy”, to make us believe we are dependant on technology to be healthy and survive, to strip our rights and freedoms, to bring in a new totalitarian system that will enslave people like never before.

This is the ultimate tool to divide and conquer. We are now so divided there is no chance of going back. Lets be clear there is no danger here other than a global digital identity, a digital currency with a social credit score, forced vaccination (aiming to control population by increasing disease and death), permanent lockdowns and travel restrictions, permanent mask wearing, and, worst of all, the removal of possessions. Humanity is done at this point.


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2 hours ago, Prometheus said:

Question: How will they balance these two contradictory parts of their agenda.


They are pushing for vaccinations whilst at the same time they're claiming the unvaxxed are making the vaxxed far more sick.


Apparently the varients that are mutated in the unvaxxed end up harming the vaxxed far more.

It is 2+2=5. The contradiction is obvious, and one which a tiny bit of logical thought can smash to pieces. The massive hurdle is trying to get a vaxed person to think logically about that they have done, to realise that the Vax has not made them stronger but in fact weaker. If that can be achieved then they will be on our side. My hope is that those sort of doubts are bouncing around their heads at the moment and something will happen to allow logic to overcome emotion.

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5 hours ago, skitzorat said:








The blatant contradictions and total mix messaging's coming from the media/govts are not because they're stupid, incompetent or losing the plot or narrative (for the most part)... it's designed that way so people because so demoralised, so worn down, so confused that end up shutting down completely and willingly submit to serfdom - without having to roll out the Big Guns (literally). It was especially important in the beginning phase so that any energy the populace had to fight back was significantly reduced by media driven catatonia - projected deep into everyone's third eye, resulting in complete inertia and apathy.


It's no accident. They've perfected this specific type of pyschological warfare.. 


The message from the mail story should read "couple wasted last 18 months of their life pointlessly shielding instead of actually living.... "

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