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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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I'll probably just have to start spamming online communities with the only 'If only you knew' meme soon if they keep cracking down on dissent.




Eventually just saying things are bad might get you in trouble too, and you'll have to put on a happy face in your "you will own nothing and be happy" world.





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7 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

French Colonel pens scathing open letter to Macaroon and other French authorities..


"Gentlemen, I do not greet you because a soldier never greets criminals"






"I do not greet you because a soldier does not greet criminals."


Lol, absolute Chad.

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9 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Some interesting articles here regarding the police brutality in Berlin. They're in German but the translator works


Police violence: "I thought they were going to kill him!"Bloody brutal mission: two lacerations on the head that had to be sewn




Berlin: Protester dies after being arrested by the policeDocumented police violence, indexed like a porno



10min combo of scenes from on the ground journalist

Brutal scenes: How the Berlin police attacked








I watched some of this on live stream .Its outrageous .Just the way they are dressed in their Darth Vader outfits ,all meant to intimidate . i hope the German people are looking at how the French are reacting . This is fascism and it wont end unless its made to .

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8 hours ago, Prometheus said:

Hold up. I do not walk around with an exemption card around my neck. You seriously thought that its what I done and yet I'm taking shit about standing for rights, fighting for freedom and self-respect and you nobs thought I walk around with a fucking exemption card hanging round my neck.


The card stays in my wallet and if I was asked about my mask and if saying Im exempt want enough, then I'd flash the card. It simply served as a check mate should any rule-bag give me trouble.


Else, I'd just walk around as normal and think nothing of it, enjoying the impotent looks of disapproval from the subjugated turds skulking round, taking useless breaths through their dirty mouth bags of shame.


Haha! well that makes sense! Unfortunately here in Mexico there was never the 'exemption' thing, but we are not locked down either. They did play at it for 3 months last year tho and Im sure it will come here eventually. However, it is a country of abundant food, and a huge amount of space so there's that at least.

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1 hour ago, northern star said:

Right, now Ive seen it all!


As well as the likeness of Dame Sarah (third from right), Mattel has created models in honour of five other women working in Stem around the world

Meet the vaccine Barbie! AstraZeneca jab pioneer Dame Sarah Gilbert and Covid pandemic scientists are immortalised as dolls

  • Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert led the development of Oxford/AstraZeneca jab
  • She initially found having a Barbie made in her image 'very strange' but said she hoped it would inspire young girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields
  • Toymakers Mattel created models in honour of five other female Covid heroes
  •  US healthcare workers Amy O'Sullivan and Dr Audrey Cruz have their own dolls
  • Campaigning Canadian doctor Dr Chika Stacy Oriuwa was also made as a Barbie
  • Brazilian biomedical researcher Dr Jaqueline Goes de Jesus has her own doll
  • As does Dr Kirby White, an Australian medic who co-created a reusable gown for frontline staff









oh look, feminist virtue signalling via dolls to initiate the very young into how to kill people with bioweapons

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9 hours ago, DarianF said:


I have, over the years, spoken with 'old school' retired cops. And they are disgusted by all this new bullshit. All these new types are treasonous scum.


The new types may not be fully human...just a thought. Or they could just be fully mind controlled, we know thats possible by now, plenty of evidence from black ops etc

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On 8/2/2021 at 5:37 PM, BossCrow said:

Watched some Olympics highlights on YT and noticed BBC Sport are using this hexagon motif. Possibly been using this since around 2017, I'm not sure though.



Like the graphene molecule. Also used in WEF's 'Cyber Polygon' graphics as others have pointed out;-5.png.37d854a3dec637dde306aef209debfbf.png28cf68a428fedccd87d367162f643d6f.png.8097245a7da956fac465d4a404dffe7b.png


Like the honeybee's comb.


Drones mindlessly serving their queen;





Saw this and thought of your post.


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These people are so blinded by their sense of superiority that they honestly think the people who are refusing the jab - which is far higher than they officially make out otherwise they wouldn't be so rattled -  don't want it because its a "way to own the libs". 

Because liberals honestly think conservative Americans are stupid and backwards and thus they're always right - and pious to boot, wanting to "save" conservative Americans from themselves  so they can then continue to think even more Hollier-than-thou of themselves - there is just no ability to conceive the thought that conservative America actually understands that the wu-flu is the old flu and these jabs are killing and maiming people!






With the novel coronavirus surging in Trump-backing states that have low rates of vaccination, many public health experts have been trying to figure out how to get vaccine resisters to take the shots.


Dartmouth sociologist Brooke Harrington tells journalist Charlie Warzel that she believes that many Trump supporters could be essentially fooled into taking the vaccine by playing on their negative partisanship.

Harrington says that the problem right now is that many of these people may know deep down that the vaccines will keep them safe, but they don't want to back down from their previous anti-vax stances because they've made resistance to vaccines part of their identities.

"The problem is that they have too much to lose from publicly backing off this stance now," she told Warzel.


This is where Fox News could come in.

If someone could convince Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham to make getting vaccinated part of an "own-the-libs" culture war campaign, says Harrington, it could really boost the ranks of the vaccinated.


"That message would align vaccination with the overarching norm of their current politics: that conservatives exist to oppose and humiliate liberals," she says. "If I were designing the most effective message for somebody like Tucker Carlson, it would be something like, 'liberals are furious that conservatives are getting vaccinated now because they were hoping we'd all die.' I'd couch vaccine as act of opposition to liberals."


And once again the comments section shows their ugly true nature for what it is....






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Cars, funerals and home improvements: EU to crack down on large cash payments


'In Sweden, in contrast, digital payments predominate.


Ireland lies between the two extremes.


Cash use here had been declining in recent years and that accelerated during the Covid pandemic.


Some businesses prefer to deal in cash in order to avoid paying tax on income, however rules that dictate how people can spend money are likely to raise privacy and civil liberties concerns.'


Exactly why I say that the internationalists have probably been less harsh on Sweden during the scam, because they already adopt a lot of the technocratic BS more than others.

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9 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

These people are so blinded by their sense of superiority that they honestly think the people who are refusing the jab - which is far higher than they officially make out otherwise they wouldn't be so rattled -  don't want it because its a "way to own the libs".


How would they fool people that believe in true conservative values or nationalism? I don't follow Conservative Inc, so would they just give up on converting me and just line me up against the wall?

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8 hours ago, skitzorat said:

I despise Peter Fitzsimons ,he has tried over the years to a have a rebel image and even  written a book about Ned Kelly ,lately he has been pushing the" hate anti-vaxxers"agenda and saying that Alan Jones is unhinged .I hope they are paying him a lot . He is a smug little shill.

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6 hours ago, DarianF said:



Updated national plan suggests 80% of Australians could be fully vaccinated by end of 2021





Why the fuck is a military general talking about domestic vaccines?

Read a while ago a prediction that martial law would be inflicted on Australia in August ,though in many areas it already seems that way . So it doesn't surprise me to see a military leader talking about vaccines ,also getting people used to seeing military on the streets in Sydney and confirming in peoples minds that there really is an emergency because ofcourse the Govt wouldnt turn the military on its own people would it ???🤨

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7 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

so would they just give up on converting me and just line me up against the wall?




They laugh now......but the jokes on them...

Roughly twice as many Democrats have taken Trump’s vaccines, compared to Republicans

......if these vaccines begin to produce a significant number of deaths in the months and years ahead, based on current CDC numbers, it looks like two Democrats will be killed for every one Republican. If post-vaccine death rates hit just 10% — a number that’s far lower than what many doctors are currently warning may happen — Democrats stand to lose around 12 million people, while Republicans would lose around 6 million. Most Democrat losses would take place in blue states with high vaccination rates — see the state-by-state analysis below, based on CDC figures.





It's a common theme I've noticed that the "progressive" type are just so nasty and full of pure hatred for anyone they deem as "other" especially if the other's are religious/conservative/non-woke... while those they hate on couldn't give a fat rats ass about the "libs" (except for their children and the unborn)

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