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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Nicola Sturgeon said today that 16 year olds will likely be vaccinated in the coming weeks.


As heartbreaking as this is to type, the inevitable deaths of children because of the poison will hopefully resonate with people.

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3 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Maybe, I just don't see the majority of the country ready to turn on their own if that was the case. Not yet anyway. 

I agree that the majority may not be ready to turn on their own yet. I think there will still be a very vocal group fanning the flames though. Probably encouraged by the MSM narrative.


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7 hours ago, Ergo Storm said:

Humans are in the clutch of leadership dogma that, for most people, short-circuits thinking in favour of socialising.  The 'leader' could be a solution or a scapegoat for problems.  It could be an actual leader or some appealing personality, a god, a political state or a whole class of scapegoats, or something else.  We externalise issues and seek to put on the shoulders of others, or other things, blame or the responsibility for solutions, or both.  Even computerised devices - tablets, iPhones, mobile phones - can be seen as miniature idols.  Nothing can be done about it, I believe, because when all is said and done, we are a social species and constantly seeks to be led by someone or something else, and religion/dogma seems to be an in-built, hard-wired feature.


that's a pretty bleak picture you are painting there although i agree that certainly that is the picture we see in the world


I believe though that people can shift their consciousness. I also believe that a consciousness shift can alter DNA through epigenetics


I believe that the elites already do this to each other in their occult initiations but obviously they are inducting people into their psychopathic cult


The question for us is how we can undergo a consciousness shift ourselves and obviously that process is not a rational process because as everyone here knows you can calmly and rationally share huge amounts of data with someone and yet they can then dismiss it out of hand and go and do the opposite of what you suggest


This shows that people are not rational creatures they are creatures capable of rational thought


So how do you increase neural plasticity in such a way as to be able to see outside of your current perception paradigm? We have all been through that process so we must all have individual experiences and journeys that have led us to do that

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10 minutes ago, ar55 said:

Nicola Sturgeon said today that 16 year olds will likely be vaccinated in the coming weeks.


As heartbreaking as this is to type, the inevitable deaths of children because of the poison will hopefully resonate with people.


i watched the Uk Columns 2nd august news instalment and they were doing their usual fantastic breakdown of the situation and its all becoming so clear now that the fraud is just in your face and it now also seems to be going viral on the internet so the elites have basically been completely rumbled



We are approaching a moment when a huge number of people are able to see the full extent of this covid scamdemic. I then went on davids headlines this morning and he had posted a piece about the smoking gun evidence that fauci and the NIH knew that the covid jabs would cause antibody dependent enhancement:



There are now so many people across so many platforms....like for example i just watched that clip of joe rogan talking to jimmy dore and both those guys have big audiences....like BIG audiences and they know this whole thing stinks


So on one hand you could say that the fraud being exposed in such a stark way is a good thing because finally the normies won't be able to ignore the truth but i can't help but feel an uneasiness that this will precipitate some sort of next phase from the covid-cabal social engineers


I feel that in order for them to stay off the guillotine they are going to have to pull something pretty extreme out of the hat very soon and i'm nervous about what that will be

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An so it begins ...  I can't tell you how sad I feel at the moment because I know most parents

will agree to this.


Some 1.5 million 16 and 17-year-olds are expected to be told tomorrow they can receive vaccinations within weeks, as Boris Johnson performs another U-turn in a bid to head off an autumn surge of cases in schools.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had previously ruled that only children with serious underlying health conditions should receive the vaccine.



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Just now, Morpheus said:

Trigger points like 9/11. That's what set me free. 


covid is a trigger point for sure


ok so waking up to government lies and the existence of large scale conspiracies is one level of consciousness shift. Its a stage of understanding that the world is not how you thought it was followed by an understanding that you have to readjust your world view in order to accommodate the new inderstanding


But the next level from there is then thinking about what you can do about that because if we don't fundamentally alter our own behaviour patterns and habits then we remain part of the status quo which is to say the matrix system out of which those conspiracies came


if we don't change and instead keep on feeding into the system then what purpose did our revelation that something else is going on in the world serve?


what was the point of it?


It has to lead to an understanding that things have to change. THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE

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48 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Updated national plan suggests 80% of Australians could be fully vaccinated by end of 2021


Why the fuck is a military general talking about domestic vaccines?


because the cabal are waging a war against us and they intend to deploy our nations own military and police against us

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15 hours ago, zArk said:

i use 'windows ameliorated' and game. The cpu and gpu prices are through the roof since last year. Had to replace a 560 gtx on a lower spec rig with a 2nd hand 7870. Not paying 250+ for a 1650S i bought the other year for 130.


I notice after years of mobiles that there isnt an 'ameliorated' android or ios but most of the time the issue is the installation of apps and then the activation of location tracking within the apps and the harvesting of data through the apps


So while the discussion of the past few pages is valid, it mostly (99%) is the responsibility of the mobile user to choose the settings and apps.

Most apps require access to phone contacts, camera, microphone, data .... even when its a stupid game like 'tower defense'.

The recent Instagram data grab was incredible and people still use it


Cant stop stupid.


I brought this up in the tech thread a few weeks back. I recently had a company build me new rendering rig because it seemed to be cheaper than building it myself. I haven't done that for years. At least there are some positives though.


On 7/16/2021 at 1:43 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

I had to pay crazy money for my new rig because of the chip shortage, but it's not all bad:


Shortage of chips threatens biometric passport, digital ID supply – and the suppliers


Edited by EnigmaticWorld
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10 hours ago, webtrekker said:

'Don't shoot the messenger.'


Sorry for keep going on about the MSM being the main culprit but, for me at least, this has what it has all boiled down to.


I firmly believe that in this case we should 'shoot the messenger!'


that's exactly the kind of thing that the elites want so that they can round us all up as 'domestic terrorists' and throw us all in fema camps


how do we know that 77th brigade aren't here trying to bring a peaceful movement into disrepute through talk of violence?

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10 hours ago, Dazzer said:

Having read all of the exchanges from last night I agree with a lot that you are saying mate, but the bit I quoted is never going to happen. 

You're asking a large proportion of the population that follow idiots like the kardashians, are transfixed to shite like love island to give up their phones...? no chance. 


I agree that it looks like an unclimbable mountain which is why i urge people to make a start as quickly as possible


the elites are very good at exploiting the masses psychologically so that they engage in behaviours that will ultimately enslave them


so really its a foot race as to whether or not enough individuals can begin to start behaving in ways that will actually challenge the system or not but at the moment most people are helping to build the beast system without really even admitting to themselves that is what they are doing

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 Another great video from Jeff Berwick; lots of info I don’t see here and elsewhere.




This is from the vid; I don’t know if it’s been posted earlier.





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On 7/14/2021 at 6:47 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


Lord Holmes discusses state of digital identity in the UK


“This philosophy extends to the potential for digital technology to transform society. We are all experiencing the way the fourth industrial revolution is changing our lives, so many of us are walking around with a supercomputer in our pocket that does the most amazing things.”


More normalization of that term.


Ready to have your thoughts harvested?




UK- Lord Holmes Want The Govt To Force Employers To Use Facial Recognition To ID Potential Employees:
'Building back better with digital hiring'
Get to know these technocrats before they get to know everything about you.
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18 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Yep, Landing AI begs to differ. We're already fighting Skynet, and it's only just getting started.


the chinese aren't the only people who have created a surveillance system called 'skynet':


Skynet is a family of military communications satellites, now operated by Airbus Defence and Space on behalf of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence (MoD). They provide strategic and tactical communication services to the branches of the British Armed Forces, the British intelligence agencies, some UK government departments and agencies, and to allied governments. Since 2015 when Skynet coverage was extended eastward, and in conjunction with an Anik G1 satellite module over America, Skynet offers global coverage.[1]

The Skynet contract allow Airbus Defence and Space to sell surplus bandwidth, through the Skynet partner programme, to NATO and allied governments, including the Five Eyes intelligence alliance members (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States).[1] As of 2020, seven Skynet satellites are operating, plus Anik G1.

The Skynet 1 to 4 series were developed and operated by the Signals Research and Development Establishment, Royal Signals and Radar Establishment and Royal Air Force until 2003.[2] It was subsequently operated with Skynet 5 by Paradigm Secure Communications until October 2012, when the organisation was rebranded to Astrium Services then through merger in 2015 became Airbus Defence and Space.[3]

The MoD is currently specifying a new architecture for Skynet to replace the Skynet 5 system, whose funding programme ends in August 2022. The vision for Skynet 6 is a flexible system architecture that combines UK government, allied and commercial satellites, including the current Skynet 5 satellites.[4][5] Skynet is the large part of the MoD Future Beyond Line of Sight Satellite Communications programme (FBLOS), which extends to 2041, with expected transition costs of about £6 billion.


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