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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


Who are the MSM


Who funds them, i.e. their advertisers etc.


Well, without opening a whole can of worms, the MSM (Mainstream Media - newspapers, radio, tv, etc) are supposed to be unbiased institutions, but these days seem to be on the government's payroll, so exist merely as the government's propaganda arm.

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20 minutes ago, Bee said:

Everyone is subject to the MSM but not everyone falls for the patently obvious lies. Many of us have called out the covid bullshit from the start even though we have all been exposed to the same lies and propaganda by the MSM. The MSM isnt the issue - its people who lack the ability to think for themselves, who are needlessly but willingly indulging and wallowing in the fear mongering and who are just allowing themselves to be taken for fools that are the problem.

What I keep coming back to with regards to the obvious lies and blatant confusion that has been sown into the narrative, is that this ‘health emergency‘ is largely a distraction. Sure they are using it to get rid of people too but from the get go the campaign wasn’t slick enough, the CDC looks stupid, bureaucrats look stupid, people want to oust their governments.... yes they must make them look incompetent to offer the alternative Great Reset, but I also think there is something bigger at play..... a coming ELE or something and they don’t want 7 billion people panicking and hoarding stuff cos there’ll be less for them. They also don’t want that many uncontrollable people around in case they’re prevented from escaping into their bunkers, or missing out entirely. The covid is fishy in more ways than one.

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May be an image of text


SHUT IT DOWN - they're "not legitimate"


Anti-vaccination group Voices for Freedom's billboards taken down after 'harassing people' trying to get vaccines


Digital billboards from a prominent anti-vaccination group have been pulled because of members' "harassing" and "abusive" behaviour at the weekend's mass vaccination event in Auckland.  


Voices for Freedom's campaign focused on free speech issues, with slogans like 'without free speech, you're not free' and 'your voice is the first thing they take / your freedom goes next'.


One specifically referred to a line used by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in March 2020, when she told reporters the Government would be the "single source of truth" when it came to COVID-19, after conspiracy theories and false information started spreading on social media. 


The adverts went live on Monday at sites around Auckland, including one on the front of RNZ's building in the central city. 


'They're not a legitimate part of the discussion'

Jacinta O'Reilly of Fight Against Conspiracy Theories (FACT) said Voices for Freedom's billboard campaign - which didn't mention COVID-19 or vaccines - was likely an attempt to appear legitimate. 


"They have a page on their website dealing with the free speech issue… but really the point is to make themselves part of the political landscape, rather than people with a health agenda," the former teacher told Newshub.

"But they do have a health agenda - they recommend that people don't wear masks, they provide a mask exemption form, they continue to spread misinformation about the vaccine and when they are corrected, they decline to update their communications to people. They're not a legitimate part of the discussion - they're people who distort the discussion for whatever their own ends are." 

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34 minutes ago, skitzorat said:



Foreign holidays. 😄  What planet does Julia Hartley-Brewer live on? Even if jabbed up you still have to arrange and pay for PCR tests.  Get a positive PCR test in a foreign country (the pre-travel return test/negative result required to get back to the UK) and you are stuck far from home for weeks. What if you get repeated positive test results (the mythical long COVID)?


The days of casually going abroad for a 2 week holiday is over.

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WHILE the chattering classes rage on social media over the easing of lockdown restrictions, demanding to be kept ‘safe’ from a virus, they are ignoring the immense suffering and death precipitated by global lockdowns. The economic and social consequences of these are proving to be deadly, far more so than Covid-19 ever could be.

I have warned for the past 16 months that without a healthy economy there is no health. Lockdown-induced death and suffering could have been avoided if worldwide governments hadn’t fallen victim to the Chinese Community Party’s lockdown propaganda campaign. Yet fall for it they did. Now caught in a gruesome danse macabre with each otherthey impose one punitive lockdown after the other on their hapless populations.

The UN, partly responsible for promoting this totalitarian tool of control, are now warning that millions more are dying from hunger than from Covid-19. 

BREAKING: @UNReliefChief declares just now on #Tigray: “There is famine now. There is famine now.”

He adds: “This is going to get a lot worse.”

— Samantha Power (@PowerUSAID) June 10, 2021

Around 41million people are at risk of famine, partly caused by lockdown economic destruction.

Some of the worst lockdown consequences are occurring in Africa.  

BREAKING: @UNReliefChief declares just now on #Tigray: “There is famine now. There is famine now.”

He adds: “This is going to get a lot worse.”

— Samantha Power (@PowerUSAID) June 10, 2021

In sub-Saharan Africa the economic fallout from lockdown, and the subsequent school closures, means that more than 250million children have been pushed out of education and 50million have lost their free school meals. These children are now deprived of their only substantial, nourishing food for the day. In East Africa, 12.8million children are malnourished from the deteriorating conditions partly brought on by lockdowns. 

Malnutrition increases the mortality rate from childhood illnesses like measles. A measles epidemic, far more dangerous to children than Covid-19, is expected to hit Africa this year. The blame for this is shared equally between the lockdown-induced economic decline and a catastrophic decision by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In 2020 the WHO instructed countries to suspend vaccination and treatment campaigns for illnesses including tuberculosis (TB), malaria, polio, meningitis and measles. 

As a direct consequence, malaria mortality in Africa will exceed that of Covid-19. Children are at far greater risk of dying from malaria than Covid-19, and an additional 100,000 people are expected to die from this disease. 

In 2019, 450,000 died of TB in Africa, far more than the 160,112 who have died from Covid-19 there. Why did the WHO withdraw treatment for this curable disease, especially from children? Despite Covid Cultists claiming that Covid-19 is the worst plague since the Black Death, TB is the leading infectious disease in the world, killing 1.4million per year prior to 2020. Last year, after lockdowns, the death toll for TB rose to more than 1.66million, including 230,000 children. 

The Lancet got it badly wrong. An article on their website last summer claimed that Covid-19 offered many benefits for TB and HIV services. It’s curious how any medical professional could have thought this. Surely the response from any doctor or scientist would be to ask why millions were denied life-saving treatment for diseases far more lethal than Covid-19. Children and young people are at little risk of dying from Covid 19 and far more at risk of dying from the diseases neglected during this huge overreaction to a coronavirus.

This is eugenics by another name and lockdowns are a convenient cover for those who practice it.

It cannot be stated too often that lockdowns are the antithesis of disease control. My homeland, South Africa, has the highest Covid-19 mortality rate in Africa yet suffered the harshest lockdown on the continent. This authoritarian tool of control is useful only for the deliberate destruction of civil liberties, economies and societies, not for remedying a virus

South Africa is in a terrible way. The fallout from global lockdowns has catapulted such fragile states into anarchy. The country’s economy has been obliterated by lockdowns. The unemployed rate is at a record 32.6 per cent. This means that millions in the country are now more at risk of starvation and death than if South Africa hadn’t locked down. 

Universal Basic Income is being touted there as a salve to the disastrous effects of lockdown, making millions reliant on the State for their survival. What better way that to force a population into compliance than to implement this socialist system? 

Draconian, destructive lockdowns, and not Covid-19, are the cause of all this hardship and death. While lockdown zealots clap themselves on the back, virtue-signalling their twisted form of ‘kindness’, they are signing the death warrant of millions of children in Africa. Regimes and governments in the developing world use Western lockdowns to justify the implementation of their own, awarding lockdowns an underserved legitimacy. The more people continue to support lockdowns the longer these will carry on, and the higher the death toll will be from the fallout.

Last November, I warned that millions more would die from lockdowns than Covid-19. I also wrote that lockdowns are a horrific crime against humanity and must be stopped.

I haven’t changed my mind. 

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13 minutes ago, webtrekker said:



Ermmm so the parents can negatively impact the kids learning while in school and the state allows it? 


Fooooooooook oooooooffffff


If a parent said "little Johnny can play on his phone in class all day " would the state allow that ?.....oh I see the error in my logic


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1 hour ago, Bee said:

Everyone is subject to the MSM but not everyone falls for the patently obvious lies. Many of us have called out the covid bullshit from the start even though we have all been exposed to the same lies and propaganda by the MSM. The MSM isnt the issue - its people who lack the ability to think for themselves, who are needlessly but willingly indulging and wallowing in the fear mongering and who are just allowing themselves to be taken for fools that are the problem.

Exactly Bee. 


I "believed" in this plandemic for one whole day, when they started showing those videos from Wuhan where people are falling on the street, and they were showing those lungs x-rays and shit.


Well, tomorrow when I woke up, I remembered what kind of world we live in, and who runs this world.


It took me another two days to do my own research and that was the end of this morona-virus plandemic in my head.


The problem is, as we all here know, that 90% of people really, really hate using their brains for thinking. And of course, common sense is far from common these days.


Kind regards..

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49 minutes ago, webtrekker said:


Thanks for replying.


Please consider this for a second ...


If the MSM had been honorable from the start and not spouted government mistruths and not banned REAL scientists and doctors from intelligent debate, do you think we would be where we are now, with most of the population under sentence of death and the few 'escapees' in fear of their lives with no meaningful future to look forward to?


This is why I say the MSM weree to blame in the first instance and should continue to be blamed until they either stop with the bullshit or are stopped by us.




In these last couple of decades, msm is on the same level of evil as politicians.


I remember, some 15-20 years ago, I was interviewed by local newspaper. I was just a member of some national movement in my country, not even a big or really influential one.


When the article came out, well, they only kept my picture, all my words were changed to portray a completely different picture about that movement and whole idea behind it.


Evil bastards.

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48 minutes ago, skitzorat said:



Not to mention this new concept of "asymptomatic" spread driving epidemics...

Amazing how the contagion myth continues without any proof .


Playing on childlike association for 250years 


Fear mongering for thousands of years

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5 minutes ago, skitzorat said:




And this is when the shit will really hit the fan for the Elite.


When people are so downtrodden that they have nothing to look forward to and nothing to lose they kill and maim the bastards that caused this without compunction.



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A friend of mine was at a doctor in Austria  ( he has to travel through several countries in Europe for his work )

his Doctor said he can give him covid pass without  him getting the jab !

Friend asked me what i thought!

 I said its good to hear your doctor wont jab you but getting the pass  is just bowing down to the system through back door but its your decision I told him!



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To protest


One can write to their MP

Not perform an act

Not join in

Not purchase something specifically


Protesting isn't limited to walking around a city banging a drum


Disagreeing in conversation with a Covidian 


Telling the school head it's all bolox and you're not part of the lunacy 



Imo find your own way 




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2 hours ago, Saved said:

I too had a vivid dream of a field of poppies but put it down to me preparing my own painkillers this last few months.


WOW! This is a coincidence, thanks for your post, it seems like November 11th does have some significance :classic_ohmy:

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