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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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29 minutes ago, Prometheus said:

There may possibly develop a niche market that only caters to non-vaxed. A Californian restaurant owner has banned the vaccinated and only serves those unvaccinated.


If these prejudice rules discriminate against us, then we should do the exact same to them. If they demand a negative test, we demand a negative vaccine test. If they demand a Covid passport, we demand a Pure Blood passport.



I agree. Treat them as they treat us. And to expand on that a bit ...





This has been the biggest weapon in their arsenal. Never underestimate the power of propaganda, as evidenced in many wars.


I say, fight back with our own propaganda! They've told countless lies and have been deceitful in all of the information presented to the public, so why not bombard any outlet we can find with our own lies and disinformation that will confuse the public and get them thinking for themselves.


For instance: produce our own videos of people dropping dead in the street from the clot-shots, publish our own graphs showing the opposite of theirs, tell people the modelling shows there will be at least 5, 000,000 deaths this Christmas - including those double-jabbed, that there are 100 new variants that the vaccines are useless against, that Boris is screwing the new female NHS boss (or even the old MALE one!), ... whatever! Whatever it takes!


Flood the streets and the internet with PROPAGANDA and play them at their own deadly game!


FAKE NEWS! The only game in town!


[Even couch potatoes and keyboard warriors can get in on this one].




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I completely agree. We are always on the back foot. In stead of being defensive, let's say that we know what they are and we no longer wish to educate them, they've made their bed and we recognise our own, the division has now been set.


So, we speak of them as unhealthy. These narcissistic liberals are also mentally unhealthy. Most of them identify as victims and suffer poor mental health ie anxiety or depression and many are medicated. Although this is no longer considered a point of shame to be hidden, this non-shaming open expression of mental health has now lead to the fact being over looked, that they are mentally unstable and thus often unfit to make certain decisions without the obvious negative effect.


When you've a group of these narcissistic, anxious and frankly dangerous people together, making policy, are we to be surprised when they have panicked reactions and deliver doomsday propaganda. Are we surprised that when the Capitol building was stormed by people with no more militant agenda than to simply follow everyone else to protest inside and yet their reaction is a Military occupied fenced off the Capitol. They sure as hell put up walls when it suits protecting them, just not when it suits protecting America from illegal immigrants.


Imagine you've a whole government of these victim, anti-masculine, narcissistic, lie babies. What do you think a masculine superpower like China and Russia would do to them.


Lady Liberty is about to have her first threesome and its gonna be rough.

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33 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

michael rapaports rant pandemic of the unvaccinated


10 days later



nope you're a thick twat with a platform

What a moron. Quite interesting that those that are arrogantly shouting at the rooftops about the vaccine are the ones ending up ill or dead. 


Also very interesting yet not surprising that the extreme wing of the branch covidions are quite nasty and vengeful towards the unvaccinated and even the MSM writing stories with glee about how someone who didn't believe in covid and is now dead. 


That sort of vindictive behaviour rarely happens on our side of the fence. 

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7 hours ago, Prometheus said:

We should just divide the entire race and put those cowardly, rule addicts in underground cities where they can feel safe and be narcissistic in peace. They don't like freedom. They crave rules, laws and mandates. They are subjugated at heart and it's not what we want.

I've considered that - let the rest of us have our own land where we will be cut off from communication with them and their leaders - but then remembered the mind of the cultist.


In my experience, the cultist - of any flavour - won't rest until you have been converted to following their particular idol. They have their (not so) Great Commission and have it drilled into them that they must make disciples. 


The mind that is set on the flesh with its vain imaginings cannot comprehend the beauty of a narrow road. Like caribou grazing on the Tundra, they need vast numbers in order to increase their sense of individual safety from the wolf called Death. The more the better. 


It doesn't occur to them that we are ALL on the road to death. It's as if their blind faith in the words of their leaders has secret designs on these great ones one day cooking up a brew of eternal life for them.


Their thinking - like that of their leaders - is all over the place. There's no anchor; the foundations for their beliefs ever shifting with the 'changing science' and 'new data'.


If we could have our own land, it would only be a matter of time before the more zealous amongst them try to get in under the fence in order to save us. It would nag the crap out of them to know that, as they travel about their smart cities, there's a whole lot of people living the old life that existed before the first industrial revolution.





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1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

Extroverted, self-centred men less likely to comply with Covid restrictions, study suggests


This is another attack on men.


In general I'm disappointed with women. It's the mothers who are putting masks on small children in Spain.  Even now when it's not mandatory to wear them outside, most mothers and children are masked up in the heat😡


It's mainly women who clapped for the NHS and made those stupid tik tok videos.


It's mainly female nurses who are injecting everyone with this poison and sticking those tests up peoples' nostrils.


There has been an obvious agenda in the media for at least a decade to discredit men on so many

issues, whilst promoting women. And last week I read should it be made illegal to wolf whistle FFS



Can't have strong men to protect the family/tribe/community.


It's insufferable.



2020 Has Been Miserable. Is Extreme Masculinity to Blame?

Whether it’s the refusal to wear a mask during a pandemic or the win-at-all-costs approach to elections, 2020 has been a banner year for a particularly toxic masculinity, says Peter Glick.


a de facto “masculinity contest,” Glick says, “it is supremely dysfunctional




Google. "Glick Surname" 


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2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


So, let me get this straight. I can get a covid pass if I have had both jabs but I can still get and transmit the virus to those around me. Can anyone explain how that works ? Thanks. Sorry for appearing to be a dumbass cretin

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1 hour ago, Golden Retriever said:

Australia uses helicopters and the ARMY to enforce its 'Zero Covid' lockdown as thousands of police flood Sydney to enforce the rules and hand out $500 no-mask fines - with just 17% of adults jabbed

A line of patrol cars stretching hundreds of metres near the SCG  ready for Saturday's police operation (pictured)


I never thought in my lifetime I would see this is so called "democratic" countries.  We had the same

in Spain last year. Guardia Civil and Spanish Army on the streets enforcing the lockdown.



 Bravo, bravo, bravo to the Australian people for having such a piss poor vaccine percentage.🙂👍

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4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


Agreed freedom vs slavery like skitzos meme above & I personally dont see no real difference between fash & com.


Mussolini started off a Marxist & now we see all the fake left seem to be turning heavily corporatist. But the international socialism label fits well right now, with the BLM & the LGBT "Luxury communism." <<first time ive heard that term.🤨


🤣🤣 ffs. Thats why I detest politics and bloody labels lol

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10 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


 Bravo, bravo, bravo to the Australian people for having such a piss poor vaccine percentage.🙂👍


Yes, 83% of adults with no Satan Juice in them.

Probably the same throughout the world.....The MSM make up the figures for the UK....they're laughable.

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2 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

Yes, 83% of adults with no Satan Juice in them.

Probably the same throughout the world.....The MSM make up the figures for the UK....they're laughable

You can't trust the figures I agree but I still think the majority have taken it to be honest.

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Lancashire public health director say only the fully vaccinated can have their freedoms back.

Young people are “not invincible” to Covid, Lancashire’s public health boss has warned, as he urged the county to “keep going” in the race to get as much of the population as possible fully vaccinated.



The largely age-driven rollout of the vaccine programme means it is now predominantly the youngest groups who are yet to have had a single shot. Currently, around a third of people in the 18-24 and 24-29-year-old categories in Central Lancashire have not received their first dose.


However, Dr. Karunanithi urged people of any age who are still unsure about whether to have the vaccine, to nevertheless visit one of the county's vaccination centres for “a chat, even if they don't want a jab”.


“We have got lots of people that can have the vaccine, but aren't getting it. One of the main reasons [for that] is that people hear a lot of myths and disinformation, so we are inviting people to come and ask [their] questions.


Don't listen to the rubbish on social media platforms. Come and have a chat with people who know a thing or two about the vaccines or go online to validated sources of information.


Dr. Karunanithi said that there was evidence of younger people in the county becoming “very poorly” after contracting Covid. However, if that is not enough to persuade more of them to take the vaccine, he hopes that they might think twice over the prospect of how their decision to remain unjabbed might affect their daily lives.


“My message would be to please think again about your own health - because being young doesn't mean you're invincible or infallible - but also you're going to miss out if you haven't had the vaccine.


“Society is going to open up and there may be a change in the direction nationally that means parts of our lives - like holidays and getting into crowded places - are only [open for] people who are double-jabbed [to] enjoy. That's another reason for getting the jab.”


You mean the rubbish coming from the NHS, local councils and the government?


Wh don't you stfu Dr Karunathi and leave the kids alone you big pharma shill.


How does he know crowded places and holidays are only for the vaccinated? 


His twatter profile says


"Creating a safer, fairer & healthier world."


The irony. Only fairer for the big pharmaceuticals.




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18 minutes ago, Fluke said:

You can't trust the figures I agree but I still think the majority have taken it to be honest.


I agree. About 80% of all the people I know in the UK and Spain (say about 80 people) have

had either one or two vaccinations now.😪

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2 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

He was after all a distant red shield relative with a hard on for Ignatius of Loyola

Whose feast day is today. It's on my Anglican calendar. Why a crypto who founded an order dedicated to countering the Reformation and scrubbing the King James Bible should be celebrated by the Church of England is beyond me. Maybe the CofE wants to crawl back to Rome.

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Official documents that were meant to be kept secret have been released under the Freedom of Information Act, and they reveal that the forced euthanasia of the elderly and vulnerable in response to a pandemic had been years in the planning.


As soon as lockdown was declared in the United Kingdom on March 23rd 2020 deaths occurring in care homes in the weeks that followed skyrocketed compared to what had occurred in the previous five years. You were led to believe this was because of Covid-19, but the evidence shows otherwise.




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1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:


 Bravo, bravo, bravo to the Australian people for having such a piss poor vaccine percentage.🙂👍

It's because Sky News Australia had different approach to free speech ;)

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5 minutes ago, campanar said:

Thanks. Ups the odds that the vax got him. Of course the government "controlled" him, shame he couldn't see.

Educated and knows he still can be asymptomatic and give me a virus... God help. BTW I had XX vaccinations of different brands... 😂


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