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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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I noticed many years ago how M.S.M will always report how many of our brave boys and girls in blue get injured while policing protests. Watched the ruptly stream and saw a few protesters with head injuries. Nothing will be reported about this or the 70 year old woman being punched in the stomach by that psyco copper. Peaceful protesters do not attack each other they do not damage property. Things only turn violent when plod wades in. This is nothing to do with serving and protecting the public and property. It is nothing more than trying to silence people who have a different opinion to the one pedalled by the state controlled media.

     The U.K, a free and democratic country? Don't make me laugh. America, free and democratic. Don't make me laugh. Australia, free and democratic. Don't make me laugh. Ditto about France, Germany, Spain, etc. Really starting to understand why I have only very rarely voted in elections. I have only voted for U.K.I.P because I did not agree with the E.U. Have realised the last 8 months how much our media is controlled. The last few weeks I have come round fully to the realisation this virus hoax is being orchestrated by very dark and sinister forces. Was prepared to give Boris and co the benefit of the doubt that they had at some point realised they had made a massive balls up and could have manipulated the figures to make it look like the virus had run its coarse and disappeared. The same applies to many, many world Governments who are being manipulated from the shadows. What they don't realise is that their masters who are pulling their strings will not hesitate to throw them under the bus if and when the time comes. That includes you Bill Gates.

     A thought occurred to me today while watching the stream from Trafalgar square. This virus hoax is a unique event in human history. While we are all unique in our own way. David Icke has a different uniqueness. (Sorry can't think of any other way to put it). I am thinking of the American author who was on desert island discs a few years ago. When she was asked what book of her choice would she want she replied "Human race get off your knees, by David Icke". Apparently you could have heard a pin drop in the studio. She was the one who said she doubted any one else could have done what David has done. We have a unique event occurring at the same time he is alive. It started just as he thought he was about to finish another book. Many would say it's all just a coincidence. Is there such a thing as a coincidence? How many coincidences does there have to be before a line is crossed exceeding the laws of possibility. The U.K having its first winter election for 125 years. Northern constituencies voting tory for the first time ever. The first country to leave the E.U. I am sure there are many many more that I cant think of at the moment and have made this post a lot longer that I originally intended. 

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There is no negotiating with psychopaths.


When you are prevented from providing for your self and dependants - THAT is violence.

All coercion in any form is a poorly disguised message telling you that your life is worthless!

All restriction is an attack on freedom.


The state will not convict itself in a court of law.

There is no consitution unless we create it.


We live in zombieland or is it idiocracy - I cant tell the difference.






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This nonsense in the Sunday Times in an article encouraging us to 'spit' for Matt Hancock (New shitty test)

This is a pictorial representation of the UK population as at 25th September 2020.printed apparently with no irony as a reason for our current restrictions . Btw I'm an orange dot being under house arrest for returning from Spain . I'm obviously FULLY complying.


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1 hour ago, Seeker said:

Spanish flu was not contagious! 


Important video , just 2 mins long , from a Doctor ..


It may well be there is (effectivly ) no contagious diseases ...NONE ... the whole myth of contagion could be a lie , without this lie , there's no justification for vaccines ...


We have natural defenses .... Masks are necessary during surgery when the body is cut open blood is exposed and viruses  can get into the body that way , by passing natural defenses..


Evidence indicates the black death was not infectious but carried on fleas , which again bypass many of the bodies defenses , biting into the blood stream  ...


So the covid vaccine will be the big killer along with mold , viruses and bacteria which grows in masks ....


Cloth masks are not recommended as they retain moisture and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses due to its warm environment caused by the ..
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12 hours ago, lake said:



Almost two-thirds of people believe the Government's latest Covid-19 restrictions do not go far enough, a poll reveals.

A survey of more than 2,000 adults found that 63 per cent believed that the measures taken last week fell short of the action that should have been taken.

Some 51 per cent of respondents favoured closing gyms and beauty salons now to lower the rate of coronavirus infections.

The findings chime with internal polling that has led ministers to believe that the priority for many members of the public is to see the pandemic brought under control.

However, they contrast with concerns raised by many Conservative MPs about the extent of restrictions.

One senior Tory claimed that the public had been driven to backing "authoritarian" measures having been made "fearful" by government warnings about the threat posed by Covid-19.

Boris Johnson faces a rebellion over the Government's approach to the pandemic, with MPs expressing concern that ministers are introducing curbs to basic freedoms without Parliament having a sufficient say.

The ORB International survey was carried out after Boris Johnson announced a raft of new measures including a 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants, a 15-person cap on weddings and a return to working at home for office workers, which are likely to remain in place until March, a year on from the start of lockdown.




Of 2,087 people surveyed by ORB last week, 83 per cent said they were worried about a second wave of Covid-19 "hitting the UK hard".

Asked whether the measures taken last week went far enough, 63 per cent said they did not, while 24 per cent indicated that the restrictions were sufficient.

Some 51 per cent said that the Government should close gyms and beauty salons - some of the last venues to re-open following the lockdown - while 34 per cent disagreed.

Only 13 per cent of respondents said that they believed the spread of the virus in the UK was under control - a drop from 33 per cent in late May.


Meanwhile, fewer than a third (28 per cent) of respondents strongly agreed that their colleagues and friends were following the rules on wearing face coverings, while some 12 per cent suggested that their acquaintances were largely failing to abide by the rules.

Only 31 per cent of respondents said the Government was handling the pandemic "well" compared to 63 per cent who disagreed.

On Friday, Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, raised the spectre of further potential restrictions in the capital, after the city was added to the national Covid "watch list".

Amid rising infections across the UK, 620 new cases were confirmed in London on Friday.

In a televised address on Tuesday night, the Prime Minister said the latest national measures were necessary to prevent a second national lockdown which would involve school closures, saying: “We must do all we can to avoid going down that road again.”

The ORB survey was carried out online on Wednesday and Thursday.



Most worrying to read, especially when you consider Boris only makes popularist decisions. 

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11 hours ago, kj35 said:

Maybe all the syudents who are having all their personal liberties removed will wise up and refuse tests...


That's the solution they are offering to students,.


Shadow education secretary Kate Green said mass testing is obviously what is needed," she told BBC Breakfast.


it would be "unthinkable" that they could be locked in their halls and unable to see families, although she said "public health considerations" should always come first.

Online learning and meeting up on Zoom, or going for a socially distanced walk is a great way to maintain a positive outlook, said an expert.



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If a person deliberately traps someone in a domicile it's called False Imprisonment. A person could invoke so much precedence as an illegal action, including a contravening of human rights laws. The students should do their research, illustrate to the Universities how they are in fact liable for legal and civil action and then walk out.  

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22 minutes ago, Coldrum said:

Looks like the lady in green , went down on the ground twice , 

Interesting facebook comment https://t.co/OesuTQMpUR?amp=1


Covid world weirdness for sure.


If she was a provocateur, she sure likes to be thrown around & the pig that tried to pull the chair away from her could have easily broke her neck.


So much video of evidence of how the police deliberately sabotage these protests, purely for the media.

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