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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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22 hours ago, Liberty said:

Don’t trust Coleman either. It was very not in old man in a chair character to start effing and blinding fuck you Boris in one of his speeches.  Old man in a chair indeed.  No. That wasn’t what did it. It was someone posting something in the health thread of him stating dementia was not real but caused by medication. I’ve got a lot of experience with dementia and worked at places that was also against medicating.  Dementia is real. The drugs make it worse though. 

And then of course he starts backing the Bossche fella of the vaccine airborne spreading!  

and then there his biggest biggest fan basket case pretending not to see it. 


I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately you maybe right. 👍

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37 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

Yes I despair of the people here ,but I think more are waking up but it needs to happen faster .I think some posters here underestimate the power of applied psychology .In the UK they haven't hidden the fact that are are several organisations actively working to change the behavior of it citizens ,and billions have been spent on this .Over here Im sure the same thing is in progress .Its easy to call people stupid ,or asleep etc but these campaigns of propaganda can be very powerful and there are many factors in the psychological make up of a person that determine how well they can resist if at all .


You are right.

Propaganda is the most effective tool to direct a population into something which they otherwise would not accept.

Thats why it exists and is used in the first place.

We all made mistakes in life and we all got it wrong at some point and will continue to do so.

But to me there is a point where even propaganda shouldnt work anymore. Thats when things become so unimaginable idotic and against everything you learned in life up to this point.

1 death, close down a city.

That alone is so far and beyond any functioning mind.  You do not have to understand anything to see that thats as ridicolous as it gets. You still can believe that there is a dangerous virus out there that kills everyone and it still would be the most ridicolous BS. Basically to me, there is no excuse to not understand that this is BS.

I cannot for the life of me feel for someone that does not get that. We all have our limits and some things to me are so blatanly stupid, you cannot empathize with it.

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I really think all this is designed to bring about a global revolution. I think they've allowed the elite to fester in high places as they emboldened the Public spirit through a long initiation of movies, movements and importantly sexual freedom, that eventually just like in France, Russia and America a great and united global revolt of the people's against the ruling classes and their institutions will finally ignite and like a Tsunami they'd be overrun and washed away forced to cower underground or in Antarctica.... As the warming World burns.

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The spectrum of ASIA:  [ 2015 SAGE JOURNAL ]

 ‘Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome induced by Adjuvants’ [An adjuvant is a substance that is added to a vaccine to increase the body's immune response to the vaccine.]

'Physicians are often puzzled by enigmatic medical conditions or the abrupt appearance of an immune-mediated disease.....2 weeks after immunization with the flu vaccine, his disease reemerged....'

'This patient’s story illustrates the acceleration of an autoimmune or immune-mediated condition following exposure to external stimuli.'

'During the past year a new syndrome was introduced and termed ASIA, ‘Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome induced by Adjuvants’.

'This syndrome assembles a spectrum of immune-mediated diseases triggered by an adjuvant stimulus.'

'The use of medical adjuvants has become common practice and substances such as aluminum adjuvant are added to most human and animal vaccines, while the adjuvant silicone is extensively used for breast implants and cosmetic procedures.

Furthermore, ‘hidden adjuvants’ such as infectious material or house molds have also been associated with different immune mediated conditions. The adjuvant effect has been recognized for years, and is broadly …

'studies of animal models and humans demonstrated the ability of some of them to inflict autoimmunity and immune-mediated diseases by themselves'

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Quick question

Do other countries have parliamentary recesses like our workshy bunch of cretinous oxygen thieves ?


We are in for 6 weeks of nothing much in the UK,cue the msm with wild speculation, outright lies and other assorted horseshit then when the mp's come back refreshed expect the onslaught to continue with renewed vigour


I'll be waiting

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41 minutes ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

We can go too far looking for secret signs in my opinion ,I have photos of me doing that ,so I guess I cant be trusted too .🤣


The finger to the head indicates the elite's approval of the individual's intellect and fitness for office or promotion to the next level.



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Yeah, it's a Masonic sign. 'You are right minded' or a meditative aid to retain mindfulness in the face of some mental adversity.


Although on second looks, that dude above may in fact be coming on to some next dude? Total 'Come hither to bed' eyes.



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Ughh, equality and equity means and entire 99% global labour class fitting into that mean old median in the middle. Intelligence, behaviour, strength, consciousness... Every marker for excellence will be made average for their simplicity of control.


Even Cock size will be a Caucasian average 5" .

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Putting your finger to your head means you use your noddle.

These photos are not evidence, specially when they take a clip from a video of somebody waving their hands about "illuminaughty confirmed" or even when they are posing for a magazine & told to strike a certain pose.
Watch most 80's music videos & they are full of esoteric symbolism, does this mean they were all 33 degree masons pushing their craft on the masses, does it fuck.

Try telling a normie putting your finger to your head is a sign you are intiated lol no you arnt paranoid atall...

They do it to David Icke, so being on his forum you must be a crafty.


Not that I dont think Coleman is suspect, but I havent seen no evidence accept him pushing Bossches leaky scariants, saying everyone must spread this information now..tells me hes a bit on the emotional side.


Hes a cross dresser so tells me also hes is eccentric like everyone at these wankfests he has extreme opinions & that deter people from taking us seriously! & give your enemies plenty of ammunition to strip you of your rights & stomp on your face.


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We rest our head slightly upon our hand and finger, like when sleeping upon a pillow ones head is supported and we tilt our head to the side. This is a temporary form of relaxation and meditative pose that allows one to relax and concentrate upon information that one instinctively feels requires more single minded and careful attention.


It makes one comfortable, for a good listen.

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I think you've hit the nail on the head. Mandating biotech. The idea behind these pandemics is to create a precedent for future changes to be more readily accepted.


Problem = Enemy

Solution = Saviour

Result = More security, less freedom... Repeat.


Hence useless Masks and unrequired vaccines. For is not Political Correctness just the gentrification of language. Altering language is the basis for then altering people.

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A hospital physician from Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama recently penned a heart-wrenching story on social media about young, healthy patients dying from covid, begging her for vaccines. The alleged doctor, Brytney Cobia, says she holds their hand and tells them, “I’m sorry, but it’s too late” – before intubating them into a coma. Her Facebook post has gone viral, and her story has been shared over 686,000 times through a site called Al.com.

Doctor pushes manipulative story to mock unvaccinated people and guilt the public into vaccinating

A closer inspection of the Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham tells a much different story. Brytney Cobia completely fabricated her story, and her name doesn’t even appear in the hospital’s directory. In fact, the hospital has not admitted a single pediatric patient for covid-19 since their data was made available, a year ago. And the average number of adult covid-19 patients from week-to-week ranges between 4 and 8 in a hospital with 449 hospital beds and 91 ICU beds. These beds are usually 70 – 90 percent full – not with covid patients, but with patients struggling from other, more serious health issues (many of which are related to the vaccines).


According to Grandview’s most recent data submitted for the week ending on July 9, 2021, the hospital bed capacity is 358.9 of 427.0 beds used (or 84.1% full). The ICU capacity is 83.9 of 91 beds used (or 92.2% full). The current capacity data for adult inpatient beds and ICU beds is about average for this hospital. More importantly, there have only been six hospital admissions for covid-19 during this 7-day period, and all of these admissions are for adult patients who can recover with the right treatment protocol. Moreover, neither Dr. Cobia nor the hospital has admitted a single healthy pediatric patient, according to publicly available information. The seven-day average for hospitalized covid-19 patients is a mere 7.4, and NONE of these are pediatric patients. Dr. Cobia appears to be lying to manipulate the public into thinking the vaccine is the only way to prevent death. She seems to be pushing out dangerous propaganda to coerce and “guilt” parents into vaccinating their children. A John Hopkins’s study finds that there have been zero covid deaths among healthy children across the nation, so there is zero justification to vaccinate kids.

Even more telling, there were 856 people who went to the hospital suspecting they have covid-19 during the last seven-day reporting cycle. A total of 285 of this cohort tested positive for covid-19, but according to the hospital’s data, only 6 of the people were actually admitted as patients. Some of these patients have even been fully vaccinated. This indicates that medical professionals like Dr. Cobia have inundated people with so much fear and propaganda, that people feel compelled to seek the ER when they feel unwell. However, most of these people (roughly 66 percent) don’t even have covid and are sent home to get well. Of the remaining 33 percent who test positive for covid-19 out of this cohort, only 2 percent (6 patients out of 285) need medical care. This medical care is needed because these patients are already suffering from underlying medical conditions (and vaccine damage) that make them more susceptible to complications from (any) infection.

(Related: Government conducting clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate Americans to take covid-19 shots.)

According to the hospital’s data, there were NO young healthy covid patients “begging” for a vaccine

Read the whole article....

[link to www.naturalnews.com (secure)]

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1 hour ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

Im surprised that even Dr Coleman is under suspicion now .Ive been following him for ages and he has been speaking out about the effects of drugs and vaccines for many years .He gets very angry about the stupidity around him so who can blame him if he wants to swear .Is there a rule that says someone of 75 cant get enraged ? Nearly every person I follow in this saga says something I dont agree with so if someone says something or supports a certain person we dont like  does that mean we should write them off despite any good work they might have done ?

Anger is a natural human emotion.  So is crying. Whether you choose to record yourself being angry, swearing, crying and publicise it is a choice. 

A choice of wanting people to see you like it. Which is cringe.  There was a moment when the tears stopped even if real and he chose to upload it and destroy his nice calm man in a chair image. That he had built up. 

Im sure it tugged on some followers heart strings as is was meant to but for others we thought “Why did you do that?” 

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With social media none of them will be able to hide. We'll know well, who the collaborators are and where. Its not gong to be as easy as removing the Swastika from your attire. Those who always cower and serve the greater power will not be able to simply change sides this time.


There will be a reckoning and a holy judgement will befall those who served the bastards against their own kind of people.

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"What better cause to bring about the complete and global unity of mankind, than a global revolution to overthrow all the elite extortionists of man".


Far better than an Alien invasion. For the Elites would just sell us out to the Aliens for technology and power.... Or did they do that already?

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17 minutes ago, Daz181 said:



Have you got more information about this?


I think the tweet could have been worded better, as I believe, but not know it's

referring to this? All good whatever.

French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate



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MPs and campaigners alarmed at UK’s ‘discriminatory’ crime reduction plans

Government’s proposals include more frequent stop and search and making community service street cleaners ‘more visible’


MPs and campaigners have sounded alarm at a series of proposals in the government crime reduction plan, including more frequent stop and search, a trial of “alcohol tags” and criminals undertaking “visible” community service cleaning streets.


Liberty said the permanent relaxation of search powers would “compound discrimination in Britain and divide communities” and the former shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, said it was “alarming and counter-productive.”


Labour said the policy was a “rehash” of a number of preannounced proposals and expansions of existing pilots.

The strategy will include a plan for every neighbourhood in England and Wales to have a named and contactable police officer as well as a league table for 101 and 999 answering times.


Boris Johnson said the “beating crime plan” was part of the commitment to “levelling up” parts of the country plagued by crime and antisocial behaviour, but Labour criticised the strategy as lacking vision and said police were demoralised.


Among the proposals in the strategy are:

Permanently relaxing conditions on the use of section 60 stop and search powers for police to tackle knife crime

Expanding the use of electronic monitoring for thieves upon release from prison

Trialling the use of alcohol tags – which detect alcohol in the sweat of offenders guilty of drink-fuelled crime – on prison leavers in Wales

Making unpaid work “more visible” by getting offenders to clean streets and open spaces

Offenders doing community service will wear hi-vis as they clear canals or clean graffiti. “The intention is to make the price of crime visible,” one Home Office source said.

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