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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Eh yeah, dealing with criminals all day and having your efforts pissed on by impotent forms of punishment or rehabilitation. Crime isn't something that just live with, its a sickness that is symptomatic of an unhealthy society on whole. It should and could be eradicated.


But all this being said, for those with wisdom let them understand. For several centuries the Masons have been managing society with all manner of influences in order to bring about the great global revolution.


Brave New World..

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1 minute ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Depopulation most likely comes when they have total control over humanity. In a world with a global social credit system, it's a lot harder to speak out about those that are shipping people off to the gulag, surely?

yeah that will be the day our government will be totally perfect. Chinese haven't got anything bad to say about their government. Marvellous. lol

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6 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Not saying it's not true, but then I wonder what they're agenda actually is? Cos if it's depopulation then their plan sucks!

I can't tell coz I'm not one of them. Let's catch one of them - give bitch truth pill and we will know :)))))) 

Imagine before one of these bitches appears on TV someone throw truth serum to it's glass... 🤩

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5 minutes ago, Jikwan said:


We can play games like tacticalwarfare games on our phones

Why not these predator aliens have a game called earth2021

The players can buy access to the minds of top figures/fighters/popes/rich entrepeneurs/revolutionaries/politicos etc

And they play a pitched battle

Those who cant afford to buy access can place small bets


What if they are already doing that? 🤨

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12 minutes ago, Beaujangles said:


Oh really... we are only 2,000 AD ... how far back should we go? It is a little crazy isn't it... Surely if they keep planning the overthrow of humanity over and over - time and time again...you would think they would have perfected it by now.

I think it's perfect. 

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2 hours ago, Jikwan said:

les français ne sont pas des pussies.  ils ont des boules


People have invaded the city hall of Poitiers and destroyed everything, especially the Macron picture on the wall of the city hall

We are on the move, they will be on the run

We are going to cut some heads!!!!!!!!!





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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

A lot of the shit they're trying to do to us today couldn't have been achieved years ago in a more primitive world, but with the advancement of technology they have more power on their side.


Indeed, it wouldn't have got off the ground even ten years ago. They needed decent internet connections and smart phones to get this going - WFH and all the apps/track n trace garbage. Too unreliable even a decade ago.

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11 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

Thermal printers for stickers dont use ink cartridges  and Is worrying about being identified from the printer you use high on peoples list of priorities ? I can understand if you are dealing with sensitive documentation that could potentially incriminate you and lead to some serious bird,but worrying about stickers using cheap thermal printers ? the telegram groups where the stickers mainly come from are highly infested anyway so they have that covered,i do concede that the situation could change rapidly and printing stickers could lead to jail time,but we are a few weeks away from that yet  !


Oh 🤨


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