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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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When Caesar attempted to become King, the Roman Senate where so aware of the encroaching changes that could be seen as wisdom and justify the return of that which they fought to destroy.


And now we're facing a similar enemy. For it would seem wise that during a pandemic everyone gets vaccinated, it would seem to justify mandating vaccines to force those that may do harm.


But all is not as it seems. Lies and conspiracy from the very beginning. From its outbreak to the Cruising Petri Dish that kicked off this scamdemic. So no, its not wisdom and it doesn't justify the propaganda and censorship used to promote this so called real, global viral catastrophe.


If it wasnt for this deep seated fear constantly telling me to stay aware and extremely carefull, then for all the subterfuge and propaganda, I doubt I'd be able to connect the dots and see clearly now the seeds, those same seeds yet with a new face, the seeds of Fascism the belief that the few, by virtue of their higher knowledge and power have the right to tell others what to do.


That because others aren't living as well and using their lives to the best of their potential, better men thus have the right to then make better use of the bodies and lives of the poor, that for the greater good these peasants are better ruled over than the poor masters they made for themselves. A wasteful human life and without contribution to the group over the self is thus selfish, unproductive and therefore wrong so charge of the self should be taken over by ones better for the sake of the group.


They look at you and see waste. Poor management and the wasted resource that is a human being. Better they rule over you then, that by their grace you'd at least not completely disgust these, your betters with your poverty of mind and misuse of your body.

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7 hours ago, elongated1 said:


They just keep it coming, don't they? lol

Apparently, 98-99% of vaccine content is graphene. 😱

Our streets are now paved with graphene particles and it is more apt to call it Graphene world than clown world.... jus saying..


Once it gets into your body, the only way to get rid of it is amputation. 😱

Rich use same air and streets. What's the need to push vaccine when it's already in environment?


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48 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

Are you "On our side?"


What I am saying is that although the original source, which was Russian I believe, has been debunked by Factchackers, the fact remains that Jacques Attali has written many times regarding one world governance and has written about pandemics, also climate crisis.


So I am showing other sources of his writing that illustrate that point.


Unfortunately it is you who cannot accept that I am quoting OTHER SOURCES, NOT the original one.



Yes I am. I am against lockdowns, masks, fascist technocracy and think the vaccines are extremely dangerous.


Thing is, the information we post in support of these views is held to a much higher burden of proof than those posting information in support of the govt/MSM because we don't control the trusted media outlets. The smallest chink of falsehood is jumped on by the 77th and others and used to discredit the entire movement.

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Maybe the vaccine could incapacitate an individual if its subject to a certain EM frequency.


Politicians are lackies and do not know the full story. They've their data and they work as instructed. Only the hidden hand, those behind the Politicians again with an intermediary in between, a compartmentalized hierarchy of course, are privy to the real bad conspiracy stuff that we all suspect.

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30 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



Are all these people going to speak I wonder. It will go on forever if they do.


If Corbyn and Mark Steele talk about the vaccines and unproven 5G connections, then

the MSM will have a field day talking about conspiracy nutters and the movement on the whole

will suffer.


Not naming names, but I simply don't trust many on that list. I'm not happy.


I hope the crowd don't get kettled by the police like they did last year. Choosing Trafalgar Square imo is stupidity.


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More than 3.78 billion doses have been administered worldwide - enough to fully vaccinate 24.6% of the global population.


Remember, they cannot 'force' you.... But they can pressure you, they do not have to do business with you in any way.

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Facebook users can now add a #WorldIvermectinDay frame to profile photos!

Tell everyone that Ivermectin is the key! Key

Click or tap on your profile photo, select "update" then "add frame" and search for World Ivermectin Day!



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1 hour ago, Prometheus said:

Zarkov I want to make a pamphlet on ones rights regarding Police and lawful self-defence against them.

Great idea. 

I feel that Larken Rose demonstrates the most persuasive dialogues, a good foundational source from where to start/build.



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I don't think there are any hesitant vaxxers that are still on the fence, we're not going to convince anyone against it say this point and they're not going to convince anyone to take it who hasn't already.


I believe away this point, everyone's mind and beds have been made all that is left is to play out this drama. For if we haven't been fooled, intimidated or bribed by now then God has truly separated the Wheat from the Chaff.



Only 24.6% of the global population.... And that's their figures.

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Zarkov we could research law and common law and make a printable pamphlet that people could download, print and post.


It could contain your rights when dealing with police, what they can and can't do. And how you may defend yourself physically if needs be and then defend yourself in court. Most people don't know their rights and then fritter them away by doing business with the police by entering into contract by identifying themselves with ID etc... People have little idea how law really works.


Some real education for the people's.


Fact is almost everyone is intimidated by the Police and will behave submissive and obedient from Great of arrest, jail and court. So they fully take advantage and hand out fines that get paid out of fear.... And they earn £££ a tone though petty fines and scared citizens.

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29 minutes ago, zarkov said:

Pigs should be restrained.

Pigs in society are now NOT acceptable.

Pigs have shown they dont have the mental capacity to differentiate right from wrong which ironically is their fucking job.



Here here. Out of likes.


But they should be called wolves or rats.


Pigs are far nicer animals than police.

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