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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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On 7/19/2021 at 7:52 AM, whatthefoxhat said:

You forgot the 1 million plus who assmbled in London on the 26th of June,not a mask or bottle of hand sanitiser in sight,if anything was going to run riot through a crowd you'd have thought that those attending demo's would be dropping like flies,I've been to 6 so far and apart from a terrible cough i had a few weeks ago (i avoided any members of the medical profession as the diagnosis would have been,you've gussed it,i also smoke like a chimney so that might have summat to do with it) i'm in unusually rude health


I'll see if i can catch a scariant or 2 a bit later outside parliamnt

I would not have thought that anything would be passed around at that heart warming million march as possibly most if not all have not had a vax.

And you wont catch anything outside of parliament as they are probably using covid as an excuse to go into hiding, they arnt there.

So called leaders all over the world will use that (covid),excuse, to go into hiding from the people as they know what they are doing is insanely wrong. There time is short and they know it.

Scurry you rats or resign and stop what you are doing to us all.

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1 hour ago, Martin1234 said:

I saw something on Instagram about the coronavirus act needing to be renewed in September.


Correct me if I am off the mark here, but my understanding is that this act is what defines there being an emergency, and gives the government certain powers. It also allows the jab to be given under the emergency use authorisation. So if it isn't renewed, they can't administer the shot. Is that right?


I mean it's obviously going to be renewed, but it order to justify that, they need to make it appear as though there is actually am emergency, or fake pandemic still going on. So things aren't realistically going to change. We know that but the normies don't look that far into it. Realistically the pandemic will go on until 2023 when approval of the shot goes through.


I wouln't worry about that because it does not make any difference.....they make it as they go along and they always get away with it. They slip in the ''signatures over night'' you know?.....

They managed to get away with it for 17 months......they have all the ''hands and pens'' ready for their ''3,2,1 GO sign it!''


The only thing i can see.....soon enough......is the animal instinct, defense mechanism coming back to most of us.....and it won't be pretty... 

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Opinion: Empowering young people for our new normal


'Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s Britain as a young black woman was, despite my loving family, often incredibly hard but it seems staggeringly harder now for the current generation. I cannot imagine waking up at 18 to the news that my entire country, seemingly the whole world, has been shut down, wondering what will happen next and realising that the world has changed beyond recognition and I need to readjust my education and my career pathways. '


'Crises like Covid-19 offer an opportunity to pause, reflect and identify what works and how we need to innovate to ensure young people, regardless of their gender, race, social status or location, have the right skills to be the effective representatives of their generation today and the leaders of tomorrow.'


But it's just about a virus, TPTB are totally not trying to reshape the West or anything. /s

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Ghana to become first country to use contactless biometrics in national vaccination program


'The Ghana Health Service in partnership with Gavi and Arm will begin a biometric-based national vaccination program in October 2021 using contactless technology from Simprints. Starting in the Eastern region, the project is reportedly the first national vaccination scheme to use contactless biometrics.'

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23 minutes ago, Fluke said:


Sorry for what happened to Resistance GB but the guy who took this footage thinks David is a controlled opposition and possibly a..... like others suspect I don't trust the guy.

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@vinny79and other who have been put under pressure from the employer about the vaccine

I forgot to add this yesterday but you only have 3 months from the date of incident to make a claim against your employer so I urge you to make a quick move to find a solicitor if you are thinking of taking an action. I'd send a half dozen emails asking if they would take on your case and see which one sticks. The level of compensation changes depending on the severity. So one off incident might be categorised in the lower band of Vento Bands while ongoing situation might be put into the higher bands.


You need to note down date(s), who was involved, witness if any as well.

Also save some official documents to back up your claim that you believe participating in the vaccine clinical trial could harm your health, followed by a few examples of VAERS cases. Also, you don't believe injecting a poison is not best for your health and copy this government information.  Even though it is Australian, people are getting injected with the same Covid vaxx.

And don't forget, if you stand up for yourself, chances are that you are going to be saving other people in the process as well.

Lastly, What qualifies as a philosophical belief?



^ You can also phone above and ask them if you would have a good case. It's always good to hear different opinions about it.


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5 hours ago, alexa said:


He's changed his tune 😅

Andrew Lloyd Webber slams 'illogical and damaging' isolation guidelines as his £6million Cinderella musical shuts - after just ONE case


Andrew Lloyd Webber told the Daily Mail he will not lift the curtain until 'common sense prevails' after being forced to announce its cancellation hours before its first night with a full UK audience yesterday.


The world's ugliest man.

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