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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, vinny79 said:

Targeted because he questions the narrative and is a decent human being 

Yes - agree. The narrative  dictates that alt media will be targeted which is logical in war.

1 hour ago, Fluke said:

I was watching his stream and he got taken down camera went everywhere someone I'm guessing one of his mates grabbed the phone before the police did. Seemed like a nice chap first time I've seen him didn't look like he was doing anything to even provoke the police..

They must be getting a decent following then. Ist I saw of him was last months protest - did a decent job and comes across as decent

I guess alt media now needs to be a little more wary besides the obvious censorship.


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What is a bit curious to me is that they can just turn up and say vaccine passports for large venues - but they don't have to provide any kind of evidence for this. I mean what kinda democracy is that? All the backing data should be on public database for regular folks to analyse.

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Oh dear, I'm not even sure anymore if this is funny or sad......


But in the express they got one of the sage advisors to say that this summer we could see the largest amount of covid DEATHS ever!!!!


This is even though according to them 80 odd % have been jabbed. So how does that one work?

Could it be that these folks will be dying from ....................................zeeee jibby jab?



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1 minute ago, Mr H said:

I also found this quite interesting. Only 33% of Japanese vaxxed. 


chart: Express.co.uk July 14 2021 coronavirus vaccinations


Personally, I don’t believe any of their stats whatsoever; I mean the lies these ‘people’ tell are so humungous, why believe this stuff?


(Not having a go at you Mr H)

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1 hour ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

Apology accepted.


If you were to think about it and read the quote you would understand why I said that.

It was a warning to others, not a snipe at you. I should use 'one' instead of 'you', careless.


And as for:

"Have been for years. Was warning people over fifteen years ago that the elite were going to use an engineered pandemic to break down current systems and introduce the new system, eventually leading to world government. I was called crazy at the time".


Would you like to back up that bold statement with some evidence?


I'm not sure even surfingtheapocalypse.com caught that one before it was destroyed.


I'm not sure anyone predicted the method to be used for kicking the end game off. Be a shit plan if it was predicted 15 years ago.




Fair enough. Though I didn’t actually apologise. But I don’t wanna get into all that tit-for-tat stuff. So take it as an apology if you like. 


Ironically, however, I am going to apologise in advance for the length of this reply! lol


Regarding the ‘prediction’. It was a simple matter of reasoning. Around 2004/05, a lot of information came my way from different angles which started to wake me up. Then someone handed me a copy of DI’s Robot’s Rebellion. That was a real eye opener. It made me realise that there was a whole world of possibility. This obviously led to doing more research. I became aware of the NWO, or the plan to form a world government, a global tyranny (which isn’t a new idea - I mean, HG Wells spent most of his adult life arguing for the formation of a World State, as per that Orwell essay).


I got to thinking, ‘How could they achieve that? What would be the strategy?’ It seemed logical that they would need to break down existing systems, existing economies, and create a need for a new system. What would be the best way of doing that?  I was dimly aware that the emerging digital revolution was going to play a role in the NWO. So I figured a huge global war (in the traditional sense) might not be the best strategy since it could be very damaging to the infrastructure they had invested in. Like that old business maxim, ‘always protect your investment’. And it seemed to me that the NWO was nothing more than a new business plan for humanity.


Around the same time I saw an episode of Horizon which ran a very chilling simulation of a flu pandemic. It touched upon all the talking points that are relevant today. It went further and talked about the breakdown of societies, how there wouldn’t be people to drive the lorries to fill the shops so there would be shortages etc. Bingo. That was the light bulb moment. That was the strategy. It was the one thing that could affect every country around the world, while avoiding an all out war. 


When I drew that conclusion, a big part of my intuition was telling me it was the correct projection. Then it was further cemented by additional research and the swine flu panic of 2009. In fact, it seemed the first decade of the new millennium was marked by ‘global problems requiring global solutions’, each one attacking specific levels. Global terrorism, global warming (there was a huge propaganda push around 2006 for this), global financial crisis, then capped off nicely with a global pandemic scare.  


Back then I was so convinced that it was the key strategy, that I talked about it with people, even warned them to stock up on things because it would mean potential breakdown of society.  


Naturally the idea has matured since then; indeed, it’s now become a reality, and living in the middle of it I can see there was a lot I didn’t anticipate.


The only documented evidence I have is a dystopian novel I was writing. It was set in the future when the World State was well-established and was ticking along nicely. Part of the backstory was that the global oligarchs had engineered a global flu pandemic to break down world economies, plunging them into the ‘Black Hole’, the worst depression in human history. The global elite positioned themselves as the saviours and became the mythical founding fathers of the global federation. 


I had this ambition that it would serve as a warning. But I had this strange old thought in the back of my mind: ‘What if I’m helping to create this reality?’ So I stopped and started, eventually abandoning the project. Probably a bunch of superstitious nonsense. Probably should’ve finished it and got it published somehow. Oh well, the ship has sailed and I have no intention of finishing it now. 


I still have the manuscript on file somewhere. You’re more than welcome to a copy. 


The only other evidence are the friends and family who I spoke to at the time. But unfortunately I can’t wheel them out for testimony lol 


I’m sure other people concluded similar things. But that was the basic thought process I went through. 


There you have it. Kind of felt good writing that up. So thank you for asking the question.

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10 minutes ago, blowonthepie said:


Personally, I don’t believe any of their stats whatsoever; I mean the lies these ‘people’ tell are so humungous, why believe this stuff?


(Not having a go at you Mr H)

I actually agree with you. But I think even official distorted figs give a rough idea of sentiment in different countries. I was just unaware that the Japanese were anti vax...

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13 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


My God. They banged her head on the pavement. I want to wake up from this nightmare world.

They are doing exactly as theyve been told to do it...show unneccessary violence make the onlookers angry so they fight with police.....there will be police casualties then govt bans protests


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37 minutes ago, Mr H said:





These are not men, let alone policemen. They discredit the entire police force and disgrace their families with their despicable behaviour. It is impossible to see how they could think they are protecting and serving the public. unforgivable and sickening. I hope karma kicks them in the teeth and the nuts and brings them to truly understand and experience the all-consuming shame they should be feeling.

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42 minutes ago, Mr H said:





Imo, I reckon they do this as pure provocation, trying to incite the crowd to violence.

Generally they pick on harmless looking people; I’ve not seen them pick on a 6ft tall well built chap.


Pure provocation; get the crowd to attack them and you can bet the msm would be all over it like maggots on shit.

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2 hours ago, Roscommon said:

Got me thinking......

(Ah back in the day in a previous life)



A man (or woman) after my own heart, yes those were the days! Go out Friday night and come back on Sunday morning completely fucked off your head, no sleep just one long party. By 94 it had lost it's feeling, never worked out if it was the shite pills or it just got commercial. 

Still have my decks and have a spin a few times a month, great times which  I think about all the time. 

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1 hour ago, Prometheus said:

Natural Immunity is proven via an antibody blood test. Antibodies to 'what' yes, given that corona viruses make up around 30% of common cold viruses Id say most would probably pass but who trusts their tests anyway. Also he said from September only double vax can enter, he didnt mention antibodies...



David crowe infectious myth talking about antibody tests , IGG and igm etc

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Have the public not realised yet that these public venues are on their last legs through on / off lockdowns! How are they going to survive if they are limiting their numbers by banning the unjabbed? Answer - they're not. Not without significantly increasing their prices so that a night out for the average person will be unaffordable.


It's all BS of the highest order.


Once they are frequented only by be-jabbed who are liable to start dropping like flies in the next 12 months, those that have tried to limp along regardless will melt away into oblivion.


And the gobbins I saw in the Tesco Express earlier still hiding behind their germ laden face rags have lost the plot - assuming they ever  had a rudimentary grasp  of it in the 1st place, which I sincerely doubt.

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4 minutes ago, vinny79 said:

Is belief against something a protected characteristic under the 2010 equality act U.K.?

I would say, generally yes but all depends on the context.

I don't know how far you'd go with aliens are real....if you know what I mean. Not saying this is you but...


I think it was you or someone else who were pressured at work, harassed, read this article and educate yourself.

This claimant was affected duration of just a month if I read it correctly....



Truther crew, take no more shit.

Put them in their rightful place and stop them from bullying you.

This is how we take back our power one by one.


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1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:


They are busy blaming the unjabbered already, mainly in the US where people arnt buying it. Ive noticed a wave of bullshite on Twatter pushing this now.

And their govenment wont admit Jabbered are dying on mass.

Where as in the UK even the media are having to admit now & in Israel.

Jabbered are getting ill.




Thanks - out of reactions.

All happening at once, or so it feels, peaks and troughs keep us off balance.

excellent graphic - Why are the unvaccinated not dying?  works on its own too

September/Oct might be reading - why are only cell phone users dying, or wifi addicts, if barry trowers 40k/yr ONS brain tumour figures are correct. The sensitivity of jabbered might be increased enough so that regular domestic electrical supply has the desired effect!

Many looming questions!

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2 hours ago, ar55 said:

This is genuinely terrifying.


I’m 22 and, naturally, loved a night out prior to this nonsense.


There is not a hope in hell I’d roll the dice on death, blindness or life long heart problem(s) for a night out or a day at the football.


Looks like it’s going to be a sad and lonely life for us young ‘uns with a brain.


nah you just need to think outside the box


how life was before was the old paradigm. These pressures they are exerting on us can also be a motivator for us to make us get out of old ruts that we were in, old ways of thinking and doing


Its time to re-invent ourselves


The elites have THEIR vision for the future which is the 'great reset' but we need to create our own vision


If some businesses shut their doors to us then we need to create a parallel economy that serves our needs. If they create artificial food shortages then that is simply the boost we need to start joining local community gardens or cooperative projects or simply grow our own


If they shut us out of their schools then we need to create our own homeschooling and forest school networks


If they shut us out of the health system then all of those health workers who left because they had ethical concerns with what they were being asked to do can form their own practices.


If the mainstream media is full of BS then we need to support our own independent media


Its time to start thinking of alternatives, creating them, partnering with other people to realise them and to create another way. If young people are more internet-orientated then use that to your advantage because the internet is really just a giant communication network so it can be a way to bring people, ideas and resources together over distances.

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