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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 minute ago, CosmoGenesis said:

Guys I need some advice. 


So my employer has just emailed asking for my vax status. 


Am I within my rights to not say either way?

It's none of their business. However, someone very helpfully posted this last night that may help you. Medical privacy exists and your employer is overstepping the mark here. 



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4 hours ago, Frankieboy said:

What I dont understand !


A Ex work college left work last month to join the Swiss Guard in the Vatican 


The Vatican has mandatory vaccine program for all its Staff !


The Vatican is in my view a big part of the cult!


so why would they be Jabbing the very ones that protect them?

its a change of civilisation. a complete alteration of the cultural basis.


trying to imagine the world pre christianity / age of aries 0bc ishly is mind boggling

everything has been rewritten, hidden, codified, secreted within history and religious teachings.


we are at the cusp of the age of aquarius. Age of Pisces is going. the human race is to be changed physically and mentally .


they are undergoing the change now mentally and physically


we were spat out of the world, rejected by the new philosophy. Our energy was incompatible

we didnt see the 'trick' or 'the con' we were pushed out.


ever seen In the Mouth of Madness



John Trent: Every species can smell its own extinction. The last ones left won't have a pretty time of it. And in ten years, maybe less, the human race will just be a bedtime story for their children; A myth, nothing more.


Linda Styles: A reality is just what we tell each other it is. Sane and insane could easily switch places if the insane were to become the majority. You would find yourself locked in a padded cell, wondering what happened to the world.


we are going to be the Pikeys, the travellers, the Tuatha'an


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2 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


I am not anti-vax I am pro health, they are anti-health. 


Thank you, SimonTV.


The Sun overplays its hand and exposes the desperation and malice of some very powerful interests. 


If ever I should doubt my stand against whatever the fuck is going on (CV-19, vaccines, 'green'/bio-tech agenda) I will look at this editorial to remind myself that something is up, something big and probably beyond my comprehension, but it is happening. Depopulation, money-making, whatever, it is real and represents an unprecedented attack on freedom, humanity and health. 





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There is a tiktok video on the page that allegedly shows a man who was doused in gasoline and burnt, skin hanging off etc. looks faked!




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2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

Sebastian Eubank had a massive heart attack and drowned in Dubai .  66 per cent in the UAE

have had both jabs. Was he one of those, I wonder.


His widow said


"There was evidence of a pre-existing heart condition we were all unaware of"  Really?

Sebastian Eubank: Chris Eubank's son died from massive heart attack while watching sunset in Dubai, says widow

Following a post-mortem examination, Salma Abdelati says her 29-year-old husband had a "pre-existing heart condition" which was not previously known about.



Looks a picture of health to me.




It’s telling that it’s only really lone sportspeople taking the jab.


The likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool etc haven’t done any vaccine campaigns - presumably as they don’t want to risk assets worth up to £150m.



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