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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, moneyistheroot said:

I’m just stood waiting for the train to work, I’ve noticed lately I keep seeing people with the exemption lanyards but then donning a mask anyway? There’s loads today wtf? Can someone explain the thought process behind that one. 😂😂

Clown world needs clowns.

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Very sad to say but the killings won't stop until the killings start


And that isn't happening on a global scale nor is it reaching the right 'strata's' of society


Peaceful,legal methods have been shown to be abject failures up to now and i personally don't see that changing as those goalposts on wheels keep moving with more and more draconian rules laws and edicts being issued by the day


Freedoms once taken are never EVER given back willingly and unconditionally so all i can see is the fact that people have to prepare themselves with the cold hard facts and how they are going to deal with it


(please don't answer and incriminate yourself ;-),the bastards are everywhere)



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