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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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9 hours ago, ar55 said:

Those who took the AstraZeneca can’t travel from the UK to Europe.


Is this a ploy to force people into being vaccinated again?


No, they’re saying you’re fucked if you do, and you’re fucked if you don’t.


They have seen how gullible and brainwashed the bulk of the peasants are and are seeing and sawing so much it makes your head spin.


If you’ve got any sense you can see that; the others; it just addles their brain more and they accept it.

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1 hour ago, BossCrow said:


Matt Le Tissier speaking out about convid.

The replies are full of people telling him he’s ‘better than this’ but failing to say why he’s wrong.


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7 hours ago, Nats and dogs said:

Here's an email I received recently. We're in a spiritual war. Trust God, keep going, and don't give up.


Dear friends,

I see so much doom and gloom news floating around, that I want to give a quick shout out.  The tide is turning.  Let me say that again...The tide is turning! No, the world is not doomed.  No, our nations are not doomed.  The world is waking up as never before.  Never in all of human history were so many people - doctors, lawyers, nurses, scientists, etc - waking up to what is going on.  Never before in human history has evil been exposed as it is today.

Never before in all of history were the people of the earth united as now, in an unprecedented uprising against the powers of darkness.  Never before has the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, politics, media, big tech, the banking system, the Vatican, the satanic families, etc. been exposed as is happening right now.

Never before in the entire history of mankind have so many people from every country realized how they have to step away from foolishness and turn back to the Source of Light and Live and start changing this world.

What we are seeing is not - I repeat, it is NOT - the realm of darkness taking over the world. It is literally an unprecedented dawn of the light that is wiping out the very powers of darkness. We are witnessing the dawn of a brand new day for humanity.  The birth of a new breed of people who will not be dumb, silly, superficial, selfish, proud and egocentric, but who are the lions and eagles who will destroy the vipers and wolves, and build a new world.

We are at the dawn, the very first beginning.  This movement of awakening cannot possibly be stopped, because it’s a worldwide awakening of hundreds of millions and its only getting started!  So rise up from the dark mist of depression and fear and see the future.  The worldwide snake of the cabal is being cut in half and it will be thrown into the fire.  Those that think they are going to reign the earth, will be burrowed deep in the dirt of the earth and their names will be forgotten.

The names of the heroes of humanity will be exalted and they will be remembered forever.  The future is bright.

It may get rough and tough for a while, as the powers of darkness are roaring like the sick madmen they are, trying to submit every divine, royal human prince and princess to their tyrannical madness, but they will find that they will fall in their own swords.

This world is destined to become a place of love, goodness, joy and freedom like never before.  Christ utterly and totally defeated the ruler of the realm of evil two thousand years ago. But people have maintained the ancient structures and practices of evil, and hope to revive the age old dark powers that have been defeated by the Light. But now they are being beheaded as well.

Have courage and faith. Look BEYOND - I say it again: look BEYOND - the dark clouds that are currently lingering over the earth, pouring toxic rain on the nations. Look beyond the intense blackness of the storm that is raging in our world.

See the radiant light that is breaking through on the horizon.  See the burning flame in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people all over the world, that is beginning to spread like never before.
Allow this fire of love, freedom, goodness, courage, truth and hope to burn inside of you too.  Spread it around.  Share the hope.

See the mighty angels, the incredibly powerful warriors of the glorious realms of goodness, tearing down the age old power structures of the enemy, and hear the voice of truth that is echoing all around the world - as never before in the existence of this world.  We are in a historic time. The powers of wickedness think they will succeed, but their downfall is in front of them.

God is here and he is doing something incredible that will change the world forever.  Christ did not die on the cross to surrender his dearly beloved people into the cruel claws of darkness.   Let that sink in.

May the light of hope burn into your heart and mind and lift you up from the abyss of despair, and give you wings of eagles to soar above the dark clouds, seeing the beautiful land ahead.

This is the time to be courageous and steadfast.  This is the time to lift your spirit above what your mind beholds, and observe what lies ahead.  This is a time to stop listening to the voices of doom and gloom, and to rise and shine.

I will soon share much more, to provide abundant evidence for all I just said.  Hang on. Have hope.  We are winning.


David Sorensen



Im at the stage where this kind of stuff is just new age bs.


Please note that I’m in no way meaning this as a put down to you.


As far as I’ve seen from the scenes online - and where I live - the huge number of people who believe this crap far outnumber those who don’t.


It’s  good that people are positive, but man, you’ve got to be realistic as well. 


Okay, do what you can to spread what’s really going on, but be fully prepared for what may really happen; and just remember, most of us are only human, and ups and downs are gonna happen.


Theres a real shit storm coming; be prepared; love and light can only help so much.

To exist here you sometimes have to get down and dirty.


All the best to you.

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5 hours ago, Morpheus said:

So, I'm hearing rumours that my employer has ordered a fuck load of tests. Not sure how to react to that, but I'm telling you now, I won't be taking a test to go to work. 


Also ran into one of my colleagues who I've not seen since the start of this shit show. Asks how I am. 


Said I feel like shit. The surprise on her face. I'm thinking, where the fuck have you been? So you're alright with this are you love? Ok with how things are going are you? It's all hunky fricking dory is it? Knob head. 


Another reason why I don't want to go back to the office because these weasel's will be attempting to pry into my inner deepest thoughts and I just know I'll blow up.


Fuckin zombies, I've had enough now. Stop, I want to get off now! Fuckers, I'm back to hating everyone again. FFS. 😤


I feel your pain Morpheus; it’s like a goddamn roller coaster ride; up down around and round. 


I have no solutions myself; but knowing it’s ‘just a ride’ here helps, a lot.

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2 hours ago, BossCrow said:

A few ways to beat facial recognition;


Scrim net / sniper veil. The patterned ones work better-




face paint in conjunction with sunglasses should work, quite conspicuous though;






anti facial recognition glasses-facial_recognition_glasses_anti.jpg.0f73686ddee9695d619265b16b5ca147.jpg


this one's good;



Cotton wadding in the cheeks; plastic Groucho glasses and mo; plastic vampire teeth.


If anyone says anything; these days you can just say that you ‘identify’ with that character 🙄





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On a different note; watched Jeff Berwicks latest video earlier; lots of good info that I don’t see elsewhere, delivered in Jeff’s usual unique way.


If you can’t be bothered watching the whole thing- which would be a shame, from about 54 mins, coroner trying convid blackmail; Ugandans calling and showing bs on convid deaths etc etc.



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21 minutes ago, NG10 said:

Eight people currently on ventilators at a large hospital close to me. All under 50. All double jabbed. 

What would be the normal number of people under 50 on ventilators this time of year in that hospital in previous years?

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3 hours ago, BossCrow said:


Matt Le Tissier speaking out about convid.


Good on him. Nothing to lose career-wise since SKY axed him as part of their diversity drive BS, and he's always been his own man. Need more straight talking people saying the same, without quickly qualifying it with "...I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...".

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On 7/1/2021 at 11:25 AM, Frankieboy said:


😂 to be honest!  I have started to  cock my leg up whilst urinating in public!


On 7/1/2021 at 11:11 AM, DarrynB said:

Covid common in cats and dogs, study finds




*The authors of the study said no evidence of pet-to-owner transmission had been recorded to date but it would be difficult to detect while the virus was still spreading easily between humans.



And cats and dogs do not social distance. They sniff eachother at the ass. What if a horse can have Covid? My dog eats horse shit. 

Animals just know if there is something like a virus or not and what's good for them. It all comes from the inside when people get sick. When animals get sick they are all going into the woods to doctor Rabbit. 


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9 hours ago, Morpheus said:

I dunno, I'm having a bad day today, first in a while. I've been quite happy recently (despite the shit show) but I'm fuming today. Just sick of it now. I've had enough. 

My wife and I had a bad morning. I popped out of it around 11.30 as I was talking to like-minded people

The wife eased out of it around 2 ish


I felt it when I woke up, a long REM sleep but can't fully remember the dreams. GAH. 


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On 7/2/2021 at 1:54 AM, blowonthepie said:

Has this been posted; pretty much what the ‘elite’ want; and the karens going along with it.

I reckon the Karen’s are the ones to beware of; sometimes I wish I had a gun 😬




Same here. Wish i lived in america or somewhere similar so i could buy ordanance whenever i felt like. Would love a gun. Purely for acemdemic purposes. Not for turning the new world order into the extinct world order - i would never do that.

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35 minutes ago, Dazzer said:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the USA.


Good god, is he pissed? 

This is the guy who got the most votes ever recorded in US election history 🤡

What's good though is if I come across someone who believes that, I know I'm dealing with someone who's either very stupid or very dishonest.


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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Dazzer said:

Anyone know where I can find this clip without the ending?


I want to send it to someone but the last bit is a little bit..... 

The last bit is images taken from a mural at Denver airport.

Why bother sugar coating it for people?


Just send them the link and if you like, you could say that the images are from here:





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Posted (edited)

From the Main David Icke Page:




A 12-year-old girl is now wheelchair-bound after taking part in a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine trial.


On Monday 28th June, US Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, held a press conference at the Federal Courthouse in Milwaukee to address the rise in Covid-19 vaccine injuries.

At the meeting, Johnson invited people from across the country to speak about their experiences with the vaccine and the injuries that they themselves or someone they know suffered as a result of receiving it.

One woman who spoke is the mother of a 12-year-old girl who is now wheel-chair bound and suffers from memory loss after she received the Pfizer jab.


Stephanie de Garay, of Ohio, claimed that her daughter Maddie was a perfectly healthy 12-year-old before she and her brothers were enrolled in a Pfizer vaccine trial in January. After Maddie received her second dose of the jab, she was left with a long list of horrific injuries and illnesses, which have forced her to be put on an NG feeding tube.


“All three of our kids volunteered and were excited to participate in the trial as a way to help us all return to normal life.” Stephanie told Sen. Johnson that she has a degree in electrical engineering and her husband works in the medical field, and they are both pro-vaccine and pro-science, which is why they allowed their children to take part in the trial.


“Before Maddie got her final dose of the vaccine she was a healthy 12-year-old who got straight A’s and had lots of friends, she had her life, she was energetic, she was not like this.


That mother should immediatly be removed from those kids.

Examples like these, where a mother lets her kids take an experimental agent and then cries when something goes south is beyond comprehension.

Absolute madness, absolute disgusting.

Im so sry for this girl and that she is now damaged for life, due to the decision her mother made.

I cannot formulate in words how angry this makes me. I have problems to call that parent "mother".

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