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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, Bombadil said:

Guess by having severe memory loss, she will forget what cunts her patents were for getting her to “volunteer.”

Now if she had some horrific permanent illness or terminal cancer, I would understand trying anything and everything. But this…


Sad but sort of funny when these virtue signaling morons get their just rewards :)

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The expanded Service NSW QR system will apply from July 12.

Businesses listed below are required to check-in people attending the site: 


Anybody visiting a restaurant or pub for takeaway. 


Retail shops, gyms and fitness centres.


Shopping centres and individual shops in the centres.


Offices, factories and warehouses.


Universities and TAFE campuses. 


Staff, teachers and guests at schools - but not students. 




So in Australia who needs vaccine passports?

 when they can do the same thing quite underhand and force QR code scans on pretty much everywhere you might go.

I can see this being adopted here very soon and people would accept it.

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12 hours ago, Human10 said:

What worries me lately they call kids to give them HPV vaccine secretly in school. Call them one by one randomly different days... What I think they are age that they could try to convince them to jab. My daughter told me they don't want to scare them... Few days ago they had jab propaganda on science how woman dying from cervical cancers... 🙄




great interview by david crowe with dr sin hang lee on HPV




there are a couple more on HPV




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1 hour ago, alexa said:


I reckon they bought it forward a decade b/c our junk DNA had began to awake.

It maybe the reason why we are so awake and others are still a sleep.

I also believe that the awakened have been chosen by God for this war, hence the reason why Satan has but a short time.

Out of likes.

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This came up in the news yesterday, MPs calling for greater protection for shop workers.


Have you heard of shop workers being attacked?


I think this is another pre-emptive law being put into place, because in a food shortage situation, they may need protection.








This is not a major concern right now, why all the fanfare???

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FDA reverses itself: rejects COVID antibody test results; insanity reigns


by Jon Rappoport


(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)  

Even a robot programmed to “follow the science” would throw up his hands in despair while reading the latest FDA COVID pronouncement.


After untold numbers of people have been given antibody tests to determine their COVID status, the FDA now states:


“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication informing the public that results from SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate immunity or protection from COVID-19 at any time, and especially after the person received a COVID-19 vaccination.”




I’m imagining just a small sample of people-- perhaps 5000 -- marching in unison into a hospital, saying, “We tested positive for COVID on an antibody test…and then we had to isolate, and some of us were treated with toxic drugs…and NOW we learn that the antibody test is useless…”


The FDA document, dated May 19, 2021, is titled: “FDA In Brief: FDA Advises Against Use of SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test Results to Evaluate Immunity or Protection From COVID-19, Including After Vaccination”.


Digging a little deeper in the document, we have a statement referring to the COVID vaccine:


“The authorized vaccines for prevention of COVID-19 induce antibodies to specific viral protein targets; post-vaccination antibody test results will be negative in individuals without a history of previous natural infection if the test used does not detect the type of antibodies induced by the vaccine.”


In other words, the FDA is saying, “Look, the vaccine creates specific antibodies against the spike protein, not the virus. If you take the standard antibody test after vaccination, it’ll be useless, because the test isn’t meant to detect antibodies against the spike protein. It only detects antibodies against the virus.”


This raises several serious questions. One of them is: Since developing antibody tests is as easy as pie, why hasn’t the FDA developed one that detects antibodies against the spike protein?


And the answer to that question is obvious. If the FDA did develop such a test, then---in terms of conventional vaccine theory---it would be easy to see how well the vaccine is working, or not working.


And THAT is not a goal public health officials want to achieve. That is not a risk worth taking. Suppose, after testing 20,000 vaccinated people, it turns out that only 800 have produced antibodies against the spike protein?


Another (unanswered) question: Are specific antibodies against the spike protein, conferred by the vaccine, sufficient to neutralize, disable, destroy the actual virus if it drops down out of a cloud and tries to infect a vaccinated person?


Of course, as my readers know, I’ve spent a year demonstrating that no one has proved the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists. However, I make many forays into the insane world where people believe the virus is real; and I show that even within that world, the experts contradict themselves and compound their egregious fallacies like rabbits spawning babies.


This latest foray shows the FDA is both criminal and insane.




(The link to this article posted on my blog is here -- with sources.)


(Follow me on Gab at @jonrappoport)

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5 minutes ago, bradlaw said:

Bought and paid for or just a true idiot ...either way a bullet in his head would be the best option for society to put this behind them.


Couldn't agree more, how he can come out with a comment like that when the government's own figures show that statistically, children have ZERO chance of dying from "covid" is beyond me.


Paid actor or dumb-ass medic?


Behavioural psychologist from SAGE pushing the government narrative.

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While i agree all this is about control and likely de-population/sterilization, new world order in general.

But how "they" deal with the military system? Can't let millions of "soldiers" (and police) weaking and die slowly...? Also you need to get infrastructure running well.


I meant, those elites are not all friend to eachothers.. even their goal is probably the same? Or is there

different vacciness for some of military personels. The secret kind of world army with the newest high tech.

Or are they so delusional, power hungry and evil, they dont even thinked about it? Yes i know narcissist can be like that. They are not wise in the end game.


I have also thinking, maybe these first wave vacciness are pretty much "harmless" (which i dont believe), the booster/future vacciness can be totally different, but this is all about running the new world order in at this point. And this hoax Covid was great for that.  Sorry about my bad english.


Edit, if they have waited for 20-30 years more i believe this all would be much easier for them. More brainwash the better.

There is simply too much "old world" left in our minds. Did they rush their plan, it feels so?

Did they underestimate their "enemy"? If so, it's their first and only mistake. History have enough proof for that. Laught, march and trumpet now, cry later...

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1 hour ago, angelwitch-freeman said:

But how "they" deal with the military system? Can't let millions of "soldiers" (and police) weaking and die slowly...? Also you need to get infrastructure running well.


Speculatively: There seeems to have been a state-sponsored drive to 'defund the police', suggesting that the elite-pedophile-politician class may have a broader plan to replace much of the existing military / police with some other group of 'soliders'. As flawed as the current security services are, there are still some good people in there. One interesting historical precedent for this is when Hitler fired or retired many police leaders in his rise to power. 


In other words: The pedoticians (pedophile-politician-class) and their puppetmasters may simply not care if vast numbers of the 'security services' are maimed  by their chemistry experiment. The primary objectives are fear and chaos. 


As you have probably noticed: The people police themselves when subjected to the current level of psychological manipulation by professional cult programmers. It may be that conventional, kinetic control systems (military, police) are unnecessary.



Or are they so delusional, power hungry and evil, they dont even thinked about it? Yes i know narcissist can be like that. They are not wise in the end game.


This is likely another aspect to the unfolding hoax. On one level, these pedoticians and their string-pullers are very stupid and have not wargamed all the potential outcomes of their actions. 


On this same topic, I feel that this is the reason why this third world war we are in will soon come to an end. Love always wins in the end because it is the more intelligent force.



There is simply too much "old world" left in our minds. Did they rush their plan, it feels so?


I also suspect they had to rush their plan. If this had been properly engineered, then the vaccine passport tech would have been waiting in the sidelines. Instead, if you look, for example, at the vaccine cards being used, they are basically bits of paper with handwriting on them. I mean, look at the CDC's vaccine card. Anyone could print this off and fill it in, there is no nationally agreed way to notate the form, or any watermark or other security feature:



What I suspect happened is that they had to rush this plan through on account of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Although they thought things through to the point where they could brute-force the US elections in their favor using the hoax, I don't feel that they realized that there would be considerable push-back from free-thinkers.


It's worth remembering that the last time they tried a mass-genocide on this scale, the internet did not exist. 


As much at the internet is a conduit for their propaganda; it is also a unique tool for the resistance to destroy the pedotician class. It may not look like it right now, but we are slowing destroying them in the light of awareness.

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12 hours ago, Simple Actions said:


Sometimes i feel disgusted for being born in Portugal...

Funny enough.....i guess at current times Everyone Everywhere might say the same about their home countries falling for all this nonsense..

Try being Irish at the moment 🤔

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Guest Gone Fishing...
21 minutes ago, owen said:

Try being Irish at the moment 🤔


Dave Cullen on 'Computing Forever' does the Irish proud. 

Repeatedly harassed on Yewtube :



Took to Bitchute instead. A man fully awake and speaking out constantly :




BC :0) 


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The above video has already been posted (sorry not sure by whom) but they make a really important point that I hadn't really fully acknowledged.


That is, the vaccine (so-called) has only been authorised under emergency use, so therefore, in order to justify and have the legal carte blanche to continue its roll-out, there still needs to remain in place a heightened state of public health emergency.


Otherwise, they would have to respect the Nuremburg Code.


I know, they should respect it anyway, obviously.


But this does explain a lot.



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