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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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i wonder what horror they are really covering up


Highwire reports on miscarriage data. Seems a study has been produced showing miscarriages are within normal data figures for the jabbed. Normal figures within the 0-20 week period is 10-25% the jabbed data shows a 12% miscarriage rate however ///// they fudged the data and in actuality the figure for the jabbed is 80+% miscarriage rate


check it out





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1 hour ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Agreed....us guys couldn't give a flying fuck about a woman's status but the female of the species does seem to associate power and money with attractiveness.....even if the man looks like a poodle with an abscess.


Maybe she‘s into Iggle Piggle!



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7 minutes ago, Noctua said:

London protests: Police arrest 12 as weekend demonstrations begin - BBC News

London protests: Police arrest 12 as weekend demonstrations begin

9 minutes ago


"We believe certain protest groups are specifically intending to disrupt some business locations or potentially cause criminal damage to property.

"If this happens we will take further action as required to prevent offences being committed or deal with anyone committing criminal acts."



That's the plod agitators he's  talking about.

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3 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


Matt Hancock's macho image would be greatly enhanced with a Burt Reynolds hair piece or a Starsky. Maybe a Roger Moore? 


Hancock down at the syrup of figs shop.



Or some facial hair maybe? 😄



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The following is from the BBC website....sorry I just had to look to see what they were saying.


Whether it was austerity or Palestine, lockdown or the NHS, campaigners of all ages and backgrounds wanted to make their voices heard today.

The pandemic put a stop to protests, but today campaigners came out in force.

It didn't matter your cause, all groups mixed and chanted alongside each other.

Thousands came to Regent Street bringing placards, flags and familiar chants.


So it seems they finally admit to slightly more than hundreds, but there is no particular cause! FFS


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amazed there wasnt 'popup' vax tents arranged by .GOV to take the piss


i mean 40 years ago they would have a sense of humour . wtf has happened to these knobs in parliament?


humourless bunch of tw@ts


they could have a few actors departing from the march to get a quick jab and maybe some trying to encourage others to join in.


wheres the commitment to the plandemic at times like these?


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