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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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45 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

From Odds;


I like how he makes out he cares about the cat. But this is the level of policing nowadays. Thick as shit a lot of them. The superiors should be doing the dirty work themselves and knocking on peoples doorsteps but they send wallys like this 3 to do it. 


Need more uniformed officers to actually go who ever issued these jobs read through it and then question it but the workplace doesn't work like that and they take advantage. 


The bird in the video handled it well though. "We would like to arrest you but we cant come in" 😂. And then they come back. 

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1 hour ago, BossCrow said:



I notice senor Redfearn only states a "daughter"

What's the bets he had 10 daughters and didn'ae name them because he knew they'd all get so sick of listening to his shite shite patter in the wee tragic roll shop they done the imaginable. Plamf. 

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59 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

I think you are closer to the mark with lower standards,and its still an offence to impersonate a police officer  and stab vests with official met markings dont come cheap !

Yeah I think you're right there. I'm still in shock by it though! 

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2 hours ago, BossCrow said:

Yep! 😂

Ive just watched the full video, frightening how brain washed the woman was, not being able to make the obvious links between the jabs and damage/ death. And the handshake at the end! 🤣

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13 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

So when I hear someone referring to them as lazy, ignorant twats, who are going to get what they deserve, I will most definitely react, every time. 


we all have the same situation with family. I have tried getting through to my sister about the kiddie jabs upcoming but she doesnt want to know based upon 'my family, my choice'.


the trouble is my family and their actions are ushering in by consent the neo-marxist, everything is public, technocratic, 24/7 monitoring, bio implant society in which there will be 'no family and no personal choice'


and they'll be eyeing the NHS 'health app' as a lifestyle choice if they aint got it already


and do not delude yourself, they will support mandatory vaccines or 'no jab no job' or 'forced individual quarantine for non vaxxed' because they are already programmed to think this way



its fucking tragic, they are zombies




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8 hours ago, Dickwan said:

I have little involvement with the NHS, well, as little as I can these days, but I fear you're right - someone mentioned earlier about the difference between being intelligent and being 'aware'; lots of 'intelligent' people have sleep-walked into taking "jabs". But you're right, people like me making polite anti-vax comments will wash off the backs of seasoned NHS health professionals. The risk of not making car payments, Sky TV, store cards, etc, is too much for most folk. 


For what it's worth, I hope your girl doesn't end up jabbed. 


And Whatsa (if you don't mind me calling you this), I like your posts and wouldn't want to spill your pint!


To anyone with sense the risk of losing Sky TV sounds like a consummation to be devoutly wished..


It shouldn't take much awareness to realise that anything promoted by characters like Bliar and Kissinger is best avoided.


Rather than clamouring for unsafe vaccines, the proles should instead demand some of whatever has been keeping Kissinger alive for so long.  The el-ite - as shown by examples such as Mr K, the Queen and Rupert Murdoch - pretty obviously have access to advanced and effective medical  treatments unknown to everyone else.





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Old news i suppose in this fast paced web of bullshit we are experiencing but i found the quote that '5 pilots in India have also died ' interesting and BA doing the word salad shuffle in neither confirming nor denying (so that'll be a yes then)  that the jabs were in any way to blame



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