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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Atleast its starting to creep into the msm now, I have been mentioning to people I cross paths with for months now, telling them to go to the CDC website and read the information they have on these tests, at first it went through one ear and out the other now people are starting to question it. Hopefully it's the start of the whole house of card Billy Hellgates fraud collapsing and these jokers face criminal charges. 

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5 hours ago, The Illuminator said:



Erm you know this vaccine isnt a shield yeah? It just lesser symptoms.


Erm, you know this vaccine isn't a vaccine? There is no cure for the cold, except maybe lemon, honey and a dram of fine whiskey.


You can't create an antedote to a pathogen you have not identified, even if you did it would take years of trials to test it's efficacy.


Immunisation is bogus, it prevents nothing but causes serious 'side-effects' (main effects) including autism and sudden infant death.


A spook from Oxford University stated, "It will only sterilise 70% of people" and will require regular dosage, like the fake flu' jab.


They have also admitted that after the vaccine has been administered, it will not diminish the need for the "new normal."


Once these nanobots, disguised as a vaccine, infiltrate your neural pathways, you cease to be human and become a robot.





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50 minutes ago, Velma said:


Once these nanobots, disguised as a vaccine, infiltrate your neural pathways, you cease to be human and become a robot.





I would like to add to this because it is relevant. Deborah Tavares of stopthecrime.net has been exposing this. I tend to believe her as she personally has been exposing Rothschild, PG&E and Smart/Kill cities. She is someone who DI should really talk to as she has first hand knowledge about a lot this stuff. This is what she posted about how 5G is meant to interact with the vaccine.

Deborah's site highly recommend:


WEF document:




5G Kill Grid – Urgent please read this email thread  . .

This thread is a conversation between Mark Steele in the UK and Deborah Tavares of StopTheCrime.net .


This is the document of discussion from the World Economic Forum:

From: Mark Steele

Subject: RE: ALERT Mark Hello. This is Deborah – Have you seen this? Please review and discuss . . .

Date: July 1, 2020 at 12:35:47 AM PDT

To: Deborah Tavares




The push for the 5G kill grid.  The spectrum frequencies 3.5GHz 26 and 36  will activate the dormant pathogens in the contaminated Vaccines that have metal contamination also so that the body acts as a resonator opening up the cells for the pathogens and increasing their lethality. The 60GHz will gas the populations causing Oxygen starvation.


Good to see the admission that there will be no G’s after 5 as most people will be dead by 2025

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The so called second wave apparently here is wrong on several accounts certainly in the UK

Firstly basing decision making on positive results of these tests is unsound.


Secondly the level of testing in the first wave was done mainly on the already.sick ignoring the healthy.


So there is no comparison or comparing that can stand up to scrutiny..

Combine those two and the whole thing is perversely unscientific and much of it is presented to the public by people who have no idea what they are talking about and/or are cherry picking scientific research. One or two of the knowledgeable and unbiased have inadvertently slipped into the clutches of the main stream media but they won't get invited back.


Last night's Richie Allen show highlights again one such occurrence .



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Boris Johnson said a second national lockdown would likely have "disastrous" financial consequences for the UK, and this was why new restrictions - such as the "rule of six" - were necessary to "defeat" the disease. Well, did it “defeat” the disease? Apparently not because now he wants even tougher measures.


At present, roughly one in five of the UK population is already under local lockdown and struggling to maintain their business. Sturgeon said the next few days would be "critical" to avoid another full-scale lockdown in Scotland, but the Scottish hospitality sector claim that would be "catastrophic" for those in the industry.


Nevertheless, if we don't do as we are told and obey the stricter regulations, (which are really still lockdown) it will be enforced nationwide, regardless of the “disastrous” consequences to the economy, the family, business, our sanity.... They are sacrificing us for the “Greater Good” which is actually downright evil.



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16 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

5g coverage. yellow marks areas of most deaths then.

how are the emergency services in these areas going to avoid being zapped?

theres a lot of the uk thats 5g free, including me.



Yeah for now, it's meant to be implemented in the communitarian UN habitat smart city program. No doubt they'll add more when everyone is on the second house arrest just like they did the first go round.

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Thanks, that channel has some other interesting content.


I hope this dude did not got tased, it can be lethal or render a person brain dead for life if they are deprived of oxygen long enough. I've see cases of cops abusing their taser resulting in the victim being brain dead. This is why I don't understand how more people don't realize that masks are actually bad in that they reduce oxygen intake.


Over a long period of time this mask agenda will certainly add to the poor physical condition many people find themselves in already due to other reasons such as lack of nutrition. Lack of oxygen to the brain INCREASES chances of a stroke too. Not only that but the psychological aspect from being dehumanized and forced to wear a mask once more people share information and this entire charade begins to fall apart. Gonna be a lot of very angry people once they wake up.


In lay terms an analogy that is easy for people to understand would be a vehicles exhaust system...


With oxygen and the human body, it's the same thing with a automobile or any combustion engine. The first thing that auto enthusiasts do when they modify their car for better performance is they remove the stock factory pressure-bent restrictive exhaust system and they install a larger diameter mandrel-bent stainless steel. Or in extreme weight savings applications they will use Titanium but it's rare because it's super expensive.


Pressure-bent or what is generally referred to as "press-bent" exhaust system vs mandrel bent: Press bent is the tube bending machine used to form curves in the exhaust to route it under the vehicle around or over or under the axle or suspension components, but a press bending machine bends the exhaust in a way where it decreases the diameter at the bend reducing the speed of air flow.


Mandrel bent however bends the tubing in a way where at the curve the diameter remains the same as in the straight section of the tube, there is no decrease in diameter of the tube from start to finish which results in faster air flow.


So this faster air flow exiting the engine increases performance because the engine can exhale better. Millions of dumb fearful ignorant sheeple are walking around with masks on DECREASING the performance of their body by reducing the amount of oxygen intake and slowing the exhale (and also breathing in their carbon dioxide/toxins).


Not only a less restrictive exhaust system but auto and motorcycle enthusiasts etc will also install a freer flowing air INTAKE system so that the engine can BREATH in more air. More oxygen means you can burn more fuel which means you can make more power. This has been known since the earliest days of the automobile, at least since the days of LeMan where Ferrari battled Ford.


Tony Heller


Tyranny In America


Sept 18 2020






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3 minutes ago, Jack said:

Any idea where this 2nd wave is coming from?


If anything the virus should be a bit weaker shouldn't it?



During the "theoretical" stages - the theory was, lockdown to stop a second wave - not to stop the virus.


So I think it's a bit like a self-fullfilling prophecy. And there has to be a second wave so they save face for the first lockdown! Partly this anyway.

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18 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Government's struggling test and trace system ‘could be outsourced to a tech giant like Amazon’



Along with Alexa monitoring voices and Halo monitoring emotional states.


Amazon Halo: Jaw-Dropping New Health-Monitoring Wearable & Service Revealed



I think that was always going to be the case.

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A little behind the scenes peek at the Pandemic Hotline handling the most important questions. Have you been confused about different social distancing guidelines, death counts, and testing? You’ll be confused no more as you watch the pandemic hotline operator gracefully dance right through the most pressing questions of our lockdown.



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