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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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42 minutes ago, IGBA said:

Haha.. and on the other side of the world... Presenting NSW's 'chief health officer' Kerry Chant... 😂😂😂



Someone get her a face covering stat! I’ve seen a presser with her putting a mask on the ground so she can talk, then pick it back up off the ground and onto her mug when her turn was finished.... dirty bird 

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8 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

we had/have? one here called the sport this a great article thats just had me coughing n spluttering laughing



When I clicked on that link of unbridled hilarity, this ad came up which is equally hilarious and I think in this time of covid crisis we can all agree that we need some sound sleep..... I know I can’t wait to get a swaddle 🤣




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44 minutes ago, ally_uk said:

Here is one for you chaps...


Now the vaccine is nothing but new firmware to create a HU-man 2.0 it is essentially priming and upgrading humanity. This is a vital step initaly right? Of course we will see casualties because some people just won't be able to cope with the inner transformation it will be to much and as a result the body will either reject or they will keel over.


Think of the Likes of Gates and computers, humans are now redundant we have the virus and now will be getting the annual software and firmware updates in the form of jabs..... 


The long term goal obviously will be to create a superior form of humans which can be controlled by technology.


As for the unvaxxed they and those who refuse to participate well it will be survival of the fittest once they u leash a pathogen that targets them....


The human 2.0 is the future 


Just a batshit crazy theory could be right could be wrong it would make a good film either way 



Think of the Likes of Gates and computers, humans are now redundant we have the virus and now will be getting the annual software and firmware updates in the form of jabs..... 


What? You mean like the way Win 3.1 ended up as the bloated, spying beast that is Win 10!!!



As for the unvaxxed they and those who refuse to participate well it will be survival of the fittest once they u leash a pathogen that targets them....


'Unvaxxed' are the sensible folk who disable the 'updates' until the sheeple have found all the bugs. I've never updated anything until the update has been tried and tested over a period of time.


You're a fool.

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17 hours ago, Outsider said:

The general public have collectively willed this fake pandemic into being a reality. It's a giant worldwide structure that only those that created it can dismantle. I often feel like we're trying to demolish a 40 storey building using a rubber mallet. The lack of impact wears me down as everyday the building gets taller and wider. We really do need to find a weak spot to target our energies against. 

It certainly is an intimidating worldwide structure, 100%, however, as it's also a fake construct, a house of cards, the truth should somehow bring it toppling down. It's the people guarding the fake construct we need to get past, the MSM, the """"Scientists"""", the lying puppet MPs and all the other bastards living vicariously off this huge lie.

Psychopaths and narcissists HATE to be criticised and fear above all else being found out for what they are- the people of the lie. They hate empathy, love and the truth too. 

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UK govt gave contract to IT firm that is ‘openly plotting’ to turn vaccine passports into a national ID card, privacy groups warns

The British government has been accused of aiming to covertly implement a national ID programme, after it partnered with a company that has advocated turning vaccine passports into a multi-purpose document.

Entrust, an IT firm that bills itself as a “global leader in identities, payments, and data protection,” was awarded a contract by the Department of Health and Social Care last month to work on the UK’s Covid-19 vaccine certificate system. The company was given £250,000 ($346,000) to provide cloud-computing services for the government’s Covid-status certification scheme, iNews reported. The contract is due to expire in March 2022, but the government has the option of extending it for an additional year. 

Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated last month that proof of vaccination will be “necessary” for international travel, and in recent weeks reports have emerged claiming that the UK government may require the document of people attending sporting events or other large gatherings. 

Judging from Entrust’s own stance on the issue, it’s possible that the government may have even more ambitious plans for the digital certificate. In a February blog post published on the company’s website, Jann Markey, Entrust’s product marketing director, argued that the advent of the vaccine passports could be used as an opportunity to roll out a national ID as part of “the infrastructure of the new normal.”


Full link: https://www.rt.com/uk/527132-vaccine-passport-national-id-entrust/


They just can't help themselves with all the lies, can they 😠


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13 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

I can't download it on my phone so if anyone gets the chance - which I sincerely hope someone will - it goes without saying that posting chunks on here would be much appreciated.


I will die 1,000 deaths before I consent to any of this shite!

Did you mean this document ? Sorry if you meant something else.



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14 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

Have only played the 1st minute of this, and will watch the rest now. I think it's important, so wanted to include here without delay.



"Look 👀 What’s On UK Govt Website #Microchip #Transhumanism / Hugo Talks #lockdown – Hugo Talks" https://hugotalks.com/2021/06/20/look-👀-whats-on-uk-govt-website-microchip-transhumanism-hugo-talks-lockdown/




I've watched it now.


It's out in the open now, and it should be clear to any normie who is directed to it precisely what's going on with the pretend Covid jab.


Why would they let the cat out of the bag now,unless they already think they've won!

at the end mentioned 'career paths'


Interview with Alison McDowell vv




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Lots of "winter lockdown" talk in the papers the last two days. I dont check them often but the independent yesterday said the lockdown this winter wont be because of c.19 but because people havent been exposed to other common respiratory illnesses through the last 18 months. So immunity will be low. It says babies and elderly will be most affected (crystal ball too) So they are going to solve that problem with locking down again aparently 🙄 

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4 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

further to implantables i posted this recently but i''ll post it again,the black speck can contain a series of 32 characters (serial numbers ?) now think of moores law 32,64,128,256 every 18 months,how long before something that size contains your complete life history and every facebook post you ever made retrievable in a split second by a discrete reader placed completely out of sight ?



The smart dust technology makes me ask myself, “Why even bother anymore?”.


it is game over. 

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Saw this today in my local shopping centre (in Australia ) on an electronic billboard . It seems we are not safe "until we are all safe " I guess that means until we have all had the jab and if some dont have the jab then the rest wont be "safe" ,the  seeds of discrimination start to be sown .


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41 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:



It's a man.

Used to think there were more women in the world than men, however this crisis has shown without a doubt there are definitely more men and these shemales tend mostly to gravitate to government departments and the health system. All hail the mighty covid for bringing this to light!

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