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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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i've had 3 different school flu consent forms in the last 3 yrs

1. tick do not consent, why, sign, return

2. don't sign, do not return (yet the school wanted you to return it)

3. online, dont consent dont go online


2 confused me and i nearly sent back a blank signed form where anyone could have just ticked the consent box

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4 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

Look at these 'lovely' banners going up around town..

couldn't get too close as it is on a busy crossroads I feel like chucking paint all over it.😠


How can life 'return to a new normal' fgs.



I do not consent to a Satanic ritual for the Slave new normal.





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Hey all!

So I just watched a Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma and it has former Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more ex-creators and CEO's, explaining how they have manipulated and socially engineering the human race to become addicted to our phones. They go on to explain what they do with all our data they collect and store it. I find this EXTREMELY worrying as i can quickly see how with NHS track and trace and all the details we have to give for covid and how we can easily be manipulated without even realising. Its defiantly worth a watch and makes you think about the current situation we are in now if we do not start to take a stand NOW we are SOON to be at a point of no return.

Heres a link to the trailer real scary its like a real life horror : 


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1 hour ago, MagicMatt said:

Please dont i love a good old sketchy documentary/conspiracy hahaha

did you know the founder of Netflix , Marc Randolph, his great-uncle was Edward ‘propaganda’ Bernays ? And Bernays of course was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. It is indeed a cult. 

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God I hate this planet sometimes. Donald's "vaccine" was made in Israel, if anyone on this forum is from the US, I will keep you in my prayers.


Also the second UK lockdown is inbound, surprise surprise...

Thank god I applied for benefit already because when the furlough ends it will be a poverty safari. Expect the government to pay for christmas presents with the crypto app, that's coming real soon. Buy the idiots off then they won't revolt and they will sing the governments praises. Wrongens.



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5 hours ago, owen said:



Very powerful video from Vernon Coleman, tempted to send this onto some family members who are lost causes or so it appears

Thanks Owen. Vernon mist be pulling his hair out. 


I know the feeling. I've attempted to send some information over but received snotty comments at best so I gave up trying.


Perhaps we or they get what they deserve. Scared children still begging the government to save them. I've always been the sort of guy to be permanantly irritated by people even those I love, but this year has brought the irritation and agitation at my fellow human being on to an unbelievable scale. 


The stupidity is in our faces even when one tries to avoid it. 


A family member of mine earlier said "there was hardly anyone in the butcher's so it was safe" 🤦‍♂️

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