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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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so what do you guys think about this bird flu man in china....


....vaccines weakening immune systems > "bird flu" hits uk > mass deaths blamed on bird flu mortality rate but in actuality due to vaccinated being weaker than they were? 


just a thought !



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39 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:



Started listening to  this last night, fake Kate garraway and her husband's fake covid illness.

Took new painkillers, had pain in shoulder, ..turned out to be a covid that put him in a coma overnight. 🤔 



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Of course there will always be cases for ever in to eternity if they keep testing people with that fraudulent PCR test. 


OK so no one is dying yet the scare mongering of varants continues to manipulate the young in to giving up their fertility and natural genetic tree. What is after this? OK so it is looking like they will get like 70% of the population with these injections including children and we know all these brainwashed will be injecting their children, even babies. 


Will they stop all the shit now that most people are injected? unlikely, very unlikely, more injections and repeat and repeat? 

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6 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

Will they stop all the shit now that most people are injected? unlikely, very unlikely, more injections and repeat and repeat? 


This is not going to end, the worst shit is yet to come, especially for the unvaxed.

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1 hour ago, shadowmoon said:

It's a looooooooooooooong covid!

And she is milking it for every penny.


At one point and few weeks ago a tabloid ran 15 different articles on these two, in one day, and another paper ran about 10. Something going on. Been suspicious of him for many years, long before he met her. Definitely shills for the elite.

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In the least bit of surprising news of the day, Victoria has extended it's lockdown for another 7 days. This will give them the ability to extend their emergency powers (legalised police brutality), which was due to expire on the 5th. Queensland will be next, their powers run out on the 26th June, so expect some unlikely stuff to go down there.


And of course we have Britain back to normal on the 21st. This will be a big month in the scamola, I expect most of Aus and the UK to be back inisde by the end of the month. Tragic.

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Employees Sue Hospital over Vaccine Mandate: You’re Forcing Us to Be ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ in ‘Experimental Vaccine Trial’

A group of 117 Houston-area hospital employees on Friday filed a civil lawsuit against an employer hospital’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.  The lawsuit alleges that the mandate violates both the Nuremberg Code and U.S. statutes that allow Americans to refuse “unapproved” medical treatments.  It also alleges violations of Texas labor and employment laws.

That “people” are “trying to force you to put something into your body that you’re not comfortable with to keep your job is just insane,” lead plaintiff Jennifer Bridges toldHouston CBS affiliate KHOU.

The defendants are The Methodist Hospital, the Methodist Hospital System, and Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital.  The people in charge of those entities responded to the litigation by saying the plaintiffs are but a small minority of voices among 26,000 employees and that it is “legal for health care institutions to mandate vaccines.”

The sharply worded 56-page complaint argues that the COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market were authorized merely as “emergency” measures and, thus, are not fully “approved” vaccines.

At the top of the document are words attributed to David Bernard, the CEO of Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital: “100% vaccination is more important than your individual freedom. Everyone [sic] of you is replaceable. If you don’t like what your [sic] doing you can leave and we will replace your spot.”

Those alleged words did not sit well with the plaintiffs.

“For the first time in the history of the United States, an employer is forcing an employee to participate in an experimental vaccine trial as a condition for continued employment,” the lawsuit argues.

The document continues by alleging that the defendant hospital “became the first major health care system in the country to force it [sic] employees to be injected with an experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection (‘experimental vaccine’) or be fired.”

“Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” the lawsuit’s opening paragraph also says.

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2 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

I made a new bitchute channel for all these large videos that I have been unable to upload any where. So I will be posting some more videos once they have finished processing. :)


Good luck with them processing Simon .... I gave up with Bitchute and their constant processing which may or may not happen!

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56 minutes ago, alexa said:

Google all masked up 😅 Propaganda at it's worst!



How much do you think that is worth to pharma, you know, to modulate the google masthead with this filth? Considering the reach of google would 10 million sound right?


If any of those clowns could suddenly see the truth of what they are advertising they would become seriously nauseated like we are when we see these obcenities.


Keep em coming alexa 😎. I am starting a collection. When the truth comes out the people need to see how callous they were while in the throws of their serial murdering. Black Widow spider luring its young prey into her web through the web.



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4 hours ago, alexa said:


Jesus was right, in the last days, there will be friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor, sister against sister, brother against brother etc.


All cos of stuff just like the above, but we can't blame these news presenters as they just read what they are told to read. 


We have a saying in our country:


"Ignorance does not protect against punishment."


We have two different options here.


a) either these news anchors do not know what they read and do not know what they preach. In that case they are still commiting a crime, as explained above.


b) They know what they are doing and likewise commit a crime.


If someone tells me to shoot a person and i do it, because someone told me so, that doesent make me innocent.


Every person that supports propaganda (which will and have costs many lives) is to me a criminal that needs to be prosecuted. They will not get a free pass. They are responsible too for the ongoing suffering and as a matter of fact the driving wheel for this madness.


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2 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

Well that's nice at least.!


It will come out in time what they're really for I guess.


I can't imagine what kind of mass causalities they are expecting, their is no precedent in Scotland, except for Pan Am flight 103 which blew up over Lockerbiie, but everyone died, 259 victims, no survivors. We don't get earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, we don't have volcanoes and there is too much rain for wildfires. That only leaves an EMP!

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