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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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24 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Oh I know there is no political solution, I was just joking about the fact that we don't really have anyone that conserves. Boris has even stated himself that he is one of the most liberal conservatives for years. All the Tories seem to do is pander to the left.



And Teresa May "Je suis Juif"




Wears a bracelet of Frida Kahlo a reknown marxist.



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6 hours ago, Jack said:

Boris again looked very uneasy yesterday. I think he has a little bit of compassion.

correct, from the beginning boris acted like he didn't really agree with what he was told.

with boris going along with the advice, its exposing the science or lack of with all the restrictions

i just hope the sheep are starting to wake up

the 100billion on testing has to be another wakey wakey for the sheep

biden and pelosi sticking their noses into brexit all wakey wakey moments


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2 hours ago, Jack said:

£30k a year to be a COVID Marshall.


Thats more than police and nurses


There's going to be no problem filling those positions then eh! Bribery for idiots with authority complexes at its very best! I remember seeing a job for a test and trace moron a little while ago which wasn't far off that!!


On a side note I just thought I'd float something I was told at work recently. So a girl I work with has a friend who works for NHS strategy something or other and apparently they've been told the 'second wave' is coming on 21st September! Interesting how you can put an exact date on this... So Boris did that press conference last night after being awol for the last few months, maybe a sign of things to come and next week we'll be told of this 'second wave' on the 21st. Watch this space i guess....


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For those who like data and graphs, this is a good video to watch by Ivor Cummins. He analyses the science and data on Covid-19 and concludes that it is no different from an ordinary flu epidemic. It could be a good video to share with normies.


Although there were more deaths in the UK and Europe than the seasonal average during the spring, this followed a period of low death rates and was to be expected. Fewer elderly and vulnerable people had died in the run up to Covid-19 meaning that the excess deaths were from people who had lived longer than expected until the virus caught up with them.


He also expresses concerns about development of community immunity being hampered, during the "summer safe period", by draconian measures including isolation, (anti)social distancing and face masks. He hypothesises that the "summer safe period" where the virus could have circulated with very low mortality has, on the basis of poor science, been squandered with the potential effect being the "unintended consequence" of more deaths this winter. Despite the so-called aims of protecting the frail and elderly with such measures, the opposite is ironically likely to play out. I would have to disagree with him on the point of this being an "intended consequence" and would suggest that this is part of the plan from the deranged individuals controlling the narrative.



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21 hours ago, FrankVitali said:



Source for this please?




Checkout the Freedom Pass part at the bottom.



The PM added: "We're hoping the 'Moonshot' approach will work and we will be able to deliver mass testing which will give people the freedom pass, the 'laissez-passer', the knowledge that they are not infectious and can hang out with other people who are not infectious in a pre-COVID way."


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Something is wrong with those protests. It's all to devide and rule. They are behind every protest. If not they welcome all protests. We don't need that. A no is enough. I was yesterday in the hospital. The only one with no mask on. They wanted to give me a plastic shield and I said no. They can do nothing sure I have something from the doctor that I am not allowed to wear a mask but still. Plastic shield isn't so close like the masks, you can breath better because it is open at the sides they said. I just said why wear one when it is open at the sides. 

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