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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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56 minutes ago, Number6 said:



I can't take any more of this utter shite. And Marshall's now swaggering about shouting oi oi to 6 people or more lol welcome to Stasiland UK, put me back in the Village ffs. 

I see this as a steppingstone to a more ruthless authority, I don’t know what powers they have right now, but it can always evolve to something more aggressive as ‘cases rise’ 

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The UK government’s new Covid rules are authoritarian and arbitrary. How much longer will people put up with this?

Published: 9 Sep 2020 | 17:42 GMT



The latest crazy edict from Boris Johnson’s government is that only six people can meet up in private homes. There is no logic to this whatsoever, and it perfectly sums up their shambolic handling of the entire coronavirus crisis.

From September 14, it will be illegal for more than six people to gather in a variety of places, including private homes, in England. This ban also extends to restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and even outdoor spaces, and applies across the board to all ages. However, the rule won’t apply in an array of other scenarios, for no other apparent reason than Matt Hancock says so.

The health secretary, who also seems to have appointed himself commissioner of the fun police, explained to the adoring inmates of Airstrip One that: “one of the pieces of feedback we had, including from the police, was that we needed the rules to be super simple so that everybody knows what they are, and now this will be rigorously enforced by the police. This is really simple. Gatherings are OK, they should be socially distanced of course, but groups only of up to six.” 


They may be really simple, Mr Hancock, but far more striking than their simplicity is their earth-shattering stupidity. The new restrictions are being introduced in response to a steep rise in coronavirus cases. Not deaths, not hospitalisations,  but cases. This rise in cases has, astonishingly, coincided with an increase in testing, but the fact that if you go looking for something you might find more of it doesn’t seem to have crossed the minds of the geniuses at the Department of Health.

Despite that little nugget of information passing them by, they have identified some situations where it is apparently fine for more than six people to congregate. These include schools and workplaces, ‘Covid-secure’ weddings, funerals and organised team sports. 

Quite how Covid-19 is supposed to tell the difference between having seven or more people round for a few drinks just for the hell of it and having seven or more people round for a few drinks because it’s a wedding is not immediately clear. But I guess we’ll just have to take Matt’s word for it. 

It is also good to know that the virus apparently doesn’t spread when you are doing things the government approves of, like going to work or school, but does spread if you just want to enjoy yourself. I didn’t know that viruses were capable of telling the difference between a diversity training seminar and a dinner party, or a geography lesson and a barbecue, but you learn something new every day…

These new laws regarding socialising will be enforced through a £100 fine if people fail to comply, doubling on each offence up to a maximum of £3,200. This means that people could be given a criminal record for hanging around with more than six people in a park. This is complete insanity, and completely arbitrary. Why have they settled on six people as a limit? Has Matt Hancock been binge-watching ‘Friends’ on Netflix during lockdown? Is he making sure we’re spared an S Club 7 reunion? Does he just not have many mates?

It is staggering that we Brits are continuing to put up with this nonsensical idiocy from our government, but what alternative do we have? Captain Hindsight Keir Starmer won’t dare suggest that the government is overreaching itself with these totalitarian measures, lest he be accused of wanting to kill pensioners. 

The devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland seem to be having a competition to be even more ridiculous than the absolute shower in Westminster, and the MSM continue to breathlessly report every case of coronavirus without ever providing the context of how ill any of the people who have it are.

For all the protestations of Hancock and Boris Johnson that they are making “tough” decisions, it seems to have passed them by that they are actually just making “bad” decisions. 


Quite how they can look at themselves in the mirror when they are criminalising socialising is frankly extraordinary, but the fact they are also reportedly considering a national 10pm curfew is proof that things could get worse before they get better. 

In fact, at this stage, it appears that they simply like telling people what to do. The more worrying thing is that we, the people, are continuing to let them.




RT has had some decent articles lately for a mainstream media organization unlike Sky and the BBC. It is shameful what is going on apparently the Speaker of the House of Conmans isn't happy either. 

The Speaker is Furious with Matt Hancock Because Lockdown Changes Were "All Over Twitter" Before Parliament Knew About Them

A furious Lindsay Hoyle has threatened to drag Matt Hancock to the Commons to answer questions every day after new lockdown restrictions were announced to the media before Parliament.




They are continuing to make stuff up as they go along and see what they can get away with. I am hoping the wider population will snap and say we've had enough of all this craziness and finally do something about it (stop acquiescing as David has said ad nauseum). 


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11 minutes ago, Newbiebrbr said:

Guys, this is good news with what happened today. It seems really shit and it is, but this will wake people up on how fucking retarded these changes are. People will start to just ignore the government hopefully...

I would give you a like for your post but I run out till tomorrow 😂 

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Oxford Vaccine Fucked

Apparently one poor woman on the trial has developed a pretty awful and very serious condition called Transverse Myelitis.  It means your spinal cord gets inflamed which can lead to life debilitating permanent damage .. 2/3rds of people with this condition have permanent damage to the spinal cord.  From wikipedia "The spinal cord inflammation seen in TM has been associated with various infections, immune system disorders" ..... which I think suggests it is directly caused by the vaccine.

She probably started to have some strange sensations coming from the spinal cord and told the trial doctors ... and they have stopped the vaccine trial.



The chances of this one being given to the whole country are zero imo.



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My good mates elder sister is high up in West Yorkshire police. Before she said police wouldn’t approach people who were out doing whatever because they didn’t have the power to enforce it. Interesting what she’ll say now. 

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6 hours ago, zArk said:

@oddsnsods @Number6 did either of you post the NHS data re: use of mechanical ventilators per day a couple of weeks back. cant find it

if you could help that would be great.


Covid death rates dropped as doctors rejected ventilators






Just a heads up. See that link you posted:




You're probably wise to knock of the last section of your link as I suspect it's a Facebook / ID / censorship thing going on. So the same link would look like:







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1 hour ago, Number6 said:

I am hoping the wider population will snap and say we've had enough of all this craziness and finally do something about it (stop acquiescing as David has said ad nauseum). 


i think day by day more people are raising eyebrows and taking notice of the lunatic conspiracy theorists who are badgering them daily with facts and weird stuff like that

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Guest Gone Fishing...

This Fraud is Now Blindingly Obvious - (latest video re; 6 people rule etc..)

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why the UK Government's new laws in England are unnecessary and indefensible. Using the Government's own figures, he shows that deaths from covid-19 have been falling for weeks, while extra deaths due to the lockdowns and hospital closures are more than ten times as numerous as covid-19 deaths. Dr Coleman also explains how it is possible that serious side effects associated with the Astra Zeneca vaccine could result in 450,000 healthy people becoming permanently paralysed.
For more unbiased information, please visit http://www.vernoncoleman.com
Thank you for all your encouragement and support. 





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Meet the UK's Bill Gates





At the time, Toumazou was a professor at the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London, with a growing reputation in the field of analogue semiconductor microchips. He had invented the world's first mobile phone that used both analogue and digital signals, and he had done work for companies such as Panasonic and Ericsson. By then, he had already started applying the technology of analogue semiconductor microchips to human health, making the first fully implantable cochlear implant for a company called Epic Biosonics. "They had an implant with a big battery and whacking wires. I reduced the battery and the processor to a tiny microchip that sat on top of the electrodes inside the ear," says Toumazou. That invention had also made him realise something that would transform him into one of the leading technology innovators in healthcare: that the microchip technology used in mobile phones was all he needed to change medicine radically.


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I sent this to my local MP the other day----:


"Dear Mr Selous,
Can you explain why the World Bank were selling "Covid19" test kits, diagnostic test instruments and apparatus-----in 2018?.
The term Covid19 was not known until the beginning of this year----it could NOT have been known in 2018--let alone test kits etc etc....unless we are not being told the truth about this.
Please see the links ---also a link to the World Bank website page, which will show you it is not faked.
Look forward to an explanation."
He replied and said it was a "bit odd"---but he wasn't sure what I was suggesting by my question!
There is also this to consider-----:

1. NO isolation and purification of "covid19-SarsCov2" has ever been made. It has never passed any of the four Koch postulates necessary.

2. The PCR test should NOT be used for this test--so says the creator of test, Karry Mulis.

3. Since no isolation/ purification has ever been made, a vaccine CANNOT be made.

4. Recently, a WORLD BANK document states that they were selling covid19 test kits, instruments and apparatus to most countries (inc UK) in 2018!

4. Deaths to cases ratio is TINY--from official CDC documents. The total world death count from all causes is slightly LOWER than last year up to the present.

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