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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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9 hours ago, Thoth001 said:


Something else on the "Indian Variant".


The Mainstream Media are lying to you – India’s Government confirms the “Indian Variant” does NOT exist


What you are seeing on your TV screen and reading in a newspaper about an alleged ‘Indian Covid variant’ is nothing more than propaganda and lies which are being used to maintain the level of fear that they have managed to invoke in the majority of people in the United Kingdom since March 2020. You are being deceived, and we can prove it thanks to India’s Government. 


On the 12th May 2021, India’s ‘Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’ released a statement entitled “WHO has not associated the term ‘Indian Variant’ with B.1.617, now classified as Variant of Concern”. 


The statement read – 




Several media reports have covered the news of World Health Organisation (WHO) classifying B.1.617 as variant of global concern. Some of these reports have termed the B.1.617 variant of the coronavirus as an “Indian Variant”.


These media reports are without any basis, and unfounded.


This is to clarify that WHO has not associated the term “Indian Variant” with the B.1.617 variant of the coronavirus in its 32 page document.


In fact, the word “Indian” has not been used in its report on the matter.


So why is it that every headline from the UK mainstream media at the moment concerns a Covid-19 variant known as the ‘Indian Variant?’ 




I think it's because they wish to stir up more discord between ethnicities.


I've seen its success too, as 2 different people I know have made comments to me that made it clear they are lapping up the Indian Variant misinfo, because it feeds into their existing racial prejudice.


The deviousness of those responsible can never be over-estimated. 

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21 minutes ago, owen said:

This Richie Allens take on Fullmich process, might puncture few balloons


No Nuremberg-Style Trials For Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity | RichieAllen.co.uk

Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one. I noticed Richie provided zero evidence of his claims and just alleged that these people are full of shit. Now he may have a point with Mr O'Bernicia, but I disagree when it comes to Fullmich. 


It's not just the case he's running these matters at Court, it's the other people involved that are equally interesting. Delores Cahill is an amazing women and doing amazing work. I don't see why she would be involved if this was horse shit. Why would she do that?


Sorry Richie, but if you're going to make bold statements at least back it up with something more substantial than "it's complete bollocks". I'd hope that the Icke's have considered this before they posted of the matter last week on their website and since David has shat on the Q movement saying it's a psyop, then I'd be more than willing to bet that if this was the case with this guy then David would say it. 


But then, one wonders why Richie has rarely to never interviewed David since they went their separate ways. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is? It could be complete bollocks, buy we'll never know......

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3 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


This is true.

Don't forget the financial aspect of it too.

Youngsters have longer lifespans (if they survive the jab) so lots of revenue to be spun from serial jabbing.


Am at work now so shouldn't be on here. 😒


Even better, being paid to post on here!!!! Made me chuckle!!!


But yes, on a serious note, it's the youngsters that I'm so so worried about. 

I know Parents who said, "it's fine for  grandparents (ie people in their 70s or 80s) but not for me, and certainly not for my children."

Then the poor grandparents get really ill.

But then they get it themselves due to idiocy or whatever. 

So what is the fate of the children?

Plus, what if (when) they turn the schools into death jab centres, and do not care about/ bother to get consent from parents? Jab them anyway?

Here's a lolly, roll up your sleeve?

And what if that child then has serious side effects?

Who will be held to account?

This is exactly what I see happening in secondary schools in the UK from September. 

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7 minutes ago, TwopackShugar said:

yeah im with simontv on this one, Soldiers worldwide dont have much of an idea of whats going on. ive been saying the same marines in america that denied the shot will act as the governments protectors in a martial law scenario carrying out there evil deeds. 


I think the military has been involved in this pandemic from the start. We know they were involved in setting up the extra hospitals that were never used. As UK column pointed out a lot of the language coming out from the BCU ending up in the media is military terminology, like surge and deploying vaccines centers. Of course they all convinced that the virus is a real threat haha, how many are I don't know but they all fairy around in face masks haha. 

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8 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:



It's intolerable, this array of nitwits being paraded in front of the world talking unqualified BS! 


I just hope it's turned round in my lifetime so that I can celebrate these non-entities getting their worthless arses booted to the back of the dole queue. 

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19 minutes ago, GOYK said:

just wanted to throw this out there.........


sewage plant testing for covid......


you can test fertility from sewage waste............


Please don't throw that out there, sewage waste.

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Two work colleagues today talking, one says I got my first jab, the other says 'Nice one mate' while patting his arm.




Pepe Meme Facepalm , Png Download - Pepe The Frog Facepalm, Transparent Png  - kindpng


Well done lads, you let Pfizer and Astra Zeneca rape you with their experimental concoction.




All you need to do is look at these two corps rap sheet to see how fuckin' shady they are.

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4 minutes ago, GOYK said:

who is it quoting...but it is interesting pal.


It is quoting a site that many do not like to go to .... and I comprehend why, but they have posted many interesting pages which are all backed up by citing sources!


That page is this:



which at the bottom of the page has the sources .... but many get a 'bad' feeling even opening their site?

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2 hours ago, Outsider said:

Looks ominous. Can't imagine your average soldier is too impressed with cold calling on British citizens.



If the Armed Forces come to your door, ask them if they swore the Oath Of Allegiance; to be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Heirs and Successors and, as in duty bound, swear by Almighty God to give your loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms, uphold its democratic values. Did you swear to "observe its laws faithfully and fulfill your duties and obligations as a British citizen?" If they say "yes" then tell them to fuck off!

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