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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, The Illuminator said:


I hear you mate. But at what cost? What cost?


Running a community pharmacy has become so tiresome and the amount we have to dance for our shekels it's become an absolute chore. The vast amount of red tape hoop jumping box ticking over this covid bullshit is unbelievable. It's all ongoing too. Thats on top of all the normal day to day work. Which has blown up too. The phone never stops from patients not getting what they want from their NHS. Deliveries have gone through the roof. But that started before lockdown, that's for another discussion. The fact boots Lloyds started charging for home deliveries months before lockdown is a big tell. Let's not even talk about the roll out of lateral flow tests in pharmacy as a advanced service or the impending covid vaccination in local pharmacies. It's become too much for me to take. I'm cashing out and looking after my own. Fuck everyone else.


I'm sorry if that sounds harsh brother. But I've tried so hard without avail. I cant do it anymore. In our pharmacy I've not pushed the agenda at all, plastic shield went up after 24/7 mask mandate. All my girls have face covering exemptions. We dont give a fuck and try to be normal as poss. But I cant take it any more. It's too much to ask of 1 human being to keep going against the flow. I'm going dark and gonna fight the fight in my own way. Get secure and sorted, then gonna unleash a whole world of hurt against these fuckers with talks, vids, website the lot. But that will take time. Time I'm not sure we have. 


So before you throw stones mate, just empathise that it's not as easy as you say.



it wasnt a stone.....far from it...you are my people. I stand with you. My wife worked in a community pharmacy for years so i know how crazy it can. it was just a quick passing comment, your absolutely right though...when i said this reply it was a quick unthought about comment.....and your doing your best the sea of shit we find ourselves in. 


We all have to battle our own way and i completely respect your stance, but make no bones about it....if we end up thrown out of ''society/slavery'' and we end up in tents on a border some where.....it would be a pleasure to be your neighbour.


And i know its not easy..


you get all your bits together, drop a message to join up to your vids and website...n il  join up 

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7 hours ago, The Old Knight said:

Any thoughts on this video?


I can't find the article where Mike Yeadon apparently said people are going to drop within 2-3 years. 





I think he maybe referring to a phenomenon called "pathogenic priming" or "antibody-dependent enhancement" which did occur in previous corona vax animals trails. It's not fully understood, but it's where the body is "primed" for a immune response but when it [the animals] met the wild virus the immune system went into overdrive "cytokine storm" - basically like a machine gun - and just attacked everything in the body and the animals died... but many are saying because the body is being instructed to make these 'spike proteins' upon injection, that there's the very real potential that those spike proteins will start attacking the body [organs] straight away! - because there's no mechanism to switch them off....


Many, many scientists have been warning about this since before the jab was officially rolled out....


Here's a link to an article I quickly found which links to better explanations.



But that's not the only thing that may fuck the jabbed up...

do a search on these forums or bitchute for articles/videos etc by:


Dr Vernon Cole


Prof. Dolores Cahill

Dr Sherri Tenpenny 


Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi


Dr Carrie Madej - she's got a more 'transhumanist' nanotechnology slant, but has been calling the dangers out for over a year now



I hope this helps

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On 5/18/2021 at 4:08 AM, whatthefoxhat said:

Wouldn't be surprised if they are rushing through other drugs now they have realised they can get away without paying the costs involved in years of trials and get them ready to market under emergency use umbrella,add in the carte blanche they have been given with the no liability clauses and the money making scheme gets bigger and bigger



And all the fuckwits will be amazed when we have hyperinflation.


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On 5/18/2021 at 1:15 AM, alexa said:

I don't know if this has been posted before but;


Andrew Lloyd Webber says 'selfish' people who refuse to have Covid jab are as bad as drink-drivers 

43099955-0-image-m-2_1621278788812.jpg wa

The musical composer today said those who wouldn't have a Covid jab 'are as bad as drink drivers', and that they were affecting 'an enormous number of people's jobs and livelihoods'.


I suppose injecting the sheep with poison is not affecting their jobs or livelihoods either, you two faced billionaire bastard always kissing bill gates' arse and going on record saying he will leave his money to the bill and melinda gates foundation to help in all their good work.

I suppose lying to the people 24 hours a day is all dandy as well.


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3 minutes ago, jack121 said:


I suppose injecting the sheep with poison is not affecting their jobs or livelihoods either, you two faced billionaire bastard always kissing bill gates' arse and going on record saying he will leave his money to the bill and melinda gates foundation to help in all their good work.

I suppose lying to the people 24 hours a day is all dandy as well.



I didn't know that ALW was going to leave all his money to the Bill and Melinda gates foundation! what an As$hol&

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9 hours ago, Mr Chinnery said:

Lancashire should "think twice" before using Covid freedoms, as Indian variant spreads exponentially in some areas




"That was the message from Lancashire County Council’s director of public health on the day indoor mixing was once again permitted for groups of up to six people or two households – and indoor hospitality and entertainment venues reopened for the first time since being forced to shut in January."


"Dr. Sakthi Karunanithi also used a press conference to urge locals to check newly-clarified eligibility criteria for vaccination – and take up the offer of a jab if they fall into one of the listed groups."



Oh we shouldn't be allowed to have our god given freedoms because this highly paid council official says we shouldn't. How about you f**k off.


A shill for big pharma however:






As a Lancashire lass, it both surprises and delights me to think that there's a below average acceptance of the poison here, regardless of whether or not it's ethnic minorities who are affecting that percentage.


The propaganda is being stepped up daily now to drum up fear, ridicule and hatred of those opposed to the poison.


The more they push and twist the more it strengthens my resolve.


The very fact that throughout, there's been a total refusal to allow any form of public debate on any aspect of this shit should have been sufficient in itself to set alarm bells ringing for the general public, and cause them to research for themselves.



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