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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


The Uk Column did a great news segment this week breaking down rand pauls pushing of the 'china did this by releasing a souped up virus' narrative to try and stoke the fires of war (hot or cold) with china


They also go over some key points relating to the whole covid-hysteria scam and inject some clarity into the whole situation (pardon the pun hee hee)


This is really great work from the UK Column guys:

UK Column News - 14th May 2021


I agree. Friday's episode was particularly good. To be honest, Patrick Henningsen brings so much to the table when he's on. 

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6 minutes ago, Sidlittle said:

I agree. Friday's episode was particularly good. To be honest, Patrick Henningsen brings so much to the table when he's on. 


They're all good and they mix it up well. Patrick is the master of sarcasm though!


In that episode they kinda reviewed everything that they have previously covered in order to attack the narrative that Rand paul is now trying to push so it gave a really good summary of the key points

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14 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Give them nothing. Maybe write 'not known at this address' on the envelope and put it back in the pillar box.


i would just burn it. I will incinerate anything that comes my way. It will disappear out of existence entirely

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This is a long thread and don’t have time to read all but there is much nonsense around the world about this terrible situation as well as good facts.


It seems from the information I have read from trusted independent sources that some sort of human made virus was released in China from those working in medical facilities that would kill those who are old and sick but not the main population and then enable WHO to claim a fake pandemic and start lockdowns (which harms and kill more people) and then start untested/unapproved vaccines into the population who had been freaked out from constant lies in the media which do the real damage.


I know several people (of all ages) who have have what I would call bad influenza and all survived (one is a relative nurse who took a JAB before recovered and is now long term ill. She was forced to keep occupation)  


Meantime people wish to travel across Europe and as I asked before in a post here need a safe non intrusive test method to do this. (What is available such as blood/salvia?) Otherwise need a test 24hrs before leave UK then one on arrival in the EU and isolate 10 days then a test and travel to next place and 10 more days isolation……. So 40 DAYS to travel to destination. No surprise some are falling for the take a vaccines and travel without tests and isolation nonsense. 


Those fighting this nonsense such as World Freedom Alliance/World Doctors Alliance often state there is a virus but not as bad as governments are claiming so how come no one has a reliable test to prove existence/non existence.


I once had real influenza and had severe headaches, blocked nose, (so no smell abilities) sore throat (so no taste) and survived on Apple Juice and Vanilla Ice Cream whilst running a farm for Welsh relatives that had taken a sailing holiday in the Norfolk Broads. I have talked to those who claimed had CV and most of the signs seemed the same which is interesting. 



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2 minutes ago, Woodsman said:

"that would kill those who are old and sick"

Well I'm 72, I have left sided heart failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, I'm riddled with arthritis everywhere and I have not changed my way of living in any way for the last 18 months, I go into supermarkets etc, touch surfaces, kiss and hug my grandkids and their parents, I don't wear a mask and only wash my hands after going to the toilet.

I think I qualify as old and sick yet here I am, still very much alive.

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3 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Officially saying it now....

Nobody listens to that senile old fart. The only people enforcing masks now are private corporations. They are the State, not Washington DC, and you can't vote corporations out of office.

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1 hour ago, Cassady said:

I came home last night to yet another NHS letter which went straight in the bin. I got yet another a Census one this week too which I posted about on here yesterday. I've since put a sticker on my letter saying ' NO NHS OR CENSUS LETTERS PLEASE ! 


It maybe a futile attempt to stop the harrassment and all I may achieve is making my neighbours think Iam weird.


Fuck ' em !


Don't throw them in the bin.  Keep them, as they might come in useful in the future.































There might be a toilet paper shortage.

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1 hour ago, Tinfoil Hat said:



Yet another letter from Imperial College London has just been pushed through my letterbox asking me to sign up for their, 'Important study to measure how many people have COVID-19'. To help the government plan how to keep me and others safe from it.


They are relentless.


Filing it carefully in the recycling bin, alongside their other 3 recent missives. 

What's Imperial College? Is it an old name for Gates' College?


These people are not real academics, they are bullshit artists who have sold themselves for financial sponsorship.


They deserve no respect at all, no more than do the sleazeball drug company reps who masquerade under the title of GP.. quack, quack!

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Posted (edited)

With the Prime Minister threatening to send in the Army to supposed infection hotspots, is compulsory vaccination on the way?


I have always dismissed the idea in my mind, but I think due to developments, it now seems plausible.  


The two developments that make it plausible are:


1. The very high percentage take-up of the vaccine, which is in excess of 95% (I appreciate this is based on official figures that can't be relied on, but my anecdotal experience is that virtually everybody is taking it).


2. The success of the authorities in their propaganda, due to getting social media and large corporations onside, and partly also due to bribing and paying off people who would otherwise be vocally opposed, such as the average small business owner.


I think compulsion may be on its way and we may now see the 'men sorted from the boys', so to speak. 


I will never consent.  I will resist to the very end.

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17 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

Daily Mail? 

The Daily Mail is OK in its way, or at least the comments are - especially on conjob when not moderated.


As to the rest of it, not sure anyone actually writes in it now - the stories seem either to be done by AI, or interns cobbling it together from google searches.

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Just now, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Sent this link to a slowly awakening mate....he  got back to me and said he'd just  put it on Facefuck and it was immediately banned.


Fuck Facebook in the face! 

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Some of you (who like data) may find this UK gov spreadsheet (26kb) of interest regarding the R number.




I find it funny that on their page it states, in part, 


These estimates do not yet fully reflect any very recent changes in transmission due to, for example, recent policy changes in the UK.


So transmission is down to policy changes made by the UK government!


And that masks were made mandatory on 24th July 2020.

Also that the 'Kent' variant was first detected in September and Bojo stated:


"The figure mentioned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson was that the variant may be up to 70% more transmissible. He said this may be increasing the R number - which indicates if an epidemic is growing or shrinking - by 0.4."


which would mean going to (an average) 1.35 .... which if the supposed 'Indian' variant is 50% more transmissible then this paper regarding the ....


Estimates of the reproduction number for seasonal, pandemic, and zoonotic influenza: a systematic review of the literature


becomes of interest (the transmission rates within the graphs .... considering the 1977 'Russian' flu being at one point in the UK at R=21.0).

And again with the 1977-78 'Russian' Flu .... dear old twat Wiki has an interesting page with similarities to covid worth a read:




Just some shit someone may have interest in lol.


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