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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

So who are the Pied Pipers ? I though the last big rally in London proved you can get the numbers but I too have doubts about the family day out ,music and singing atmosphere of these marches . How many of those in the last march would be capable of physically fighting back ,if required, because I think it will come to that if people really want things to change .Ive read a lot of comments on social media from those who say dont use violence its "what they want " implying peaceful protest is the only way . David Icke himself says all we have to do is say no ,that non compliance is the answer but it seems so many are ready to comply .


Half-a-million people said "Don't Attack Iraq" or remove Saddam Hussein from power (I was there) but they still attacked Iraq and staged an extrajudicial lynching of Hussein, based on 'dodgy dossiers.'




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On 5/3/2021 at 7:58 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:


That Michael Baker has been one of the "front tv Drs" here in NZ - apparently he was responsible for pushing St Jacinda to go from 'flattening the curve' to 'elimination' and is pushing it in Australia too... 


He gives me the fking creeps - got a real pedo vibe to him.


image.jpeg.48300b42a61c572145dbf4a685d4a514.jpegMichael Baker is quietly optimistic about the direction we are taking over Covid-19.

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1 hour ago, k_j_evans said:

You just report the test result on the website. What is interesting is that they really don't want anyone to have antibodies. If you have a negative test, they just accept it, but if you test positive for antibodies, you  have to do a second test a few weeks later to confirm it. They also say not to worry if you get a negative test and have had the vax as it doesn't mean the vax hasn't worked. So blatant!

ahh thats it.. ta

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2 hours ago, Freedom Lane55 said:

Maybe ,I personally feel TV and the media has a lot to with it .I came here in 1962 and have been told I still have a bit of an English accent .I only watch British Tv dramas ,never anything Australian because the accents sound so strange to me even after all these years .

My great grandma on mother’s side retained her Scottish accent til the day she died and she’d been here 70 years. My school friends could never understand a word she said😀

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2 hours ago, k_j_evans said:

I'm doing it - though I doubt I'll have antibodies as I haven't been ill for years. It's a blood spot test done at home, not a swab. Are you sure you weren't over 50 in the last 12 years or so and filled in one of the Biobank questionnaires or did tests? That's where the addresses come from.




Yes, it says it's a blood spot test. Whether it gives you an instant result, similar to the diabetes blood sugar test, I don't know.


I have turned 50 in the last 12 years, but have very definitely never filled any such a questionnair. I've always made a point of not doing. 

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Some new thoughts on this mysterious shedding/triggering phenomena


Its been suggested that they are injecting nano antennas that recieve frequencies from either the musk sattelites or from local cell towers


Antennas function is to recieve stuff......ok, not hard to understand

Another function is to transmit that which it has just recieved. Seems to me with my amateure understanding that the signal has a limited range ie the further the reciever the less power it recieves. So the victim has to be really close i would say, like sleeping with each other all night

There have been reports of people getting rashes and things when lying close to the vaccinated


This here point i cant understand....

Does the unvacced person have already some nano recievers they injested somehow or.....just the ordinary aluminium particles we surely must have.


In order for an unvacced person to recieve frequencies shouldnt they have antennas of some kind

A nanoparticle of aluminium i say is not an antenna. Its solid metal. Solid metal is solid metal and useless fo recieving anything

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Katie's mother, Donna Wood, age 43, passed away February 21, 2021. She received the AstraZeneca vaccine at the end of January. Katie reported that Donna's health suffered significantly after the vaccine, including headaches, loss of appetite, chest pains and other symptoms.


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Some more new thoughts on the vacced transmitting frequencies....


If a person is transmitting frequencies...well, there are devices that can sense outgoing radiations

To know the truth of the matter just bring close this device to their body. There must be a reading and it should show a powerful beam if its going to give the alleged maladies

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